Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New 366 Days For Us

I was scrolling through the in-box on my phone reading all those lovely and heartwarming New Year greetings when I saw these 2 messages, I am quoting here word for word:-

“Congratulations! Anda memenangi WANG TUNAI RM15,000 from Celcom prepaid. Info sila hubung Perkhidmatan Celcom prepaid. 006 285880339216 http://www.xpax.com

“Pengumuman dari PETRONAS MAS. TAHNIAH SimCard anda bertuah memenangi undian hadiah cek RM14000. Sila hubungi esok pagi 00628157018729 Terima kasih.”

Wah…..A windfall!!!! Durian Runtuh!!!! Money for nothing!!!! Sounds too good to be true lar! Then I remembered my momma’s wise counsel, ”If it is too good to be true, then it can’t be true.”

So okie…no such thing as a free lunch….stop dreaming....better lift the bum from the couch and get back to work….This song is dedicated to all my friends here. A new year....2008.. a totally new 366 days for us to make the best of it.

***”She works hard for the marneyyyyy…so hard for it honey...she works hard for her money...so you better treat her right...."*****

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  At 12:21 AM Anonymous Dawn said:
Happy New Year, Nynonya. I guess it's already Jan 2, 2008 for you when I'm writing this. But anyhoo, here's wishing you and your family good health, success and prosperity for the new year!
  At 1:48 AM Blogger angeles said:
Keong Hee Huat Tua Chye!
Happy new year Nyonyapenang! ure right, its 366 days this year coz there's 29th Feb this year! ;)
  At 4:10 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
my dear dear Nyonyapenang
Happy new year 2008 wishing you this 2008 will being you lot of 888888888888888888888888
so I can see you this year in UK xxxx
  At 10:12 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hi Nyonya,

Happy New Year.

May 2008 be a great year for u and your love ones...:)
  At 10:44 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Happy New Year Nyonya Sayang!!
  At 11:56 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
So reli no marnie wan izzit? I so suakoo if me I tink I will belip lor datz why owes kena phian by peeple. Hapi New Year Nyonya!
wish you lots of marnee and ... same one honey! :P
Hi Dawn,

Happy New Year to you and family too. :)
Hi Angeles,

Wah...Tahun Baru...Nama pun baru ar? Bagus...bagus.....

Kamsiah...Kamsiah...togeder-geder we huat tua chye! :)
Hi Winniethepooh,

Extra day, extra prosperity! :)
Hi Pearly,

Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Hope it all come true and then I can fly and visit you...stay your place...enjoy your pleasant company...

May 2008 brings you and your family all the very best of everything.
Hi Nightwing,

Thank you. All the very best wishes to you for 2008.
Hi Wennnn,

Happy New Year to you and Jon and this year 2008 is a very special year for both of you...very soon, you're gonna be proud parents. Yayyyy!
Hi Kopisoh,

All tipu one nia lar....if gua a little bit more bodoh hor...gua sure kena tipu teruk-teruk.

Happy New Year to you and family!
Hi Mistipurple,

Money makes the world go round....I wish loads for you too...then we all can go spinning round and round..hahhaha...