Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Mama...

Dear Mama,

Due to popular demand from your many fans in blogsphere (and from you asking me to do so), I’ve decided to pen out a letter to you as well. It’s a little bit on the late side as I write this down, so pardon any nonsense sentences or bad grammar. Tau lar saya nie nocturnal. Anyhow, I would like to say that I am extremely proud of you as well. You’ve nurtured me, educated me and molded me into the person I am today.

When I was two,
You were my world
When I was twelve,
You showed me the world
When I was sixteen,
You let me roam in the world
When I was twenty,
You taught me to make my own world.
Thru all that time,
You are still my world.

Don’t know if the words above bring much meaning, but they do come from the heart. And from the heart as well, I want to give a shout out to my SUPER MUM.

Big Boy.

P.S : I posted this when you were sleeping. Don’t wake me up in the morning. LOL
P.P.S: Now, I do believe harsh punishment does wonders for discipline. Some kids these days….tsk, tsk...So thanks for the rotans, chilli padi and kneeling. It made me even more mucho. Hehe.
Nov 13 2006 @03.56am


Mama Says.....

Nov 13 2006 @10.00am
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  At 9:05 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Well done, you are definitely a good son. Nyonyapenang, hats off to you for raising such a filial and considerate son.
oh my goodness!! I just felt like hugging your son and give him a good smooch on the cheeks.......sooooooooo sweet!!!! I'm sure you're one proud mama! greata go nyonya!
  At 10:55 AM Blogger sming said:
Ooohh. so sweet... a reply.. ;))
Good for you both !!!
big boy, your mama one great nyonya. make her proud. always love and honor her and your papa, ya
nonya, lul thinks you raised a fine son.
ohmigawd! that's so cute!!
Aww...awww....awww....what else can I say?
  At 11:31 AM Blogger angel said:
Dear Nyonyapenang's Son,

Next time we have a bloggers' meet, you come too, ok?? Got alotta lenglui wannn...
And they are young young too... ;)

ps: I know where you got your humour from... ;)
  At 1:24 PM Blogger Sasha said:
wow wow kam tung
  At 2:17 PM Blogger dreamie said:
Big boy, you are your mama bundle of joy... congrats on your graduation !

Nyonya , you are a great mama !!
  At 2:30 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
nyonya, u are blessed!! I pray I will be blessed likewise!!!
  At 2:36 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
nyonya... u really have great son. I'm sure u gonna be role model of a mama.
  At 2:40 PM Blogger Vern said:
sweet...just sweet stuff. :)

have a good one, nyonya.
  At 2:51 PM Anonymous JL said:
That's a very thoughtful letter & poem Ah Tai (since ur the eldest son). Congrats on your graduation and all the best in your future undertakings.

Super Canggih Nyonya Mama.. U Rock!
  At 5:41 PM Blogger See Fei said:
lu punya anak mayak panai tulis puisi! nanti besak liao boleh jadi speech writer Pak Lah!

u r one lucky mummy to have a good son lidat!
  At 7:46 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Jemima hands Big Boy a microphone & starts Karoake music.

Big Boy starts singing:

Mother of mine you gave to me,
all of my life to do as I please,
I owe everything I have to you,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

Mother of mine when I was young
you showed me the right way things had to be done,
without your arms where would I be,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

Mother, you gave me
Happiness much more
Than words can say
I pray the Lord that
He may bless you
Every night and every day.

Mother of mine now I am grown
and I can walk straight all on my own,
I'd like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.


Mother of mine now I am grown
and I can walk straight all on my own,
I'd like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

*Sniff*Sniff* raised a good boy there, mama! You must be so, so proud. I want to hug the both of you.
  At 8:22 PM Blogger Chen said:
Your son is so sweet :)
feel like cubit-ing his face..
oops.. cannot liao
he is no longer a small kid, but an "adult" liao :P
Well said, kid! Your mum must be choked with emotion now.
  At 9:07 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah..lucky your boy not like the astro max chew-ren ah...!!!! Nyonya is the SIFU! Now..I must look for rotan, chilli padi..and one more is what ah.....??? LOL!!!!
  At 10:45 PM Anonymous vern's mommy said:
dear nyonyapenang, you have a good son. So sweet of him to declare his appreciation of you. You, too, are one proud mama. Feels good, huh!
Yeah I grew up under the rotan too. And I'd say kids nowadays are spared too much liberty and protection they abuse it!

It never fails to warm the mom's heart whenever her children utter words of gratitude. *smiles*
  At 4:30 AM Blogger plink said:
OMG What's your secrett?!?!

*taking notes*
  At 9:49 AM Blogger sengkor said:
boy, now u hv grown up let sengkor bring u to the spa.

kidding la nyonya. ur son is good boy but dun let him mix with uncle cocka. tht one i dun gerenti.
kam siah.
pray that he stays good and true. ;)

smooochhhhh....err...L'Oreal Coral Magic on his cheeks. ;)

ya, it's a good feeling. ;)

what a lulu,

one for your momma too.
just the kind of feelings you get when Ryan & Meimei present their handmade cards to you, ya?

pssst....shy ler, hanging around mama to khau lui.
- big boy.

something like when jayden cries and he ONLY wants his momma. only his sweet momma can soothe him....awww. feels sooo good, ya?

so, the rotan works for you too hor? LOL

you are blessed with a wonderful and loving family.
need to learn from cikgu more gentle approaches to handle children.

i believe the same goes for your beloved momma. you've done well. ;)

you're just as sweet. ;)

terima kasih.

see fei,
err...lucky that i can use the rotan hor? LOL

i can almost hear you sing.'re so sweet. thank you.
big boy is err..'tuneless' i believe. kakakaka....

king's wife,
**sayangz & hughug together-gether**

dr chen,
can, can, lokter can cubit, can cucuk jarum oso. :D

**hmm....hmmm...** (takes tissues and wipe eyes) pass me the, the, cream please.

shhh....not so loud. nanti neighbour hear oredi, talipon polis and report "kes dera". LOL
hi vern's mommy,
you have a very sweet and well-brought up daughter. vern has a good head sitting on straight shoulders. and your whole family is truly blessed.
thanks for popping by and have a good day. ;)

ian, speak for all mothers. ;)
(not the rotan part, though. LOL)

pssst....big fat rotan.

"son, go learn from sengkor. he'll teach you the proper way of accounting; unlike mama who's still using buku 555."
Good mummy raise a good son.

p/s the chilli padi ... for what purpose? ^-^
  At 3:06 PM Blogger liucas said:
awwww so sweet the big boy...

i wish my mama is this nice.. she tortures me and cane me with big big big rotan :( i wanna complain to kerinchi link can or not?
  At 5:33 PM Blogger savante said:
Baca pun mau nangis. So sweet.
  At 5:40 PM Anonymous mama bok said:
So heartwarming..!!
  At 10:53 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyoh... so touching leh. Darrius just learned how to scream back at me when I told him NO... So I must wait another 20 years then can get such a touching note hor?
  At 10:55 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Well done boys..welldone. Mama so proud of you.
kam siah.

err...chilli padi ah? becos caught telling lies, i think.

you're sweet too.
you be good and don't pee in the fridge then momma won't use rotan lo. ;)

no nangis ler.
i also very kam tung when reading your Mommy's Boy post. ;)
hi mama bok,
thanks for dropping by.
am unable to read your password protected blogs.

ahhh....Darrius is communicating liao. ;)

  At 10:52 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah well done nyonya!! So touching la ur son!! Makes me think of my mom!!
  At 4:32 PM Anonymous mama bok said:
Hey.. Nyonya,
Can't find your email addy.. ;)
  At 12:41 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
wow..he wrote a poem for u!!! Aiyoo..if I see this i think i will cry mann..........