Thursday, August 09, 2007


Past few days, I have only one pc working at home…the other unit decided to play some tricks every few minutes or so and this leaves 3 of us fighting over one unit. And this partly explains my lack of updates and non-bloghopping.

Last night, my no. 2 decided to knock off to bed early and graciously allowed me the use of his pc in his room. Yippies…..Late at night, and I turned on some relaxing golden oldie songs and then sat myself comfortably next to the computer to reply some emails and read some blogs.

A few feet away, that boy was tossing and turning on his bed…one minute he pulled the blanket over his head and the next minute, he pulled down the blanket and then covered his head with his bolster. He was so restless on the bed and then he stood up and reached for the volume control on the media player and turned it to ‘0’.

Me : Hey, what you doing?

He : Cannot sleep lar.

Me : Don’t bluff. You can sleep like a log with loud, head-banging music.

He: Ya lar…I can sleep with MY kind of music.

He : The songs you are playing now? **roll eyes** aisehman…so ‘slow-moe’ and so last century mia songs. **ting-tiang…ting-tiang..pee-pee…poorr-pooorr** your guitars and the trumpets and the singers…adoooi….how to sleep lidat?

Me : Funny fella you. My kind of music is soooo soothing and calming.

He : Okie, can you use the headphone, puleezzzz…?

Me : Cannot! Music coming to me through headphones are ALL HEAD-BANGING. Just like bashing my brains to a pulp….makes me all nauseous. I’ll go crazy lidat.

He lifted his sleepy head from the pillow, stretched to reach for the volume-control button and cranked it up to no. 1, pulled the blanket over his head and stuck out his hand like this, and said,

"shhhh....Pulezz don't bang so hard on the keyboard. Good Night!"


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  At 7:07 PM Blogger angel said:
Should get him an iPod liao heh heh...

Aiyah, last wkend got PC Fair... you cao pou liao... could hv gotten a new pc ma...
  At 7:13 PM Blogger Chen said:
time to get a new laptop liao? :D
  At 7:26 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonyapenang, guess the younger generation have different tastes in music. One of my friend's son told me, "eeee, uncle, you listening to singers all died long ago", ha ha.
Anyway, when your son put up his 'peace' two fingers, he is indicating to you, 'my mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tunes'.
You be cool, Nyonya. UL.
  At 10:59 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Ur son is funny!!! Peace with mummy!!! Tell him : Son if U wan me not to disturb ur beauty sleep pls get me a new lappie or fix tat pc!!!
dat's what i call generation gap lor..
Luckily he didn't stick out his middle finger.
my computer used to be in my room mummy and daddy will always ocme in to play game. but they will be very considerate too..they try to off the light so that it wont distrub my sleep (although i tell them its ok lah, later spoil their eyes) and they will always off the volumn (so no sound from the game)

i guess, no matter what..its give and u say, they are nice to let u use the comp in the room, the nice thing u can return in favor? use the head phone lor..put just one side and the other side, the music can flow out :P

ur no. 2..very guai 'peace loving' heheh ;)
  At 2:53 AM Blogger ah nel said:
next time just move the pc to ur room... ;)
  At 6:31 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
haha...yah i notice nowadays their music is vy geared towards head banging style..
Hi Nyonyapenang,

Music? I watch MTV with my young boys. That's how I connect with them. Now I'm hooked on rap music...ha ha. Lemme tell ya, it grows on me. I like Justin Timeberlake, Rhianna, Beyonce...ha ha.

Anyway so nice of you to hop over my blog. So sorry I took a cruise liner to reach here, my cessna jet tengah repair..he he. Still working at getting back to the blogging fold. Take care.
Oh btw, 50 cents and Puff Daddy (all rappers) too..he he.
  At 11:05 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Aiyo... all the head-banging music can really make me bang my head onto the wall lah! Their kind of music is just like loud noise to me...
  At 11:57 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Heh, people are so interesting! Some like it loud, some like it soft. It doesn't just apply to sleep, some people study with heavy music blasting away. I wonder if they can hear themselves think.
hi angel,
wait lar....he never ask...gua buat tak tau nia lar. hehehe...

new pc..this one also wait lar....until the old one totally condemn, then only beli baru.
hi dr chen,
always got something else on the priority list. :)
Hi Uncle Lee,
hahahaha....your friend's son so cute lar, saying you listening to singers all gone to heaven already. But those songs are to me, evergreen and I enjoy the soothing tunes and meaningful lyrics and at least, I can pick up what the song is all about. The current wave? Oh dear, malu to tell you, quite often, I just cannot figure out what the singers are singing about but I do enjoy the thumping beat of the music, though....but please, not in the quiet calm of the night.

You said it so beautifully, Uncle Lee - 'my mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tunes'.
It warms the cockles of my heart.
Thank you so made my day.

Have a pleasant day, Uncle Lee.
hi wennnn,
ya lar...he is one farny and notti fella. always make me laugh with his witty remarks too. :)

and he blames me for rosak-king the pc...saying i simply press-press all the buttons.
hi laundryamah,
i am trying to close the gap. :)
hi cocka,
not tolerated.
hi winniethepooh,
wah...Your parents play games on the pc and they are very considerate to play 'silent' games. hehehe....
Me? No lar...I blog only.

Ya, very you said, there must be give and take. If the boys are at home, they'll be hugging the pc and when they are finished with it, then only I get to use and by then,most times, it would be way past midnite. My eyes also cannot open already.
But of course when I got urgent things to do re: my work, they will give way to me. Ya, they are 'guai' in this sense. Thanks for your kind words, winnie.

You have a great day.
hi ah nel, time...
hi jazzmint,
head banging? to them, it all sounds perfectly sane wor!
Hi Ruby,
**rolls out red carpet...**
A very warm welcome!

Wah....You must be having loads of fun on your cruise liner visiting the many ports of call and found time to drop anchor here. I am honoured and I am thrilled to bits, Ruby.

I read from your profile you listen to a wide genre of music and you certainly is one 'funky' momma - would love to see you rap to 50 cents and Puff Daddy. hahahah...
Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Beyonce, Black Eye Peas, Pussy Cat Dolls, BOA,etc...I have heard on my sons' playlist and I have gotten them to download some tunes to my handphone Ne-Yo, O-Town, Kylie Minogue, Pink....

Thank you so much for the comments. Do drop by anytime, ya...would love to have you around.

You have a great rappin' day. :)
Hi Pi Bani,
In the day time...I am quite OK with some banging noise, but late at night when I am ready to roll in...some soothing and relaxing tunes to calm the nerves would be nice. :)
hi jonzz,
ya lar...fully agree with you on whether they can hear themselves think. same goes with those who drive around with music so LOUD, that you can hear it from the outside.
  At 2:48 PM Blogger savante said:
Exactly what kinda music are you listening to?!
  At 12:39 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
I have say be4 you NO 2 is just like my steph , when my hubby play song she always say , terrible dad this is for old ppl , me and derek is like looking each other wow our daughter say we are old ppl now , holy sugar ,

one thing in our home we don't have the pc problem becos we all have 2 each when mine broken down derek got to fix it fast fast if not I will broken his one hahaha.

have a lovely weekend xxxxx
Nothing and I mean nothing beats the oldies... newer music is just too noisy... really i agree...
  At 9:21 AM Blogger may said:
head-banging music... we gotta go through that once in our lifetime! ;-)

peace to you too!
  At 11:52 AM Blogger William said:
Time to get your kid some ear plugs. :P
Hi Savante,
err... a little bit of everything. :)
Hi Pearly,
haiyahh.....these kids, they just don't know how to appreciate the golden oldies. them, we are so-so behind time lar.

Good for you, Derek is a computer expert and can always count on him to get things up and working fast enough. He also scared of you lar....just in case, you simply hentam and bang his computer. hahahah...

You have a good weekend, Pearly.
Hi Monk[+}icon,
I guess we go through some noisy music and then we appreciate the more 'milder' ones.

For me, I need soothing music to help calm my nerves after a stressful day.
Hi May,
A little bit of everything and at an appropriate time. :)

PEACE to May-May.
Hi William,
NOooooo.... :)
  At 7:29 PM Blogger a^ben said:
ah benben want ipod also liaw hahahaha :D

i cannot sleep with any sound leh` or else will be very frustrated`
  At 7:34 PM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

I found some time to blog hop. Your son is so cute. He complains but I bet he did not mind. He probably liked it that mummy was in the room while went to sleep.

I'm the same way... late at night, I prefer soothing music. My choice ranges from classical to oldies. If I have to listen to something more 'modern', then the 80s, it is. haha

Have a good weekend. :)
Hi a^ben,
go get yourself the latest model.....and then write a review. :)
Hi j.t.,
Oh, he does not mind at all as long as I play the oldies as softly as possible. :)

Late at night, when I am ready to wind will be easy-listening sentimental music.
In the car, when travelling long distances, then it will be the more lively tunes to keep me awake. hahaha..

Thanks for taking the time to pop by. No worries, j.t., just drop by when you are able to.

Have a great weekend. :)
  At 4:30 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
WOW new face ... Love it xxxx
wah wah skin! lovin it!
wow..deep red rose meaning passionate love :) very romantic nyonyapenang..hmm..not sure if its becoz i've gotten used to the darker background colour that u used to hv, need to wear my sunglasses for now hehehe
  At 12:23 PM Blogger eve said:
eh eh...rumah baru...lawa ler..
patut ler jarang blog hopping..itu sebenarnyer cita...Ya wor..get a laptop nid to tumpang..
Hi Pearly,
Thank you...thank you. :)
Hi Laundryamah,
Hi Winniethepooh,
I love the red rose...ya....sooooo spells L-O-V-E. :)

Re: the text, I find it kinda pale too. Will try to see what I can do to make it darker, so you and I also don't have to wear sunglasses. Sorry. :P
Hi Eve,
No 'coat of paint' only. :)
I like it very much.
  At 10:22 AM Anonymous marsha said:
i like your son!!! eventhough he complains but accomodate also mah. :-)