Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 'Cottony' Brain

Met a new friend last week and this affable chap was regaling us with his experiences at work and also telling us about his hobbies and social activities and all. This fellow holds a full-time ‘official’ day job that calls for long and sometimes odd hours, a job that requires him to deal with customers with some odd-balls thrown in between and to travel out of office as when required. Besides, he holds 2 other part-time jobs and he also finds time to maintain an active and happening blog. Writes for Pay Per Post too. Wuuah, he has so much on his plate and listening to him talk, I also felt tired already. How does he manage all this? Either his days have 72 hours or he has excellent time-management skills. Or he doesn’t sleep. I asked and he said he gets by with only about 3-4 hours sleep a night and can still be as perky as a bird singing on the tree. Wuah, lidat also boleh.

For me, an ideal would be 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep with no waking up in between – straight through till morning, and then I’d wake up feeling very refreshed and ready to take on the bulls and horses. Note, I wrote ‘ideal’. This means, most of the time I make do with about 5 hours sleep, and sometimes less when I take into account the couple of times I wake up to go to the toilet; or sleep disturbed by those annoying motorists/motorcyclist with machines so noisy that it can wake up the dead; or irritating mating calls of the stray felines and this I hate - being feasted live by the pesky mosquitoes. Aiyoh, I’d be tossing and turning and scratching and then get up from bed looking for the medicated oil or Mopiko. Airconditioning helps but I find this drying for my skin, so I normally switch it on for a couple of hours only.

When I lack sleep, I’d be at work whole day feeling woozy and with an all-cottony brain. Ya, the eyes are wide open but the brain is slowwwww…..real slowww…..and I’ll have to read a sentence a few times or my colleagues will have to repeat what she said before it can register in my ‘soft-soft’ brain. And today, this familiar feeling is back and I can see a loooonnnngggg day ahead.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Back Into the Groove

Each morning when I wake up, I'll get myself a mug of hot Milo, turn on the computer and then go through my emails and do some blog-hopping but of late, I have not been accorded this luxury due to the erratic connections and all. Nevertheless, if I am not in a rush to run out of the house, I'd still religiously go through the paces of my morning ritual, hoping and praying for things to get better. Ya, it CAN only get better!

And yessssss...., this morning, one click was all it took to go here, another click to go there, and another click to go everywhere and good wor! I just couldn't believe it and I went **klik-klick here, klik-klik there, klik-klik everywhere** and reached all places smoothly. Wuahhh....bestnye, this Monday morning. So, quickly ran here and put up a short update before all my supporters abandon me.

To all my friends, thanks a million for your support and guidance and patience. I shall try to get back into the groove soonest. C'ya!
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Errrr....Got 'Spies' Ar?

I must say sorry for the lack of updates these past week or so and also for my almost zilch comments in your blogs. Blame it on the painfully slow networks that takes like a lifetime to load and that really frussed me bad. And I have to admit that my own poor time management skills only make matters worse; I’m half-buried in a huge pile of unfinished business and in between, I’m stealing time for blogging, replying to comments as well as leaving comments. So to all my sayangz, bear with me for a while.

The whole of today was a ‘headless-chicken’ kind of day for me. Went straight from the house for my appointment in Subang Jaya and aitelyu, to get a parking spot, I had to go a few rounds and then ‘bingo’ I got one which was 3 roads away from my Client’s office. Nevermind, walking is good for my heart and good for my legs. After that, went straight to the office to clear some paper work. Just managed to have a few spoonfuls of fried noodles before rushing downtown for a meeting which was scheduled for the whole afternoon. Aiyoh, sieenzzzz to the max lar. Lucky thing, the meeting ended much earlier than expected and I got to get out from KL before the rush-hour traffic jams start. I had to go in to office to collect something and when I left to pick up the 2 boys, it was already 6.30pm. I was too tired and famished to cook dinner, so 3 of us ate out. Just as we finished our dinner, Bigson said he left something in his workplace so, we had to drive back there and how I regretted this decision. My, oh, my, the traffic at the roundabout leading there was in a gridlock – 4 lanes inching around it and was like a free for all and it took me 15 minutes to just do a 9 o’clock turn. Where was the traffic police when you needed their help??

Reached home, did some chores and then tried to reply some mails and maybe do some blog-hopping but then had problems with the connection. Don’t know what was wrong with the server and all and after almost 2 hours of sour-face, I got Bigson for help. He called up the service provider and errr…. I overheard Bigson mentioning the word ‘SPYWARE’’ and I flipped. What? Who? When? How? Sei lar! After a few clicks here and there, the connection worked fine for a short while before it went ‘nutty’ again. Haiyahhhh…..I yelled for help and got Bigson to do a few more clicks and now, it appears to be OK already. Hope the connection doesn’t hang on me again. hmmmm….All these erratic connections for the past few days…. got anything to do with ‘spies’ ar?

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Friday, January 19, 2007

No Manners ar?

Yesterday, I was queuing up for my ‘chapfun’ lunch when a woman came and stood behind me. There was about another 10 people or so in front of the queue and this piece of lard was like standing sooo close and pushing and jabbing my back with her extra hard pointed bra every few seconds or so. I turned around to glare at her a few times but she doesn’t seem to take the cue. As the line inched along, she continued with her jabs and pokes and I then turned around and politely told her not to stand so close behind me. She stepped back a little but before I can say, “Kamsiah”, the poking started again and this time, I suddenly put my hands on my hips and my elbow ‘accidentally’ whacked her pointies. Ouchhh…my elbow pain lar. kakkakaka…

Aisehman, still as clueless, she then leaned forward to have a good look at what were the dishes of the day and then in a loud voice (in Cantonese) called out to the stall owner, “Harlo, I want that prawn dish la. There, that one little bit left oni. I want all lar. Reserve for me lar. And you not cooking fresh ones meh?....,bla…bla…”. The stall owner just smiled and continued serving the other customers in front of the queue. Thinking that she was not heard, she lunged forward, went a pitch higher and repeated her stoooopid request and at the same time yelling at her daughter who was hovering outside the queue to just tell the stall owner she wants to ‘tapau’ the prawns only and therefore no need to queue up lar. **sheeesh** Now I know, from whom these queue-jumpers pick up their bad manners.

Just then my turn came up to be served and I told the stall owner I wanted the prawns and she then scooped all onto my plate and as she continued to scoop the other dishes, that woman said very loudly to the stall owner, “Hey, I want the prawns ma. Why you give to her? Now no more liao. Can fry fresh ones for me ar?.. bla, bla, bla” Paiseh lar, no response from the stall owner also. heehehehe…..

If only she was more polite and has better manners……

yummm…yummmmmm…….somehow the prawns tasted extra ‘sedaps’.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Sorry folks, have been away from blogosphere for a while. Very sienzzz la. Each time I wanna come in to write, read and comment also like take forever and ever lidat. The connection is soooo slowwww......really potong stim kaw-kaw la.


Angel wants me to do this tag, “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me”. Aiyoh, **scratching head** Why lar, you wanna know things you don’t know about me???? But since you are such a sweet, sweet charbor, I’ll try to list them out:-

1/ When I was still in secondary school, I was crazy over bowling. At that time, a game costs only RM1 and I’d save all my pocket money and spend it at the bowling alley. My sister would grumble and complain that I throw away hard-earned money down the lanes. I was passionate about the game, nevermind I had to use house balls and rented the shoes. I continued playing and when I first started work at one of the electronics factory in Bayan Lepas, I took part in the company’s bowling competition and took home a big trophy. After that, I went on to the next level and represented my company in the Inter Free Trade Zone Championship and walked away with the top prize. So, I also can bowl besides merepek nia la.

2/ I have been staying in KL for the past 24 years and never once have I driven a car up to Genting Highlands. Reason – I dunno the way. Gua dungu big time ya? (Have many out-of –town friends and relatives who can find their way up there blind-folded but got lost in Jalan Bukit Bintang. **roll eyes**)

3/ Long, long time ago, I made one of my aunt cry buckets. You see, I was very playful when I was in school and my folks hardly see me at home and holding the books. Exams or no exams, everyday also the same lar – books, aiyoh, so dry and boring. So this aunt of mine made a remark that went something like, “See her lar. Everyday also party and bowling nia lar. Can pass her Form Five ar, I go run naked on the streets la.”

Okie, results came out and I got a Grade I. This aunt came to congratulate me but I was a rascal and I told her on her face, “Ahhhh, get ready now. Let’s see you run naked along Penang Road.” Sei lar, she went into a fit and cried loud and long. Sorry, Aunt Sally, I was very nasty then.

4/ I sold all my previous 3 cars on my own by just placing some small classified ads. I attended to enquiries and I showed the cars to prospective buyers all by myself and I was very lucky to meet only honest people. My friends were flabbergasted at how trusting I was and that I was fortunate not to have become a victim of car-robbery or something.

I can be so totally trusting of people, and strangers some more. 'Lurus Bendul' lar, lidat.

5/And also long, long time ago when I was just 12 years old or so, there was this young boy who would call me annoying names and tease me endlessly each time I walked pass his house on the way to the grocers. I just ignored him until one day he sprayed coloured water at me using his toy water pistol. Huuuwah, that was it. I dunno what got into me then. I chased that 13 year old rascal down the backlane, caught hold of him and pummeled him until blue black. Fuiyoh, I discovered I was capable of such strength and force and was I fierce! kakakkaa...

Okie, done and I shall NOT tag anyone. Cheeriossss!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cash Award

The bank called 2 days ago and asked that BigSon bring over his savings account passbook. As BigSon is unable to attend to it, I went instead.

This is what BigSon got from MAYBANK - a cool RM1000 Cash Award For First Class Honours.

Kamsiah, MAYBANK.
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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ask, And You Shall Be Given

A long time ago, someone once commented about me, “Aiyah, Not everybody like you wan la, so proud a person. Just open the golden mouth and ask la. What’s the problem?”

And just recently, another friend said something similar. No, they were not referring to my poor sense of direction, whereby if I’d ‘prefer’ to go round and round rather than asking for help. Neither were they referring to any foolishness of not checking and asking if I do not understand how certain things are done. You see, one of my friends, Sue was ranting about some of her friends and relatives who appear to have no shame in asking again and again to borrow money and GOD forbid, without making attempts to pay back the amounts borrowed much earlier. And gentle reminders to the borrowers to return the money were more often than not, rewarded with a bad scowl. The above comments about me came when I said to Sue, “Aiyoh, lidat also can ar?”

You see, whenever a person opens his/her mouth to ask to borrow money, does this person ever thought about the position he/she is putting the lender in to? I guess not. The borrower is in most instances, more concerned about how and why he himself needs the money so urgently that he ‘overlooked’ the little inconveniences to the lender. “Ah, he’s my Bruder/Sista. He/She earns pots, so what is this loose change to him/her?”, might just fleetingly cross his mind.

This to me, is sheer selfishness. How convenient and easy; all he has to do is ASK and ASK and ASK. I have come across a few of these types too - they came to me with most urgency, and need IMMEDIATE help and I obliged in good faith.

And, I got my hand almost chewed off.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Are They Really So Heartless?

I was relating to my friend my unpleasant experience with those tow-truck operators and how they were like fighting tooth and nail among each other to tow the damaged car. My friend thinks there are reasons why these ‘vultures’ are soooooo persistent and ‘bersemangat’ and determined to get the damaged vehicle.

He thinks they get a cut from the towing charges which can range from RM150 to RM500 or more, depending on the distance as well as on the time of towing. Midnight rates are definitely higher. But this is considered just the appetizers/starters. What they are really interested in is the ‘main course’, that is the total repair cost – the bigger the bill the better – because they get another delicious cut here. So when they come across a very nasty accident with badly mangled vehicles, all they can see is $$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$. Sorry, if there are casualties, that is not their responsibility and not their area of interest. This will have to wait for the ambulance to rescue. Their main job scope is to ‘rescue’ the vehicle and this take priority over human lives. Many people have suspected too, that when there is a lull, as in business is slow and yawnny, they have no qualms about helping to create an accident. All this, in the name of earning a living and bring home the bacon. Someone had also commented in my earlier post about himself working a short stint as a tow-truck operator but he got put off by all this horrible work ethics. **sighs**

Are they really so heartless?

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tow Trucks To The Rescue

I’ve been wanting to write about this but somehow I wrote and posted something else. You know, those road-cruisers whose job is to cruise the roads to look out for motor vehicle accidents and to call in the tow-trucks immediately? Well, I once had the misfortune of being surrounded by hoards of them in all shapes and sizes and in all colours too.

There you were, choked with fear and gasping for breath, head all spinning from the mishap and unable to think straight and speak coherently and you have this group of people calling out and telling you, “Kak, gua dari XYZ workshop. Kita boleh tolong tow and repair, claim insurance and kautim semua sekali, cepat-cepat. Sign sini, semua beres. Kak tak payah risau…bla…bla…bla…” And every one of them was like stuffing their name-cards to my face and every workshop they represent is the best in Klang Valley, Golok and beyond. **roll eyes**

I told them in my sweetest voice (these people you definitely wanna turn on a little sugar) that my insurer had sent someone and that I had to follow my insurer’s instructions but they just would not lay off. I tell you, they were persistent. At one point in time, one of them called for his backup to come by and nearly conned me into believing that this was the tow truck from my insurer. That chap even casually flip open a file to show that he is representing my insurer but fortunately I had the mind to question him, “Tadi saya cakap sama orang India wor. I rasa bukan you la.” He insisted, “Sama punya la, bla…bla….”

Luckily, the one I was waiting for arrived soon enough and only then did the big group disperse. **phewwww**

Anyone had experiences like this?

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