Friday, August 17, 2007

Chill Out

What am I doing now? I am chilling out listening to some golden oldies…..songs that my boys find not their cup of tea. Nobody is at home and I have the pc all to myself and I let the media player entertain me with beautiful music and songs… some of my favourites:-

I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Ace Cannon (On Sax)

Harbour Lights - The Platters

If I Give My Heart To You - Doris Day

Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline

Careless Hands - Dottie West

It Was Almost Like A Song - Johnnie Mathis

Green Green Grass of Home - Elvis Presley

Return To Me - Marty Robbins

Let Me Call You Sweetheart - Slim Whitman

Take These Chains From My Heart - Ray Charles

They soothe and calm my nerves, much frayed by quite a crazy work week. Thank God, it’s Friday. I need some time-out now…I don’t want to think of anything….I just wanna lie down and let the beautiful music bring comfort to my body, mind and soul.

Have a most pleasant weekend, friends. Miss you all lots.

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Wow, nice skin.

I love those oldies too and like your boys they can't tahan them too.

Have a nice weekend
  At 1:45 AM Blogger angel said:
Uik... tarak Shalalalala ah? Or Buttons? Kakaka... happy weekend!
  At 2:26 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonypenang, I love Ace Cannon. He's known as the king of sax (not sex!). listen to his, "I left my heart in San Francisco", realy beautiful how he makes the sax sings.
And Dottie West, love her songs, strictly country Western and her "careless hands" is just beautiful. Another singer who sings this song is Des O'Connor.
Patsy Cline, Slim Whitman..I have all their cassettes and CD's too.
Glad you love this oldies. Don't ask me about any songs after the 80's, I not be knowing. Strictly oldies myself. After all I am an oldie, ha ha.
Happy listening, and a peaceful weekend to you, Nyonya. UL.
  At 2:49 AM Blogger ah nel said:
no tink of whre go lim teh,watch wat movie or BKT???

  At 5:09 AM Blogger ehon said:
wahhh.. i duno any of the songs gei.. :P

have a wonderful weekend! ;)
Hi Aiyah Nyonya,

Many of these oldies are very much older than me...'OLD IS GOLD'

You have a great weekend.
Hi Angel,
The brain all mish-mash liao...kenot chalalalalala....

Happy and Relaxing weekend!
Hi Uncle Lee,
Ace Cannon...he plays enchanting sax....ya, that song 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco' I can listen to it over and over again. He also play 'Harbour Lights' exquisitely. Listening to his sax always makes me all dreamy-eyed.

Wow....Uncle must have an extensive collection of oldies. Gua suka...
Over here, it is difficult to find them now....many of the shops I went in to enquire...the sales assistant more often than not would go, "Huh????"

I enjoy all the golden oldies. I play them and its like a balm to soothe a tired mind and soul.

Have a relaxing weekend, Uncle Lee.
Hi ah nel,
too tired and worn out to think.....
Hi ehon,
hahahaahha......most of the songs are 2 generations older than you.

You have a most relaxing weekend.
  At 7:29 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
love those old folk song me and my father in law will sit down and enjoy those old old song and even my derek can't tahan me la so oldies hahhah.
so clam so lovely .
you just chil and relex my lovely have a lovely weekend
  At 10:18 PM Blogger FireHorse said:
Love your new skin, I love those oldies too, i tink i'll do the same thing, relax and listen to music :)
  At 10:21 PM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

Lovely songs! I can imagine those songs playing in my background now. Harbour Lights is one of my all-time favourites. I have the Platters collection - they come in three CDs. Never get tired of them. Other favourites are Twilight Time and One in A Million.

Patsy Cline - oh my... another good singer. Three Cigarettes in An Ashtray is a good one from her.

Johnny Mathis. My favourite from him is Misty. A good dance song. :)

Oh! ... Slim Whitman's song, Let Me Call You Sweetheart was one of my dad's favourites. I learned to play that on the piano. I can swoon listening to that song.

(I sound so excited, huh?) Lovely, lovely collection you have. I like to listen to my collection when the other half is not at home. He prefers his 70s music.

You keep well and have a good weekend.
listening to music is always one of my fav way of chilling out :)

you have a relaxing, peaceful, quiet weekend rest nyonyapenang!
  At 1:38 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
oh my hubby loves that 1st song
Hi Pearly,
I am glad you enjoy golden oldies too. Next time, I hope to join you and your father-in-law to enjoy all these lovely songs.
Then can ask Derek to join Steph, Brandon and Oliver for more new age songs. hahahha...

You have a pleasant summer day.
Hi Firehorse,
You are home already? Great!
Some relaxing music would do you good after all the running around you done here.

Thanks for the kind compliments. Am glad you like my new 'sarong' with the red, red rose.

Have a pleasant weekend.
Hi j.t.
Ah.....I have another friend here who appreciates golden oldies.

I just started collecting all these lovely songs not too long ago. Many thanks to a dear friend who is kind enough to share them with me.

Platters...I love their songs...yes, like you, I can play them over and over again.
Another 3 of my favourites
'Walk Thru This World' - Patsy Cline

'I Can't Forget You' - Anita Bryant

'Room Full of Roses' - Jim Reeves

And yes, 'Misty' - Johnny Mathis...I have this too.

Oh yes, I enjoy my collection very much. Many of the songs, I cannot get the CDs at the stores now.

You have a relaxing weekend, j.t.
Hi Winniethepooh,
Music and songs speak a universal language. We may not understand the lyrics but we enjoy it just the same.

Me and my collection of lovely songs - a perfect way to chill out.

You have a relaxing weekend too. :)
Hi Jazzmint,
'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'...its really a beautiful song. Your hubby loves sentimental and romantic songs too. :)

Have a pleasant weekend, jazzmint.
  At 12:22 AM Blogger sengkor said:
all the songs i nochet hear before wan....?
  At 9:30 PM Blogger Jackson said:
wow...impressed! I love to listen to classical music when im stress...this is a way to release stress!!
  At 12:10 AM Blogger Sasha said:
wuah baju baru...niCe!
  At 1:35 AM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Come-come, we go minum "tong sui"!! kekeke
Hi Sengkor,
The songs listed here are like, 2 generations older than you. :)
Hi Jackson,

Ya, I also cannot de-stress with techno music. ^O^

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to do so anytime.

You have a wonderful and yummylicious day.
Hi Sasha,
Thank you...thank you...gua pun suka this new sarong. :)
Hi Aceone,
  At 3:19 PM Anonymous JL said:
Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King

sekrang baru complete lu mia list. You too have good week! :)
Hi jl,
You got that song? Can send to me, please?
Thanks alot.
  At 7:44 PM Blogger u-jean said:
i like "are you lonesome tonight" by elvis i think
  At 11:52 PM Blogger ilene said:
You sure know how to relax man! That's the way to go!