Saturday, February 16, 2008

I DUNNO, Really!

Two mornings ago, a woman called my mobile:-

Woman : Ms Lim izzit?

Me : No.

Woman : Can I speak to Ms Lim?

Me : Kenot.

Woman : Err….I’m from XX Water Filter Co. Our records show your filter element is due for replacement…bla…bla….

Me : Lemme tell you and you go and tell your whole ofis again that I am Ms Tan and I have been telling you all that for the past 20 years! Can you just amend your records immediately, please?

Woman : OK...K...K......

Then this morning another fella from the Company called:-

Man : Ms Lim ar?

Me : No.

Man : Ms Lim, please?

Me : There is no Ms Lim.

Man : Ehh…..? I am from XX Water Filter Co….bla…bla….

Me : Aisehman…what does it take for your kongsi to update records? I have told your kongsi ten thousand times liao…I am Ms Tan…it's T-A-N.

Man : Err…arrr…err….dunno lar…..bla…bla….

Me : Dunno????? T-A-N larrrrrr…..Please get that right, OK?

That poor chap was trying to explain that he is merely the store-hand and that record-keeping is not his purview,etc..etc. I have heard that line a million times…”That this one is not done by me…it’s a different department…I am new here la...bla…bla…...” And the one that always gets my goat is “I DUNNO.” That’s the problem with many companies. The training of their staff, more so those who deal directly with customers, leaves much to be desired. If the bosses DUNNO that ‘I DUNNO' is not an acceptable answer, then they have no business being in the business. Whoever will have faith and confidence in ‘I DUNNOs’, anyway?

Sitting on the sofa reading the newspapers, he overheard me giving an earful to the chap and he just couldn’t contain a chuckle.

He : heee…heee…..Kesian that fella lar….seven-early eight-early, you kena him lidat.

Me : Told that stooopid kongsi berapa kali liao…gua mia nama Ms TAN.

He : Small matter nia lar…

Me : What??? Change my name…..change my ancestors’ name..bla..bla...

p.s. I think I need help with paragraph indentations. :P

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  At 6:46 PM Blogger angeles said:
Haiyoh! Dun get me start on these service people!! Today I had a very unhappy encounter with the beauty manager at the beauty salon who served me. Grrr! Then I spoke to the centre manager. They all suspens why gua mau cakap dgn boss kakaka... padan muka la.. gua not happy!

Oops.. become my rant pulak... nxt time, just tell them that Ms. Lim sudah migrate. End of story kekeke..
  At 7:53 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyor, nyonya! Kesian these people lah! Dunno got pass Form 5 or not. If clever, already become doctor, accountant, engineer liao lor!!! Or maybe stalker pretending to look for Ms Lim...and then u pandai pandai give him ur name and vital statistics!! Dangerous hor like dat!!!
  At 9:07 PM Blogger famil said:
20 year? wah lau weh...

i think all company lidat one lah. e.g. astro /sotong bank. told/call them many times already to change my address.

different system lah, kenot do today ah, etc tell us the granma story. whne late payment, they know pulak where to sent the reminder...
  At 12:34 PM Anonymous ehon said:
next time they call u say u wanna cancel the service lor. maybe will work!
  At 4:40 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
If I were you, I'd send a letter to the management to complain. Quite a few kongsis have received my "surat cinta" already including TNB & MBI. Usually problem settled immediately after that.
  At 5:29 PM Blogger jazzmint said: should tell her ms. lim sudah mati, pls erase record :p
Wah, kek si!

But those people always like that one. Reminds me of my uni admin. -_-"
  At 4:00 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Ms Tan ... :)

I agree with Pi Bani. Send management a "love letter". I recently had trouble with a home warranty service (here in the States) and finally I told the customer service people (after one week - that's a lot of patience for me.. haha) that I am done talking to them. I want the manager on the phone. I went on to say that I am paying for a service and it is not being delivered. Manager came on the phone, this, that, this, that ... and a plumber was at my house the next day. :)

When I was in Malaysia, sometimes I naughtily put on western accent and give them a mouthful about the shoddy service I am paying for and need to speak to their big boss. (hehehe). Things actually got resolved. Why ah?
I cannot understand why I need to throw in accent to get them moving. Aren't we Malaysians deserving of the same quality of service?
in this kind of set up, most of their employees and supervisors and maybe their bosses even, just wait for their monthly pay and bor charp (don't care) other things like customer service.
  At 2:53 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Helo Nyonya,

Hope today ur mood are better..:)

Ya better give them a 'surat cinta' if they call again.
wow, ure so patience! 20 years they hv been calling u time they call, ask "ms lim", say "no" and hang the phone, like that will work?
Hi Angeles,

Wah..if can get you so worked up, I can just imagine the cause and they sure 'tai sei' wan. Nevermind, can treat this space as your own...can rant problem. hahahahaa....

It's lidis wan...I bought the house from Ms Lim more than 20 years ago and at that time the water filter wasd already there and all these years I have been buying the filter elements from this kongsi. And each time, I will tell them that Ms Lim tarak staying here and that I am Ms Tan and that they should update their records. 20 YEARS! and still cannot get it right!!!!
Kepala Otak, diaorang!
Hi Suituapui,

No's attitude problem lar. I am sure you have met many who may not have formal education but they are so proactive. Kudos to these people!

eeekss.....apasal mau stalk sama gua? Bukannya kaya...bukannya muda...bukannya lawa.....? hahahha
Hi Famil,

Betul's 20 tahun liao. Each time I told them to correct their records, they'll say "okie...okie" and gua pun trust them to do it. Mana tau, when the bill comes again, it is back to MS Lim. I think it's easier to teach a monyet la. hahahhaha....
Hi Ehon,

The product is good, actually. The not-so-good part is the customer service and I think we have come across just too many of this kind.
Hi Pi Bani,

I have written a few surat cinta myself. hahahah....
This particular case, I thought it's just a simple matter...just key-in the correct name. What is so susah about that, gua tak paham and 20 years still cannot get it right.
Hi Jazzmint,

hahahahaa......yet to try that.
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Just cannot understand these people, kan? If dunno, and they say they dunno BUT will check on it and then get back to us, then boleh terima la. Tapi, with these's "IDUNNO" and then push you from pillar to post. :(
Hi J.T.,

Sometimes, we thought that it's just a small and simple thing only and can be settled over the phone BUT really, it actually need a well-crafted love letter to get them moving.

To quote you, "I cannot understand why I need to throw in accent to get them moving. Aren't we Malaysians deserving of the same quality of service?"
Ahh.....this one I too find it odd...'colonial mentality', perhaps?
Hi Mistipurple,

Either that or they hold the monopoly and can say, "Ai Lai, Mai Suak"
Hi Nightwing,

Oh....Ill rant and then I'll be over and done with..dun carry it for days and weeks...hahahah.
Will give them a call to check, one of these days.
Hi Winniethepooh,

I'll yell at them again. hhahahaha..
  At 9:15 AM Blogger narrowband said:
That aside, their product quality bo? If not good, fast fast disclose company name! Never mess with a blogger!!

If no other complaints then.. take a deep breath.. and shrug it off :p
  At 12:24 PM Blogger Hazel said:
hello, have a nice day
  At 10:52 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
I am currently being harrassed by a guy who keep calling looking for Oscar and won't believe that I am not Oscar, see liddat jialat boh?
  At 5:22 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Me lagi cham la... Most people here can't even pronounce my surname correctly, Ng is sound Nang to them... damn kek hei la
Hi Narrowband,

Quality wise, I think boleh tahan far have never used another kongsi. All this while just replace the filter element regularly to ensure clean mud-free water. :)
Hi Hazel,

Thank you. You have a great day too. :)
Hi Kopisoh,

aiyoh.....that kepala otak dun know that you are a charbor and not Oscar!
Do the phone companies over your place 're-cycle' phone numbers? It's quite common here that you cancel your line and then a new applicant for phone service may be given your 'old' number.
Hi Kenny,

hahhahaa....somehow the orang putih cannot prounounce 'NG'. My relative with this surname ended up being given a new name 'ANGIE'.
But they cannot call you Mr ANGIE, right? hahahhaha.....
hehe... go watch this...
  At 7:40 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
dear nonyapenang :
Happy chap goh mei to you and family , wow .... cold down don't get so stress ok ,next time if there didn't the right name just put down the phone on them and sit back and relax there need you for business you don't you can go someway els ... just chill
sorry haven't been around. miss you .
  At 11:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
ayo yo yo..I too had my fair share with such "kongsi" and it just happened yesterday,,,this prompted me to write a post about it now! hahahaha

tarok them cukup cukup.......

if happen again tell them pass to supervisor or the boss.....
Hi Daniel Henry,

Tks. I'll go in later. :)
Hi Pearly,

Sorry, I am late in replying but my thanks to you nonetheless for the kind wishes.

By the time I learned that you are in M'sia (I read from Aiyah Nonya's blog), you already gone back liao. Wish I could have met up with you for some tong-sui. Next time around, ya...with your new baby, perhaps. :)

You take care.
Hi Laundryamah,

Sure, there are loads of stories suitable for blogging. hahahaha....
Hi Pisanggoreng,

I am quite mild most of the time but when they get me at the wrong time, soli loh....kena kaw-kaw loh. hahahaha....