Thursday, September 20, 2007


I was at the mall with no.2 just now to get some greeting cards and then decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants. The waiter brought the ala carte menu as well as the set dinner menu. Famished, both of us just picked from the set menu, aptly named ‘Buka Puasa Set’ which comes with iced-lemon tea, a small square of brownie for dessert and also with complimentary dried dates. The drinks came first and while waiting for the main dish, I asked the waiter if he could bring us the dates. He nodded but he came back shortly with the menu in his hand, pointed to some wordings on it and said, “Sorry, the dates are ONLY for those who buka puasa. So we are not giving you.”

I was like,‘Huh? Okie….” and had wanted to ask for the supervisor or something but then, what the heck, nevermind, I think I should feel sorry them. I dunno if you think this is the proper way to treat a customer.


I was with a friend at Guardian Pharmacy just now and when my friend paid for her purchase, she was given a miniature gift box...very cute and inside, were some dried dates. See, how people do business? Just purchase RM20 and above and you get a small gift, irrespective of whether you are breaking fast or not. It's a kind gesture and given in the spirit of the season.

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  At 12:59 AM Blogger angel said:
Wah liao... really *&^%$#@@!!!

Which restaurant is this? Resipi Rahsia?? Faster tell! :D
  At 1:42 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
Sigh sometimes these "by the book" type of people makes me wanna pull all my hair out (not that I have much to spare). I experienced the same thing when I was back home, I think the set say come with coffee so I say I dun drink coffee can I have tea instead, waiter say kenot, then I say dowan any drink can have water or not, he say can but still will bling kopi out because set come with kopi......pengsan!!!
  At 4:26 AM Anonymous kat said:
What's the equivalent of "penny wise pound foolish" for customer service, ah?? Geez.. just for a couple of dates that cost a few ringgit (prolly less), they forsake future business of the hundreds... tsk tsk..
  At 6:29 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, You should have walked out and never let your shadow fall within 50 feet of that place again. UL.
  At 9:22 AM Blogger H.C. Tan said:
yerrr...stupid supervisors like this. and you call this multiracial society, we should all get the same benefits wad

btw thanks for the compliments. haha. we penang peranakan blood also
  At 9:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The mamak next to Mobil in Taman Tun serves jelly sirap ros merah AND decent quality Iranian dates for buka puasa regardless of what you order for dinner - maybe it is time to head there sometimes?
  At 9:59 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Yep...agree with Uncle Lee. No more second time to the place or near the place..

Really do not know how to 'retain' customers.
  At 10:35 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
U should tell the fella, "What do u mean? I've been PUASA-ING for years!!! How do you think I manage to stay so slim, so shapy, so sexy...??" Wink! Wink! (Wolf whistles!!!)
  At 12:15 PM Blogger ehon said:
this is ridiculous!

if it's written on the menu, then it should be served unless stated otherwise. doesn't make sense!! pfft..
  At 1:22 PM Blogger JoMel said:
I would accept it if he apologises profusely for it.

This reminded me of one time when during the puasa month, my family went to a restaurant for dinner.

When our food was served, the table next to us asked the waiter (loud enough for us to hear), "We are breaking our fast. WHY AREN'T WE SERVED FIRST?"

We came before them and order before them mind you.

Tell me, what's the rationale in that? What to make out of it? How would you feel? How would you respond? *blood starting to boil just remembering that incident*
  At 2:07 PM Blogger sengkor said:
if i were you, i just walk out after they serve the food. if they ask, just say, 'sorry, i am not breaking any fast today..'
I think you should post the name of this restaurant here. And lets all of us boycott it.
Customer service - ZERO !!!!
  At 4:24 PM Blogger William said:
"What makes you think I'm not here to Buka Puasa??!"
  At 6:23 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Cheh! Mana punya restaurant ni? If it's buka puasa set then serve the whole set lah. Otherwise don't mention in the menu that it comes with complimentary dried dates. Just serve the dates during buka puasa time only. Habis cerita!
  At 7:30 PM Blogger savante said:
No dates for you!!? What kinda treatment is this? I would have thrown a fit!
  At 7:45 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
aiks, liddat oso can
  At 8:06 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Yes, Please post the name of the 'restaurant'...will post it on my blog too people can boycott it.
  At 8:35 PM Blogger Winn said:
wah how rude..

or cld we say they are too 'angmoh tit' ? too direct...

def not a business person!! thats why a waiter
huh? ok, like that no more 'dates' with this restaurant anymore too
Hi Angel,
Ya teruks wan.

The name ar? It's something 1930
Hi Firehorse,
Ya, I have similar experiences too. They were soooo 'kayu'...haiyah...sad lar lidat.
Hi Kat,
If I did not ask for the dates, then ok lar...they dun give. But when I enquired, aisehman...he came to tell me gua not entitled. Sei mou!
And to think that they give maybe 2 seeds only and how much is that? Go figure!
  At 11:20 PM Blogger Chen said:
walao.. so stewpig wan. No more second time visit liao to that place. Dun they know they will lost customers with their foolish act?
Hi Uncle Lee,
In fact I was at the same outlet with another friend last Friday evening and we also ordered the 'Buka Puasa Set' and we only realised that they did not give us the dates and the small piece of dessert, when we reached home. Nevermind, we thought...they must have forgotten.

This place serves quite decent food and when I went again yesterday, I remembered to ask for the dried dates and see,....that fella said cannot give wor.

Ya, Uncle Lee, they lost a customer.

Have a nice day.
Hi h.c.tan,
It was lost on them....the spirit of the season. Sad, huh?

And you are most welcomed re: my comments at your blog. Those are nice be kept and shown to your cucu and cicit.

Have a great day.
Hi aureliazantia,
Welcome! Welcome! So nice of you to hop by and share your views. I must go check out that mamak stall you mentioned and I am always game to try out places recommended. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, how do I go visit your blog? Can direct me there, please?

Feel free to pop again anytime, ya? Would love to hear from you.

Have a great day.
Hi Nightwing,
Come to think of it, they spend so much money advertising and just because of something small like a few pieces of dried dates, they get bad press. **sighsss...**

You have a great weekend!
Hi Suituapui,
Hey....who are you whistling at? Me ar?...Me ar?....Kamsiah...kamsiah....

Wah...gua happies and kembang need to eat for 3 days.
Hi Ehon,
That's why I went, "Huh?" I cannot believe they can actually tell a customer like this....all for 2 pieces of dates. **sighsss....**
Hi Jomel,
If I was told that they have run out of dates and apologise, at least, I would understand. But to tell me that they are not giving because I tak buka puasa? Aisehman!

And re: your unhappy experiences, I am saddened too. Why lar? I'll never understand.

You have a great weekend, Jomel.
Hi Sengkor,
hahahah...never thought of that. Guess, I was too hungry and when the food was served...hentam saja lar.
Hi Aiyah Nonya,
1930? :D
Hi William,
It was at the tip of my tongue but then...haiyahhhh....I thought, "No point teaching people with small minds."
Hi Pi Bani,
The spirit of the season is lost on them. Sad case, this one.

I have been to so many mamak shops and the minute you sit down, they will distribute the dates...just 2 pieces and sometimes I do ask for another extra problems at all. They are just too happy to serve.

And to think that the outlet I went to, it is in a big mall and they cannot do better than the simple mamak shops.
Hi Savante,
Actually, if I was alone then, I would have thrown a fit too. hehehee...
That no. 2......he held me back.
Hi Jazzmint,
They still have along...long way to go as far as customer service is concerned and to think that they charged 10% Service Tax!
Hi Winn,
No lar...they home-grown one...not angmoh...they 'orr moh'. hahahaha...

Cannot blame the waiter...he must have got the instructions from his superior and what a 'superior' that one! **shakes head**
Hi Winniethepooh,
That place actually serve quite decent food and its not exactly at street prices - the 2 simple set meals cost me about RM38, including 5% + 10% taxes!

Ya more 'dates' liao.

Have a great weekend, Winniethepooh.
Hi Dr Chen,
So sad they dunno how to look after their customers.

Talking about that, I am reminded that I owe one hawker selling rojak buah...ya...I owe him RM3. This was because I gave him RM10 note and he had no loose change, so he told me to take and eat first; pay another day when I happen to go around that area.
Ah...this one lar...get my thumbs-up. Made me a happy customer.
  At 4:59 AM Blogger J.T. said:
That's just bad customer service. Why advertise something that comes in a set and then racial profile customers? We already have the government doing that, we do not need restaurants giving the same treatment.

I can relate to Firehorse's frustration regarding this "by the book" people. In Firehorse's case, it would not have killed them to exchange coffee for tea... not unless they have tasked some poor old sod to take inventory of every tea bag, coffee bag and litres of water used per day. ;)

Which restaurant is this ... again? And where? I'm not very bright at figuring out that "1930" answer. hehehe
  At 6:44 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
like this also boleh ka ?

gosh I will ask to see the boss and ask why the menu didn't write only for pusan people?is that mean chinese is not people ka , no pusan can't have date ka .really **&&%%@@ lor

if there say yes la you should walk out the restrant and say to them I got lot of money .now i don't want to eat in your place I am now go someway there have a better server and here is you payment of the driken and just walk out hahahah that will teacher them a lesson .
  At 9:53 AM Anonymous Dawn said:
I wonder who's racists here? I will never step foot into that restaurant again.
Hi j.t.
I guess it was a bad call on their part and now I actually wonder how he knew that I was not going to buka puasa.

Oh, the place is named 1920, in Petaling Jaya.
Hi Pearly,
Oh ya, they need to work on their customer relations and to think that all this started from their not giving the 2 pieces of dried dates.
Maybe must go back to business school lar. :)

Have a great weekend, Pearly.
Hi Dawn,
Can say that it was their bad judgement - they believed they saved some $$$ by not giving out the 2 or 3 pieces of dates unnecessarily.

Seriously, I believe they could have scored better IF they bother to explain and share with people of different cultures and religion a little bit more about theirs...about the significance of the holy month of Ramadan and of how and why dates are offered at breaking of fast.

I was peeved not because I felt they shortchanged me for the meal but by the way I was brushed off.

Fall has finally arrived for you. Have a great weekend.
  At 6:23 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
So lame. This restaurant clearly doesn't know how to do business.

Their loss.
  At 8:05 PM Anonymous seefei said:
no buka puasa no date? is this date sama2 with those that come with long hair and nice perfume whom only unmarried man can indulge in .... muahahaha cabut!!
Name the restaurant ! No need to help anyone maintain their good name ! I ask that you name the restaurant so that we don't patronise this outlet again for buka puasa !
  At 10:58 AM Anonymous JL said:
same reaction with more ?????

huh!?????..... -_-'
waaaa...cutting cost in the restaurant too? Did they ask you to produce your IC, if not, how they know you did not puasa?

  At 4:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
i will pay that restaurant a visit just before buka puasa time and then create a scene when they do not serve me the dates....time to write to kpdnhep to complain about this restaurant.
yerrrr we all together gether boycott that restaurant woi!
That's downright rude of them. What, they have limited dates or what?
Hi Jonzz,
I also don't understand them.....aiyahh....2 pieces of dates????
**shakes head**
Hi Seefei,
Have a great 'date' with your lovely wife. :)
Hi Moz Monster,
Hi jl,
Totally tak faham, kan? :)
Hi Nyonya Pearl,
Welcome.....lemme serve you kopi-oh kaw. lar...they did not ask for the I.C. If they did that, aitelyu, all hell will break loose liao.
And by not sharing the dates and they thought that's the most brilliant way to cut costs, then I am truly sorry for them.

I am honoured by your visit. Please feel free to pop by again anytime.

Have a nice day, Nyonya Pearl.
Hi Jackie,
How have you been? Am glad you to see you here again.

Sometimes, they forget the simple rule - a happy customer is worth more than pages of advertisements.
Hi Laundryamah,
Kena boycott...all because of a few pieces of dates. ** sighsss...**
Hi Giddy Tiger,
Ya,....that was why I went "Huh?".
I just could not believe my ears....too stumped for words.
  At 1:54 PM Blogger just me said:
Yesterday, after paying for my purchase ( came to total of RM199) Guardian gave me a health magazine.