Sunday, December 09, 2007

My 'Kedekut' Genes

“A 19 year-old girl purchased a pair of Japanese jeans that costs a cool RM2,600 for her boyfriend….". I remember reading something to that effect somewhere in the local dailies last week. Wow…wow…wow…..I think I gasped out loud….I think I blinked and rubbed my eyes few times…I think I said something to myself, “Lucky thing she is not my daughter…” I would have strangled her if she is.

Apparently, that particular brand of jeans is touted to be so smooth and comfortable and uses high quality denim. That would be expected, right? You don’t pay close to a month’s salary (yeah, for many, that is) for a pair of denims with colour that runs with every wash or a pair so uncomfortable as to make you sit, walk and talk funny. And of course, with this price, it promises exclusivity somewhat.

And coming back to the issue of paying RM2,600 for a pair of denims, yeah…you would have guessed it. I will not pay. Number 1….gua no money…Number 2…..IF I have the money, I’d rather spend it somewhere else. And if I ever buy that pair of jeans…woooow…it would be the most expensive item in my whole wardrobe.

hmmmm....Let’s just say, if I actually do lose my marbles and went out to sign my life away for that pair of cool denims, I will need to get a matching top…a cute number with a price tag of RM500 or so. I will need a pair of top-brand shoes …okie, just sign on the dotted line for another couple of thousand ringgit, perhaps. And a new branded handbag to hang on the arm or to sling on the shoulder…I eyed one the other day…just about RM8000 a piece, I think. And to complete the look a new pair of shades…Oh yes…I remember the lady at the optometrist’s showing me a fabulous pair the other day…she said…”It’s cool….it’s chic…and it’s only RM2.500..” or was it RM3,500 she said? Sorry, I was not paying attention because I was busy holding up my jaw.

Sei lar….flicking the plastic and sign and sign and sign summore. Like this, I would have died a few deaths. Lucky thing, I have good nyonya genes…good ‘kedekut’ genes…original mia from Penang and have been trained since young to be careful with money and that have helped to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Thrift is the operative word in nyonya households. And I am not brand-conscious… it can be a RM5 a piece T-shirt or a RM50 pair of pants or a RM200-a-piece pencil skirt …most importantly, it has to be comfortable and that I look good in it. Like these very, very cheap T-shirts…’s so very, very comfy…gua sukaaaaa……

I bought 6 pieces of different colours!

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Being thrifty is a virtue. :)
  At 10:43 PM Blogger William said:
It was in The Star. I think it was Evisu jeans. Oh well, to orang kaya, MYR2600 is small change... the rich are getting richer...
  At 10:58 PM Blogger Chen said:
I'm not orang kaya, and I won't spend so much money for just a pair of jeans.. But if buying gadgets or camera, then different story loh :P

Money is not easy to earn leh. And we were not born with silver spoon in our mouths, hence we appreciate what we have and spend wisely :)
  At 12:16 AM Blogger angel said:
pengsan... RM2600 can buy a DSLR... can buy air tix to sydney... can buy a notebook...

and the jeans wasn't for her ownself summore. *pengsan*
me wont spend that kind of money on a pair of jeans too! if my daughter i will hv faint hehe..i agree, its not the price tag but the comfy of the clothing..but i hv never bought one design, 6 different colours! :) which is ur fav colour nyonyapenang?
  At 1:05 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
maybe she tink the jeans when pakai time will transform her bf bekam Brad Pitt..
  At 10:07 AM Blogger Winn said:
i wont spend that much to just buy a pair of jeans! summore, only bf wor? not even husband!!

kids nowadays dunno how to appreciate money. duno how to earn but oredi spend like millionaire
  At 10:57 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Walau!!...More then my salary for the jeans...:)
  At 11:31 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Aiyo... if I buy those expensive jeans, after that I sure kurus tak cukup makan!!
Hi Day-Dreamer,

How have you been keeping? So nice to see you here again.

Heard the oft repeated jokes about the 'Penang kedekuts'? Of how their 1 sen coin is bigger than the bullock-cart's wheel? hahahahah.....

You take care and have a nice day. :)
Hi Dr Chen,

We are not born with silver spoons in our mouths but we were lovingly 'suap makan' by our mommas...that makes the difference...we turn out to be well-adjusted people. :)

I know you are very into gadgets...I remember reading LB somewhere...that you were looking to buy your 26th camera a few months back. hahahhahaa....
Hi Angel,

Ya lar....fully agree...RM2600 can buy me many pieces of Air Asia tickets liao.....

If boyfriend buy for her, lidat pun boleh tahan dengar sikit ler.
Hi Winniethepooh,

At first I bought only 1's so comfy and after a couple of washes also it didn't go out of shape. Then I went to buy another 5 pieces. ^O^

Favourite colour is RED....:)
Hi Firehorse,

With expensive jeans then transform into Brad Pitt.
Err...with no jeans then become...become...errr...Brat Piss ar? hahhahaha....
Hi Winn,

To them just spouts from the ATM. I have seen a friend's teenage daughter carrying 'whatchamacalitbrand' handbag that costs the mom's 2 months salary...really pengasanssss, lidat.
Hi Nightwing,

I cannot afford and also I won't pay that much. There was once many, many moons ago, I paid a couple of hundreds for a pair of jeans and now, looking back, I am sure I was mad at that time. That pair of jeans, I think, is now lying somewhere deep in one of the cupboards.
Hi Pi Bani,

hahahaa....maybe a good idea to buy the jeans after all....and to buy one size smaller to motivate myself to eat less so that can fit into it. :)
Hi William,

Betul cakap's mere small change to orang kaya-kaya who, to start with, buy things without looking at price tags. :)
  At 2:32 PM Blogger may said:
wa also very kedekut, though I like how some of the branded stuff looks like. but still hor... too much to pay for something so ordinary!
I will spend that amount on a holiday instead.
To splurge on a pair of jeans or branded goods... sayang.
  At 3:46 PM Blogger famil said:
somemore buy for bf oo.. not for herself... and its bf only, not husband.

plus its not worth it to wear it in malaysia.

maybe, that guy just want to keep the jeans. after 10 years can sell to eBay or somtehing. collector's item. make more money. investment meh.

either way, the girl looses.

hey, i thought you're thrifty? sommore bought 6!!! That's extravagant oledi ooo :p
Hi May,

I also like to looks at branded stuffs but it is merely looking buying. :)
Hi Aiyah Nonya,

Same-same here.....gua rather spend on air tickets and mum-mums. :)
Hi Famil,

yeah...after 10 years when the jeans no longer fit, then can 'lelong' it off.

The 6 pieces that I bought? Oooh...semua cheap-cheap aje. :)
  At 9:38 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
If that one my daughter, I'd disown her. Rich also, no need to spend like that wat! I won't say I'm "kiam siap", just that I believe in being practical. Must look ok, comfortable and useful; like my RM15 imitation watches!!! If baju and seluar, I don't have a choice lah! Ugly also have to long as got my size! LOL!
  At 3:10 PM Anonymous giddy tiger said:
Sometimes it is the cheap items of clothing that get me the best compliments, believe it or not....
  At 5:23 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Pengsan aku! RM2600 I rather buy a good guitar lor
Hi Suituapui,

My daughter? Gua terus kasi cekik nia lar..hahhaha....
Fully agree with money also no need to spend lidis.
RM15 for one nice and functional watch...and won't attract robbers summore!
Baju and can get them tailored to suit your every whim and fancy.

And Happy Birthday to You!
Hi Giddy Tiger,

Money cannot buy style, ya?
Hi Kenny,

You sure RM2600 can get you a good piece? I thought your kind of guitars cost one arm and one leg. hahhahaa
  At 11:31 PM Blogger Marsha M said:
I wish I can be like you. I got credit card, I also damn hero-ine wan. that's why I stick to my debit card these days. no money, don't buy! the best thing i can do for my bank account
wah my daughter better not do that next time! hey love ur Ts..from where ah??
this girl..must either be a billionare's daughter....or .... pay MYR 2,600 for a pair of jeans....for bf.
  At 4:46 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
If Darrius receive such a pressie from his gf next time I better break them up.... if not later my Darrius kesian have to service all that debts!
  At 12:04 AM Blogger savante said:
Dang, I need a girlfriend like that.
  At 7:39 AM Blogger H.C. Tan said:
hahaha ur kedekut genes come from the fact that you are nyonyapenang...or a penangite to be more also nyonya from penang ar...and i share your exact sentiments, with the rest of 98% of other penangites. lol...
  At 3:05 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
U know my birthday? Ooo...I'm so honoured. Tenkiu, tenkiu!!!
  At 9:34 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
omg 2600 rm for a pair of jean it must be have diamaond all over I guess , like u no way will pay for that la .
may be I nut la if I go for it . kakkakk
how are u sory havn't been around to you for some time as u know very busy with wen and work ler xxxmiss u
Hi Marsha,

Just have to control myself unless I wanna think of making friends with 'along'.

Debit cards...haven't tried them but heard about their features. Good hor?
Hi Laundryamah, worries lar...Kylie will be well-trained by you.

Those cheap Ts...from those hypermarkets. :)
Hi Sweet Jasmine,

Guess for that comes from the tap. :)
Hi Angeleyes,

hahahaha....tell Darrius this type mia girlfriend is bad for health.
Hi Savante,

A girlfriend with bottomless...bottomless pockets....
Hi h.c. Tan,

How have you been? I miss you. :)

Penangites are well-known for how they view a 1-sen coin...more busarrr than a bullock-cart wheel ya? hahahahaa....
Hi Suituapui,

Do I get a slice of the birthday cake? :)
Hi Pearly,

I know...I know you have been very busy..what with year end holidays, Christmas round the corner as well as you tied up with being 'promoted' to be the big sista-in-law to Jon. Congrats to you too!

Ya, way pay so much for a pair of jeans. With RM2600 and I add a little bit more, I may just get a cheap ticket to visit you. ^O^
  At 11:19 AM Anonymous kat said:
Aitelyu, ppl here buy things as if there is no tomorrow!! Almost everyone carry designer bags! The funny thing I notice here is that the clothes are either very expensive (at the malls) or very cheap (at hypermarkets/emporiums). There are very few in-betweens like say Jusco or Parkson. So it is not easy to shop here. Whatodo.. marry baba, now half nyonya aredy!! :D
me too have nyonya genes...havent bought much much clothes for a long time.. when i like i buy many..took 7pcs tops last sun, then felt guilty put back 2pcs...hahaha i think will be cny clothes liao..kakka

first visit.. nice blog