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For how many years already, we have been hosting this F1 thingy at the Sepang Circuit? If I were to be asked to answer this simple question to win some free tickets, I know for sure I won’t win any because I just don’t know the answer. I am not a fan and it does not bother me at all who drives what and who races for what and who wins what and who races where and whatever…whatever lah. I don’t follow the news and I don’t watch the races on the box but of course now, names like Schumacher, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton do ring bells in my head. I know lar…they are world-class racers, right? Other than that, I know nuts. Would you believe that long, long time ago, the first time I heard someone mentioned Formula 1, I thought it was a brand of infant milk powder? hahahahaa....Gua big-time 'suakoo' lor. BTW, back those days, there was this well-known brand of infant formula called 'S-21'. Perhaps, some of my friends here would have heard of it or used it.

All my life I have only been to a Grand Prix once. It was eons ago in Penang and sad to say, I did not enjoy it one bit. The noise was deafening and half an afternoon in the scorching sun left me looking red like a cooked crab and followed with horrible peeling skin days after. To suffer like that for something I don’t know how to appreciate and enjoy…gila or what?

Funny F1 Cartoon - The funniest movie is here. Find it

And from the time since having the races at Sepang, I remember being offered a couple of times, free tickets which I have not once accepted. And I am invited to go for this weekend’s races too. Kamsiah very much. No point lar…..I don’t know what’s going on except to see those sleek machines zooming past fast and furious with a deafening roar round after round. Just imagining it gives me a headache already. And I am also not keen to be roasted to a crisp or drenched to the bone (the weather past days has not been too promising).

And also the huge crowds at this type of events is deterrent enough for me. I cannot handle being in too crowded a place...believe me…..a super-crowded LRT is enough to make me feel all faint.

Nevertheless, I wish all those F1 fans a most enjoyable weekend! Cheeeeersss..........

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Wah, you got free tickets this year?

I wanna go... but grandstand tickets too expensive. T_T
  At 5:34 PM Blogger savante said:
When once several years back as well. Spent more time gazing at the spectators then the cars - and closed my ears each time the cars roared by :P
Although I am yearning to go, I prefer to watch the F1 in the comfort of my home. At least got air cond hoh?
  At 1:29 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
all the F 1 race driver I do meet a few of them when I use to work in a restraint near by silverstone the F1 in England . one time one of them say give me their helmet I told them I don't ride a motorbikes ,the one who ask to give me his helmet is a F1 no 2 and.... I am like you have no clue who are there , and my friend say you have turn down a helmet will make lot of money I was like ?????!!!!!
I can stand the noise too use to get free ticket too .... kkekek you and me are not a fun at all huh
happy holidayxxxx
  At 9:00 AM Blogger Hazel said:
hi, some awards for u. Have a nice weekends!
  At 4:16 PM Blogger William said:
Sell the tix to the highest bidder!!

I don't care for F1 nor any of the scantily-clad girls there.
  At 7:08 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
That makes the two of us! F1 kah! F4 kah! All not interested!!! RM1000 a ticket! Oooo....can eat lots of nice, nice things with that kind of money! We spend a fortune to go and see and in the end, they get richer and we get poorer!!! True or not, nyonya?
  At 10:03 PM Blogger ilene said:
The scene I like most is the one where they change tyres so fast! To think that when we have a flat, we take hours to change!

Zoom, zoom, zoom ... come back pekak oledi!
  At 10:17 PM Blogger famil said:
couldnt agree more.

it's hot its noisy and you cant really watch the race like in tv. only like 2-3 seconds you got to see the cars passing by, the rest of the time you just stand there biting your nails. and this goes on for like 70 rounds.

hi hi
  At 2:12 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hello Nyonya, I used to go to the Batu Tiga races old days to watch my friends race their bikes and cars. But being an only son, my mom prevented me from participating after reading of the many crashes.
But sure lots of beautiful Carlsberg, Anchor Beer, Lucky Strike, Rothman's girls around promoting their stuff in mini skirts.
But just to take you back into history, circa middle 50's, the first car, motorcycle races was held at Klang Road.
It was called 'KL Speed Trials', where individual cars or motorcycles raced along the specified mile, a race against the clock.
The race was along the stretch where Agong's palace is, past Kuen Cheng Girl's school.
Thus you can imagine quite a few cars and motorcycles knew what Klang River tasted like, ha ha.
Hondas, Yamahas etc was unknown still. It was Harley Davidsons, Vincent HRD's, BSA's, Triumphs, Norton Manx's then.
Then the venue changed to Damansara Heights. It was a new area, all jungle and rubber estates. Very few homes then. There was a newly built stretch of road uphill, and thus, races were held there, known as 'KL Hill Climb'.
Weekend nights will see it turned into lover's row with lots of cars parked up the hill, mine too, *wink*.
Then around the 60's, Batu Tiga race track was built.
I have never seen 'Sepang Race Track' except on TV here.
But since coming to Canada, never been to a race, as lost interest.
You have a nice week, UL.
  At 11:04 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Formula 1 - milk. hahaha You are too funny! Yes, I remember S-21. That was one of the better brands of formula for babies.

Gua tak boleh tahan F1 races - never been to one, don't wish to attend any. Manyak bising lor. :) I rather stay home - got TV, got drinks and snacks. What's on TV? I will watch anything else but races. haha
  At 3:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
oi..not S-26 meh?
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Some kind friends offered, but gua tak ambil becos dunno how to appreciate the race. Might as well give it to someone else who are really into it.

Honestly, I also cannot afford the Grandstand tickets. If I buy, then for the next month gua kena eat Gardenia bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :)
Hi Savante,

hahaha.....gazing at the spectators....hahahha....ya lar...people-watching sounds more interesting to me too. ^O^
Hi Giddy Tiger,

But talking to those diehard fans hor...mati-mati also must go and stand there. The atmosphere wor, they said. :)
Hi Pearly, are so cute leh. F1 racer offered you his helmet and you are so honest and sincere to tell them that you don't ride motorbike. Ya lar...same-same here with me..very clueless one. hahahhaha.....
Hi Hazel,

Thank you...thank you...You are so very kind to think of me.

You have a great week ahead. :)
Hi William,

Paiseh lor...people give me for free and I go and sell meh? No mannners lor, lidat.

F1 girls or any other promo girls..,,hmmm....somehow hor...they all looked the same to me. :)
Hi Suituapui, got it right to the mark...RM1000 can eat lots of yummy food....**slurpssss....**Aiyah....soli lau nuar liao.
Hi Ilene,

But...but they have how many of them change one tyre?
Hi Famil,

hahahah...after 70 more nails liao...chewing on fingers then.
You are funny. :)
Hi Uncle Lee,

Thanks so much for the most interesting history of motor-racing in KL. Never knew they had was before my time. Wuah....Uncle Lee, the scion of a prominent family....mesti lar, jaga baik-baik.

Eventhough you did not sign up for the races, I am certain you curi-curi raced behind your Mom's back. Betul tak? hahahhaa...

You have a great week ahead.
Hi J.t.

Soli...soli...the milk should be S-26 as pointed out by Laundryamah. I got all mixed up...must be nyanyok already.

The weekend with the TV on and hearing the zoom...zoom..vroom....yeeeoooww.......adoi...I go lock myself in the room. The ruckus drives me nuts.
Hi Laundryamah, got it right sgould be S-26. Thank you for correcting me. So long already, gua pun nyanyokssss....

You grew up on S-26 ar?
  At 8:17 AM Blogger J.T. said:
S-26 ah? oh ok... I knew it was S-20 something. :D

Thanks for the correction.
  At 11:45 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Wah Free!!!!

Hehe..but not my cup of tea.

My cousin, since the first time Malaysia had this race...every year he will be there.

And if not mistaken, already buy ticket for next year's.

As for me i just follow the news in the papers or Astro. Just for general knowledge of who's who in the racing car scene. (In case people are not into Golf...:)
  At 6:57 PM Blogger zewt said:
10 years already right?
Hi j.t.,

Ya..S-21 and another one was SMA. which came in small pink and white-coloured tins. These 2 were the more expensive ones compared to another well-known brand, Lactogen.
Hi Nightwing,

Your cousin sure is one strong supporter of F1. :) next season's ticket liao ar? :D

I don't really follow the news re: F1 or A1 or whatever but I do pick up bits and pieces of news least now not so suakoo macam never heard before what F1. And errr...errr....I also know lar..F4 is a boyband, right? hahahaa...
Hi Zewt,

Ya, I thought I read it somewhere in the papers that Sepang International Circuit is already 10 years old! And I have not once been there. :P