Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy News

I'm in the office now and today is a freaking busy day. Aiyah, gua very susah wan la - busy complain, too free also complain, so bear with me hor?

And about 20 minutes ago, I got a call from my big boy to tell that his exam results are out - he got 1st Class Honours. I was like, "Huh?, Harlloo? What you saying, ah?" It took a good few seconds for the good news to sink in.

Thank GOD, I am sooooo happy now....finally....his 1st degree! My heart now is bursting with pride that I just cannot contain. Gotta push aside all those stuff on my table and put up this post NOW.

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This Is Tiresome!

The company called me more than 2 weeks ago to advise that my travel insurance claim has been approved and that I should see the cheque in my mailbox by the following week. Wuaah, I was actually quite impressed and thanked the claim executive profusely.

One week gone, and another week crept up. Everyday, the minute I got home, I would quickly dig out my mailbox but here was no cheque So I dialled the direct line of the claim executive. It just rang until it went dead. I then called the general line and I got the annoying “Press 1, Press 2, Press niapah….” until I also confused what I was pressing for. I just alternated between those 2 lines and finally, on the third day, I got to speak to a humanoid.

Me : Hello, may I speak to Lili please?

Exec : Sorry, Lili not at her place. Can I help you?

Me : It’s regarding my cheque for this claim number, bla, bla….

Exec : Sorry, this wan I not in charge. I cannot help you.

Me : (why the hell did she ask how she could help me in the first place????)

Me : Then who can help?

Exec : Lili only la. But she is not around.

Me : Can take a message for her to call me ASAP at this number?

Exec : Can, can.

Waited another day and still no phone call. OK, I picked up the phone and this time around, I was ready to fire. Called Lili’s line and I was in luck.

Me : Lili?

Lili : Speaking.

Me : This is Ms Tan and it’s regarding this claim number. Where is my cheque???

Lili : Wait ah, wait ah…. Yes, it’s here in my drawer.

Me : You’re supposed to post it 10 days ago! What is it doing in your drawer?
And you let me chase after the postman everyday. Why huh?

Lili : We are waiting for payment from the travel agent.

(aiyoh, lidat pun boleh ah?)

Me : Hello, that wan got nothing doing with me la.
Please release my cheque immediately.

It’s just so tiresome. And I finally got the cheque yesterday.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm Wicked

Today, while my colleague AZ was talking on the fixed line, her handphone rang. AZ quickly ended her call to answer the handphone. She spoke for a short while only and I overheard her saying, “Ya, I’m his wife”/”I’m busy now”/”Dowan ler” before the line was cut off. AZ looked annoyed and was grumbling under her breathe.

AZ : Stoopid fler. Looking for my husband but call me pulak.

Me : What’s up?

AZ : Neh….this stoopid bank wanna offer my husband personal loan wor.

Me : Huh??

AZ : So desperate for business lidat. Chasing people to borrow money from them.

**teet-teet-teet** AZ’s phone rang again and she recognized the number.

AZ : See, see, call again.

Me : hehehe…..Lemme take.

(I wanna play a joke on that fella)

Me : Hulllo…….

Bank : Puan AZ??

Me : No, I’m Puan BY. Who you wanna speak to?

Bank : I actually looking for Encik ABC but I spoke to Puan AZ just now.

Me : What is it regarding ah? You can speak to me also.

Bank : Errrr…..Can I speak to Encik ABC’s wife?.

Me : Ya lah, I’m his wife also.

Bank : Errrr…..We wanna invite Encik ABC to take our personal loans la.

Me : Haarrr……What??? You mean my husband account no money ah?
You mean he pokkai liao izzit? Quick, better tell me NOWWWWW…….!

**click** the phone went dead.

I’m wicked.
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Where You Park, Huh?

The conversation went something like this:-

Angel : Where you park?

Me : Up the slope therrrrre….Got Indian man selling kuih wan la.

Angel : Huh? What kuih?

Me : Nehh….that fried-fried wan lor. Dunno call what ledi.

Zeroimpact : Vadai.

Me : Ya, ya, ya..that’s the name.
You leh? Park where ah?

Zeroimpact : Inside shopping complex.

Me : You all leh?

Winn : Neh….behind only.

Inevitable : The other side.

May : There only.

Sengkor : I park the other road. Got parking meter wan.

King's Wife : Wei, you go and put money in meter ah?

Me : hehehehe……

Sengkor : I know la – today no need put wan la.

Angel : I park outside there only.

King’s Wife : Today got pasar malam. You better go and check your car lor.

Winn : Yalor, afturds they display all the ikan and sayur on your car la.

Angel : OK, mai tan.

We all then split. Met so many new faces yesterday - nice meeting all of you. ;) Stomach felt full and heart felt light, I walked with a skip and a hop to my car.

The place I parked give free 'artwork'. Nice or not?

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Stoopid and Farny?

Today while driving, I got a call from the hotel I normally put up in whenever I visit Penang with my family. It went something like this:-

Me : Helloooo…

Zam : Good morning. Is that Ms Tan?

Me : Speaking.

Zam : I’m Zam from XXXX Hotel, Penang. How are you Ms Tan?

Me : Fine, thank you.

(Meself feeling all sexcited liao. Proly won free nights’ stay or some lucky draw)

Zam : Do you know a Ms Elizabeth Lee-something..something?

Me : Who is that?

Zam : I’m Zam from XXXX Hotel, Penang.

Me : I know la, you are Zam.

Zam : Ya, my name is Zam. Do you know Ms Elizabeth Lee?

Me : Who is she?

Zam : She’s not your fren ah?

Me : Huh???? I don’t have fren named Elizabeth. Why you looking for her?

Zam : Errr….ahhhh…

Me : She ran away without paying izzit?

Zam : Ya, ya, ya……

Me : Why then you look for me?

Zam : She checked-in and checked-out about same time with you on your last visit.

And I summore thought you gonna tell me I won a prize.

I just could not help laughing like a hyena. Like that also can ah? This is not those Rumah Tumpangan Red Lantern type of hotel la. It’s a well-known local hotel chain and they practice the standard registration procedure using identity cards/passports, verification of credit cards and collecting cash deposit and also recording the car plate number. Whoever caused this loss is sure gonna get her/his arse creamed thick.

And to Ms Elizabeth Lee, you champen la!
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Office Rules

Many, many years ago, I worked in the accounts department of this engineering consultancy. This company had some queer rules on office stationery and supplies – bring in an empty ballpen to change for a new one; bring in a pencil stub to change for a new one and hear this, bring in an empty toilet roll cardboard tube to get a new roll. And each one of us was limited to 2 rolls per month. Tissues in boxes were solely for the use of all the 6 directors only and lesser mortals got the cheap toilet rolls made from recycled newspaper la. All my life working at other places, I have never come across this type of rules. So, hang the bosses saja la – I brought my own supplies.

Then one day, there was a directors’ meeting in the conference room and my colleague had to get a cheque signed urgently. She knocked gently on the door and then approached the Finance Director for his signature. That director was chewing on his breakfast and he asked for some tissues. My colleague quickly stepped out to get it. When she presented the toilet roll to the director, he gave her a nasty stare, pointed to his own mouth and yelled, “I want for this hole, not for that hole!”

And my quick-witted colleague answered, "Sorry, but we're only given this for all types of holes."
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Faux Pas

Aiyah, I wished the ground would just open and swallow me up there and then. It was a faux pas. Soooooo…..malu!

I was at S’s place last week to get some paperwork done when one of her sisters, B came back with their mom from the morning market. Greeted each other and I continued with my task at hand. After that, S got the househelp to serve us brunch.

It’s been quite awhile since I last met the family and of course we chatted quite a bit. My friends’ mom is a very kind and gentle lady and each time she sees me, she would never fail to enquire about my 2 boys – where are they studying, how are they doing, when am I bringing them to see her, etc…… I would reciprocate and ask about her too and also about her many, many grandchildren back in Alor Setar.

Makcik : Ahhh……Lyana tak mai kali ni. Dia sibuk.

Me : Dah dapat kerja?

Makcik : Tak. Busy with planning for her akad nikah.

Me : (eyes wide open in surprise - Lyana is about 18 years old only)
(and I was too excited sampai speaking bahasa rojak liao)

Me : Wuaah, want to kahwin lagi?
(**OMG, Alamak! What did I just say????**)

Me : Sori, sori, ma’af, Makcik! I mean to say “want to kahwin ALREADY?”

“Hahahahaha…..” Everyone was laughing at my blunder. Except me. It was not funny at all.
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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Devil In The Head

Lemme see, hmmm…….I like – ice creams ler, cakes ler, chocolates ler, ice kacang ler, tong sui ler…..Sei mou, ALL these foods are supposed to be on the ‘NO DO LIST’ and yet I’m still feeding on it. And today, my body gave a very, very strong reminder to me to stay off the above foods.

I realized a many years ago that I cannot tolerate coffee, chocolates, cakes (especially cheesecakes) and santan. As soon as I take any of these, my body will react with horrible, head-splitting, throbbing headaches. So I have actually stopped taking the above foods long, long time ago…..until, until quite recently when I started to curi-curi makan chocolates again. And hey, I felt fine – no headaches or whatsoever and so I completely forgot that chocolates was ever in my ‘NO DO LIST’. And today, I paid dearly for my own folly. I had greedily swallowed a few squares of yummy chocolates in the early afternoon and merrily went about my business for the day but sadly had to turn for home before the day is up because the nasty ‘old devil’ of a headache decided to visit pronto.

Quickly downed two paracetamol and plonked myself on the living room floor and tried to placate that devil in my head. No sooner had I dozed off, a call came in. Aiyah….I had to haul myself up to send some documents over to nearby Kelana Jaya. On my way home, I felt the headache no more. Yippee…Yay..Yay...devil chau ledi!

Did some household chores and cooked a simple dinner. Wanted to blog-hop a bit but the devil re-visited. I want my pillow now.

Nite-Nite, Folks.
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Customer Service??? Ada Ke?

My house phone has been out since Sunday. I made a call to the Telekom ‘100’ number to report the fault and as they were unable to give me a date and time when the technician would come by, I left them my handphone number with a reminder to call me first.

I came home during lunch hour today and I found a short note left in my postbox. According to the note, the technician came to the house but nobody was home and on the note too was a number for me to call back to fix another appointment. I immediately dialled the number but nobody picked up and I repeated many, many times. Damn it, semua mati liao izzit?

I then called Telekom again to complain and asked if there is any other number I could call besides that ‘cheh kai’ number. “Yes, Yes, Puan can call this number 03-787xxxxx”, answered the CS executive. Aiyoh, I reached a fax line la. I called Telekom CS again and yelled at the executive.

Me : Hello, this is Ms Tan and my report number is XXXXX.. How many times do I need to call to get my complaint attended to huh? Your stupiak technician came and left a number for me to contact and not a soul pick up the phone and your most brilliant colleague gave me a fax line to call. Very funny izzit?

CS : I’m sorry. I can put in another fault report for you.

Me : You got my handphone number there?

CS : Yes, yes, got.

Me : Thank you.

Later at about 4.30pm I saw one familiar-looking technician doing some work at the phone lines ‘pillar’ (not sure what’s that called) across the road from my house. Happily, I walked over and approached that chap and asked if he’s repairing my line.

He : Bukan. I don’t have work order on yours.

Me : There, this one my report number. Can help me check ah?

He : Tak boleh. I’m very busy now. You wait and see, maybe tomorrow la.

Me : My house across the road only. Afturds you come and see la. Then tomorrow you no need to come lor.

He : I busy la.

**Sighs** I walked back to my house.
Customer Service??? Ada Ke?
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Mama...

Dear Mama,

Due to popular demand from your many fans in blogsphere (and from you asking me to do so), I’ve decided to pen out a letter to you as well. It’s a little bit on the late side as I write this down, so pardon any nonsense sentences or bad grammar. Tau lar saya nie nocturnal. Anyhow, I would like to say that I am extremely proud of you as well. You’ve nurtured me, educated me and molded me into the person I am today.

When I was two,
You were my world
When I was twelve,
You showed me the world
When I was sixteen,
You let me roam in the world
When I was twenty,
You taught me to make my own world.
Thru all that time,
You are still my world.

Don’t know if the words above bring much meaning, but they do come from the heart. And from the heart as well, I want to give a shout out to my SUPER MUM.

Big Boy.

P.S : I posted this when you were sleeping. Don’t wake me up in the morning. LOL
P.P.S: Now, I do believe harsh punishment does wonders for discipline. Some kids these days….tsk, tsk...So thanks for the rotans, chilli padi and kneeling. It made me even more mucho. Hehe.
Nov 13 2006 @03.56am


Mama Says.....

Nov 13 2006 @10.00am
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Antlophobia - Fear of Floods

For the past 2 weeks or so, it has been raining practically everyday, mostly starting in mid-afternoons. My, oh my, it really pours; accompanied with frighteningly loud thunderclaps and spectacular lightning flashes. A couple of times, while driving from PJ (which at that particular moment was blistering hot and sunny) and heading to another destination, midway through, the rain would start pelting down in huge drops followed by torrents within minutes. Before you know it, water would then overflow the drains and cover parts of the roads and very quickly, you would have flash-floods. I had been caught in quite a nasty flash floods many years ago and my car died on me then. Just like a drenched cat, I stood helplessly in the dirty swirling waters which reached up to mid-calf and all kinds of horrible thoughts ran through my mind – electric current? snakes? rats?, etc…. Aitelyu, it was not funny at all and since then, I have a phobia of being caught in flash-floods. Case in point - last Friday, I had a 3.00pm appointment in the Jalan Sultan Ismail vicinity followed with another one at Menara TA One. When the skies broke at about 2.30pm, I actually called up the receptionist at both places to ask if their carparks are proned to floods. Their response was like, “Huhhhh? Tak ada lah!” See, what antlophobia does to me?

Many a time, I have to make the unpleasant call to postpone my appointment and to quickly find the first turning to head back to base. I hate to do this because it is not easy fixing up an appointment but then, I reasoned, it would be foolish to drive through semi-flooded roads and be like an hour late, and consequently presenting a poor picture of myself. This, definitely is a big NO-NO. With a heavy heart, I’d dial my client’s number, explain my predicament and apologise. And I have found that courtesy begets courtesy; my client would readily grant me another appointment.

With the rains, the haze is gone and we can breathe easy again. Weather is much cooler and comfortable and I feel real good – can eat better, can sleep better, can think better, can bla, bla, bla…...better.

Please GOD, I pray for rain but dowan flash floods. Kam Siah Chay-Chay.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dear Son.......

Nov 9 2006

Dear Son,

Today Mama has decided to write you a letter and this is Mama’s first letter to you. All those short written notes and messages on post-it pads and sometimes scraps of paper certainly do not qualify as letters – they were actually reminders to you for chores that needed to be done.

Why Mama has never ever written any letter to you? Perhaps, it’s because you have been by Mama’s side all this while and Mama never saw the need to write. If there is anything that Mama wants to tell or share with you, it’s just as easy as walking into your room and talk as much and as long as Mama wishes. Of course, Mama knew that many a time you were bored to your eyeballs with those boring stuffs that Mama was telling, but you nonetheless showed some measure of ‘interest’. Or at times, when Mama had not too good a day and Mama just came to you and ranted and whine for hours. You being you, who is by nature, a quiet person, just sat there and listened. That’s all Mama needed. Of course, during Mama’s moments of happiness, your kid brother and you were always there to share and son, it means a lot, a lot to Mama. Thank you, son.

Mama has finally put fingers to keyboard and attempt to type out this letter. Today is a significant day. Today, you finished the last paper of your final exams – unofficially, you have completed your first degree eventhough the convocation won’t be until next year. Congratulations, son! Mama is very proud of you. Looking back, Mama is very blessed to have you as my son. You are a good son. So far, you have never given Mama any BIG, MAJOR PROBLEMS. Oh, those times that you hid all your unfinished homework, or those times that you tried to tell some silly childish lies or the one time that you tried playing with the lighter? Nahhh…, no worries, Mama caught you before it turned into anything big and I’m sure you remember the punishment - sore bottoms from the fat rotans and sore knees from kneeling in front of the altar and sore hands from writing lines and on one occasion, burning tongue caused by chilli padi. Hahahaha…. in your child’s mind, you must have believed you had an utterly wicked mother. No apologies here from Mama, though – Mama was and still is, not in any popularity poll. Mama just had to do what Mama set out to do, that is to bring your kid brother and you up the best I could, in ways I believed I should. And today, as I see the fine young men in you both, Mama is very thankful for God’s blessings. Eventhough Mama may not be someone who is very strong spiritually as in ‘kuat sembahyang’, nonetheless, Mama believes in divine help. I’m sure both of you do too.

Tomorrow is a new chapter in your life waiting to unfold. Mama could sense the excitement in your voice the other day when you told of your first upcoming job interview. Ahhh….....Mama was just as excited if not more. Hahahaha….Mama was bursting to tell everybody that Mama came across the other day. Congrats! once again and Mama wishes you all the very best. A word of advice here son, no worries and don’t be too uptight; just relax and be natural and let the gem in you shine through. Seek for the best and the best will seek you in return. Best of luck and may all the best come your way today and everyday.

Loads of Love
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Trampled Toes

I had a small function to attend in KL from 2.00 to 6.00pm and I decided to take public transport. Took the LRT from Taman Bahagia to KL Sentral, and then a short walk across to Brickfields to catch the Monorail. It was non-peak hours, so both the rides were comfortable.

However, the return trip was quite teruk for me. Office hours was just over and the Monorail was filled to the max but it was a bearable short ride to Brickfields. When I reached the LRT stop at KL Sentral, there were already queues along the designated boxes and I proceeded to join the lines. The first train arrived and it was filled to the brim. It dropped like some 20 to 30 passengers but close to double that number were jostling their way in. OMG, I can see that it was sardine-packed – body-to-body and heads-under-armpits PACKED!!

I just stood there and thought that I better wait for the next train which came soon enough – like less than 10 minutes. But it was just as packed. I decided to wait for one more train. Same scenario. Arrgh….. my legs hurt already. When the third train arrived. I then also pushed my way in and got myself sandwiched. And my height is just right - you know, just ngam, ngam ‘my-nose-to-other-people’s-armpits’ kind of height. Wuuaahhh….turned right, turned left, faced front, all also armpits.

When the train stopped at one of the stations, one idiot of a male elephant trampled on my toes. I let out a soft yelp but before I got a chance to take a look, another female dumbo landed her wooden heels on my same right foot. Adooiii….it was damn blardy painful. That dumbo just squeezed her way through without even an apology and there I was standing, with tears almost spilling out. No worries, no need to feel malu. Nobody batted an eyelid. I managed to get a seat after a few more stations and quickly gave my foot a good look. Arrrgg……skins on 3 toes peeled. I think I need safety boots when I next ride on the LRT.
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

See No Evil, Eat No Evil

I have ‘evil’ colleagues at my workplace. They are ‘evil’ because they kept on serving me all those sinfully sweet raya cookies – ‘biskut suji, almonds crisps, pineapple tarts, biskut London almond, biskut makmur, biskut batang buruk, etc…….’ And I have been chomping on those frightfully fattening cakes and cookies since 2 weeks back.

You see, all those cookies have been tempting me wherever I turn – in my office, at my clients’ office, at my friends’ house and there are even a few jars standing on the dining table at home. When I am really busy, I can at least ignore them; otherwise, no bluff wan, I can hear them calling, ‘nyonya, oh nyonya, mari sini, makan kami, no worri…..’ and 9 out of 10 times I, I...succumb.

And once I get started, it takes sheer willpower to keep my hands out of the cookie jar. This same bad habit also applies to snacks and titbits like, chips, crackers, melon seeds, roasted almonds, peanuts, dried candied sotong, fried spicy ikanbilis, etc.. Lidat, not orite leh.

So, I have stopped buying all those junk food – See No Evil, Eat No Evil.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Ais Keyleng Conference

Didn’t sleep well on Saturday night because I was sooooo….. ‘kan cheong’. I was so ‘kan cheong’ because I had a very, very important conference on Sunday. This conference was very, very important because I was about to meet some very, very sexciting personalities who would share-share and talk about their extensive ais keyleng research and studies. Can you just imagine how I felt? They are gonna appear before my very eyes, in the flesh, whereby I would finally be able to see them, sniff them, and ‘raba’ (I mean rub-rub shoulders with them la) them kaw-kaw.

As the hours, minutes and seconds ticked by, my ‘kan cheongness’ jumped to almost uncontrollable levels. My heart was beating so loudly I was afraid the person walking next to me might just hear it. **gedebuk, gedebak, gedebuk, gedebak....**. Tried to do some breathing exercises to calm those nerves but before I could count to 10, my handphone rang. Frantically, I put my hand into my large bag to fish out the phone and ahhhhh… special contact is on the line.

“I saw you already!” I squealed as I pushed my way through the crowds towards the 2 lengluis. Phew…..what a relief; my poor heart finally went back to its normal rhythm. Special contact had earlier given me an angel’s promise not to bite and more than true……she’s so mild and sweet and gentle. So not biting la. What did we do then? With joy, special angelic contact and nyonya together-gether hugbug and pelukberuk each other tight-tight before proceeding to our ‘conference table’ at Baskin Robbins.

Special contact had also told me to look out for one unique ayam jantan who sport bulu above the mouth and another lenglui with ‘winngs’ flitting about somewhere in the vicinity. **Looked here, looked there, looked everywhere** Aiyah….with .so many ‘woo sou cocks’ running around, I just could not simply go grab one under my armpit and run, right?

Anyway, the members arrived soon after and the meeting commenced immediately. Main Agenda – ais keyleng tasting. All the attendees gathered round those yummylicious tubs of ais keyleng and after a few licks on the test-spoons and some serious comments like, “Dis wan sedap”; “I like this wan”; “I shud take low-fat yoghurt la”; “Lemme try this, and this, and this and, and…..I’m full already. I dowan to buy ledi”; etc, etc. each one of us walked to our seats with our ‘specimens’ for Agenda #2 – tangkap gambar. Quite challenging la -saliva all dripping liao, ais keyleng melting liao; summore gotta wait for them to ‘click, click, click’.

Agenda #3 – slurrpp….slurrpp….kakaka…….yakyakaty-yak….hohoho……lick, lick, lick…….yakyakyak……..hahahaha……… Midway through 2 lovebirds flew in to join us; one lick for you, one lick for me, one click for you, another click for ais keyleng, …….soooo lomantic.

The most 'lickful' conference was called to an end at 3.30pm as all the honourables, Angel, Lil'Joy, Cocka, Winn, AhTak and dahling had other engagements.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you for making my day.
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Post No. 100

As I had to meet someone in Bangsar about noonish today, I thought I’d pop by early at my doctor’s office in the vicinity before going for my appointment. Yippee, I managed to secure a good parking spot shaded by trees. Fed some coins into the parking meter and then took a short walk down the slope to the clinic.

The doctor’s assistant was not too happy to see me walk in without a confirmed appointment but I pleaded with her to slot me in as I was willing to wait. I then settled into the sofa in the corner with some old copies of Reader’s Digest. I was quite engrossed reading when I overheard another lady informing the clinic assistant that she had to go down to put in more coins. OMG, how much did I feed the meter just now and how long was that supposed to be for? Sei ler, now only I realized I did not read the meter earlier. I also quickly got to my feet and scampered to my car. Phew! Just in time to see a Bandaraya chap busy issuing summons just 3 parking lots away from mine. Ahhhhh……very lucky and very happy indeed. Fed in a few more coins and sauntered back to the clinic.

After the consultation, I walked back to get my car. Arrrrghhhhh…….my car, my car is splattered with blotches of dried bird poooooo…..on the bonnet, on the roof, on the wing mirror, on the windows, arrghhh…..and she just had her bath yesterday. Quickly took out my water bottle and grabbed a few clumps of tissues to wipe away the poo. Yucks! Yucks! Yucks!

Almost noon already and I was about to head to my next appointment when a call came in to cancel it. OK, I then headed home. Aisehman, that big boy was not up yet. Woke him up and while waiting for him to shower, I brought in the laundry to fold. Suddenly I remembered - today is the younger boy’s birthday and this old mama has forgotten!! What kind of a mama is this???? I wanna kick myself. I immediately gave him a call.

Me : Happy Birthday! So sorry, I forgot to wish you this morning before you left for class.

Son : Thank you, Mama. It’s OK.

Me : Sorry, sorry. Love you. **muuuaaks**

Me : I’d go get you a cake.

Son : Thanks, Mama. A small one will do. See you later.

After lunch with the big boy, we went straight to the confectionery. Aiyah, birthday boy’s favorite cake sold out already but the shop assistant said a new batch would be ready after 4pm, so I placed an order for a small cake.

Now to drop off the big boy before I go for my hair cut. @$#%&*!* I had unknowingly stepped on chewing gum and got it smeared onto my car carpet as well. Whoever the monkey is, I pray he/she chew on his/her own tongue there and then. I drove straight home and after like 2 buckets of sweat, I managed to clear the mess on the carpet and my shoe.

Next stop, the hair salon Dunno what went wrong and I ended up with an ‘overcut’ fringe that made me look very lulu. :( Sei ler, I tentatively got a very important ‘date’ this weekend wor. Macam mana??? Macam mana???? A paper bag with 2 holes may just be useful.

See, I had a very ‘interesting’ day and I just had to blog about it in my
100th Merepek Post.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cowgirl Dance

My dear Sis is very into line dancing. She has been at it, I think, for 7 years or so and is truly passionate about it.

Before she was introduced to line dancing, I believed her main exercise routine was ‘dry-swimming’ – as in playing mahjong la – which she maintains that it helps in strengthening grey matter and at the same time tone up arm and finger muscles. **roll eyes** Then some of her friends coaxed her to join their class and she has not stopped since. Now Sis is an instructor of sorts and she leads a few classes throughout the week in between her mahjong sessions. Good for her - at least it gets the heart pumping better.

So whenever we meet and should I let out a squeak about my ‘plumness’, Sis would suggest that I take up line dancing too. And I’d go something like , “Nahhhhh…….Nooooo……..Takkkkk Maaauuuu…..Gua don’t like line dancing. Jangan cakap lagiiiiii.....Gua tak mau dengarrrrr...”

Then Sis would go, “Wei, sei sor cheow! What is it that you dislike so much, huh?”

OK, OK, I told her. I don’t like cowboys and cowgirls – not that I’ve met any in person. Must be those ‘High Noon’ and ‘High Chapparal’ kind of movies and I remembered them as dirty and scruffy. And somehow, I associate line dancing with cowboy/cowgirl dance. The first time I saw a line dancing performance years ago, those country & western ala cowboy music was blaring away and on the dance floor were 20 or so ladies dressed in cowgirl attire – checked shirts, big hats, big-buckled belts, tassles and leather boots – stomping, kicking, hopping, turning, swinging and bouncing away. And it is a ‘partnerless’ dance.

I just do not know how to appreciate this type of dance. Period. I’d prefer those more sensual ‘lamsing’ kinds but then, how to find a partner when I have 2 left foot?
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Halloween!

Was just looking at the calendar and I realized that I have not been working for close to 20 days – the short holiday together with the Hari Raya break. Just imagine, 20 days worth of unfinished tasks and with the month end rush, my brain is being fried real bad.

Arrggh……up to now I’m still clearing my mailbox and responding to all those sms. Calls are coming in reminding me on outstanding issues as well as on new things to look into. Everything is urgent and everybody wants their things - yesterday. Sheeeshhh. What I owe them, they are chasing me and what they owe me, I am chasing them too. This is not my idea of fun – running in circles with ‘who chasing what, and what chasing who’. I need a life. And oh, the schedule also show I have a few training sessions to attend this week and next. Errrrm…. Those sessions I attended before my trip, sei ler, I am all mixed-up and confused now and, and… God forbid, some I have forgotten already. OK, OK, gotta go for a refresher.

Holidays are supposed to relax and calm the body and soul. Now it’s like a bad storm after the calm. Aiyah……it’s just busy, busy, busy…….I’m turning into a zombie liao la. Might just as well. Then I can blame it on HALLOWEEN – it freaked the daylights and ‘nightlights’ out of me and caused selective memory loss.

Perhaps, I can go something like this:-
“Sorry dearie, I cannot remember saying I’ll help you get your things done. But I do remember clearly you haven’t paid me for that piece of kuih angkoo yet. See, see… it’s all recorded in my buku tiga-lima.” Kakakaka…………..
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