Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Bak Chang Festival

Hi Friends,

Yours truly will be away for a couple of days.

And here, I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY BAK CHANG FESTIVAL, which falls on tomorrow June 19 2007.

Have a great week ahead. Cheerssss........
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  At 10:08 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, and the same to you. Have a nice break. Keep well, UL.
  At 10:42 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Tomorrow kah??? These days we can eat bak chang anytime any day...unlike in the past - just once a year. Why yours shape not the same one?? Don't look like Madonna's bustier??? Tot nyonya one triangular shape, inti fried with ketumbar???
Wei, pi mana? Go kai-kai issit.
  At 12:04 PM Blogger famil said:
same to you. =)

but dont buy from vendor (the bak changs) I heard they put lot of boric acid, so that the sticky rice wont stick to the palm leaves.
  At 1:13 PM Blogger eve said:
Happy Bak Chang festival to u too..Balik kampung ke?..
These days bakchangs, unlike madonna's bras, are less pointy.
Nyonya:....Happy Bak Chang Festival!...the kueh is supposed to be tiga segikan? if, I'm not our kueh koci... :-)
  At 1:31 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Happy Bak CHang to U Nyonya... May I hv two pls????
  At 1:44 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Wah, your chang looks so nice.

Are they home made stuff?
  At 3:49 PM Blogger may said:
that's so cute, your bak chang like cube wan! I've only ever had the triangle/pyramid types. or the flat pillows. I feel like makan-ing one, can share-share?


Happy Bak Chang Festival!
  At 3:53 PM Blogger Winn said:
i wan i wan. i mean i wanna see wats inside. y u din take pic after u peeel the skin one.......see inside nice or not ma
  At 4:36 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
I know where you going ledi! wakakaka
  At 5:09 PM Blogger just me said:
I enjoy eating bak chang; miss those my mum makes.

Happy going away!
  At 6:30 PM Blogger ah nel said:
y ur bak chang seem lyk ketupat wan?in my hometown no square bak chang worr!

hepi hepi bak chang...

*when u come back on xxxx bling 1 for me ya*

  At 7:49 PM Blogger William said:
Wah, I eat a lot of bak chang already... normally after eat glutinous rice very "zhai" one, but I noticed if I drink coffee, it will digest quickly!
  At 8:14 PM Blogger Will said:
enjoy your trip khai ma... ;)
Happy Dumpling Festival to you too.

Hey ! Nonya suppose to make triangle ones. How come you have the cantonese 'pillow' type ? :)
  At 12:56 AM Blogger Chen said:
Happy Bak Chang Festival, Nyonya
Nice meeting u
and thanks for the gigantic bak chang

Cannot wait to see what is inside the gigantic bak chang liao..
  At 1:20 AM Blogger angel said:
Instead of bagai pungguk rindukan bulan, it'll be bagai angel rindukan bakchang! :D

Happy horniday!
Happy Bak Chang Festival Nyonya ... do you make your own Bak Changs ?

I wish I was home for this ... but what to do ... working .....

*misses mum's Bak Chang*
  At 3:39 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Waaaa... I want Bak Chang!!!

And now the same question almost everyone has been asking - why your Bak Chang square like bridal ring pillow? hahaha
Looks different but I suppose, taste is the same. That is most important. :D
  At 5:22 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear nyonya:

have a lovely break and enjoy the bak chang lot lot , I do love it make my mouth water now wish I were there to enjoy , it look so gud and yumm yummy,I havn't had this for many years don't even remeber when is the last tiem I had . thank for post up to let me miss and think of the old dam .
happy holiday.xxxxxxxwill miss you
Happy Bak Chang Festival to you Nyonya.

p/s: Chinese got so many festival aaaa...:-) (whats the story behind this festival???....boleh celita sikit???)
  At 1:00 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Enjoy your Bak Chang! I had mine in MELAKA on Saturday already! Nyonya Bak Chang summore. Sedapss..
How come the bak chang shape like that geh?? :D
  At 6:54 PM Blogger Helen said:
Enjoy yourself! :-)
  At 12:24 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
I missed again for 5 years... so sad la, can't eat bak chang on this day.
  At 3:52 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahh....pillow bakchang!!!
  At 9:42 AM Blogger Sam said:
Happy Bak Chang Festival back to you too! :D

(Now off to go find some chang for myself :P)
Happy dumpling festival nyonyapenang! hv an enjoyable break.

wow, you made those bak changs urself? nyonya bak chang my favourite..missing bak chang now...
oh yeah. Nyonya jie. I pinjam your photo for my chinese blog, can hor?
chang got alot of varieties and design shape
the famous wan is prism shape segi3.......

this are famous too
  At 6:59 PM Blogger savante said:
OMG. It was yesterday?!
  At 8:20 PM Blogger sengkor said:
holiday again? oklah, dun forget souvenir..

happy belated bachang day.
  At 9:49 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I want to eat bak chang!!!
penang again?? yerrr... i want to go too..
  At 11:45 PM Blogger Alice said:

Just wanna say Thank You for the yummylicious chang!
Hi Uncle Lee,
So sorry for this terribly late reply. I sure did have a good break from work and am now busy clearing up the piled-up workload.

You have a pleasant weekend, Uncle Lee.
hi suituapui,
my apologies too for replying late.
well, the bak chang shown in the pics are some gigantic ones...each weighing slightly more than 1kg!

and ya, the nyonya chang is the one with the into of minced meat, chopped candied melon and mixed with ketumbar. this one, remain my all-time favourite.
hi hijackqueen,
ya, gua pigi jalan-jalan cari makan.

hi famil,
i do buy from the vendor once in a while...the most is only satu biji once every few months. unfortunately gua ini, nyonya moden...tak tahu ikat the bak chang. :)

hi eve,
ya, gua balik kampung. :)

las montanas, sure got a funny take on that. bak changs come in many different variations.

hi auntieyan,
bak changs are mostly come in triangular/prism shapes but there are many variations too....some is longish and in the shape similar to lepat pisang but bigger in size.

re: the cerita, maybe i can direct you to 'hijackqueen's' blog...she has some write-ups there.

hi wennnn,
the bak chang shown in the post....satu biji is about 1.25kg. you sure you wanna order 2 pieces?

hi jonzz,
sorry lar, gua ini dunno how to tie bak chang. tried to learn once many years ago, but after struggling with it for 1 hour....I just gave up. hahhaha...

hi may,
we can go for bak chang party when you're back here. :)

hi winn,
i think you can see the 'undressed' bak chang at lokter chen's blog. :)

hi aceone, ada spy ke??

just me,
did you manage to pick up tips from your momma how to make yummylicious bak changs?

hi ah nel,
sure, i'll keep one for you next year. those 5 biji....gua hantar outstation liao.

hi william,
how many can you sapu in one go, huh? adoi...pulut memang very 'zhai' one lar.
oh, drink kopi can help in the digestion. thanks for the tip.

hi will,
thank you.

hi aiyah nyonya,
it's actually a giant triangle/prism-shaped with a square base. it's huge...1.25kg each piece.

hi dr chen,
i enjoyed the time spent with you. it was so much much food and so much yak-yak. :)
hi angel,
sooo poetic geh? hahahha.....
ya lar...gua pun rinduuuuuu....and rinduuuu.....many, many things.
hi moz monster,
sorry lar, gua tak pandai make bak chang. just cannot get tied right. :)

hi j.t.,
you like bak chang too?
now we can get bak chang whole year through. the bak chang i showed here is some unusual's kinda big weighing in at 1.25kg!

hi pearly,
you miss eating bak chang. nevermind, i'll buy for you, derek and the kids yummylicious bak changs, when you come back to malaysia next.

hi bernard,
i love nyonya pua kiam tnee changs (savoury & sweet types).
i had a couple of those when i was back in penang. soooo absolutely sedapssss...

err...errr....this one gigantic bak chang. :D

hi helen,
anything not doing with work...mesti enjoyssss mia. hehehe
thanks so much. :)

hi kenny,
you are so busy with work. must remember to smell roses and bak changs too. :)

hi jazzmint,
ohhh......maybe can add the word 'giant' to it. it's BIG

hi sam,
you like changs too? have you tried those small yellow alkali-water chang which you eat dipped in gula melaka sauce? it's lip-smacking good.
does your kor-kor like bak changs too?

errmm...unfortunatly no.
i just cannot get to tie the chang properly. gave up after a few tries.
yes, nyonya chang is my favorite too. the normal bak chang is too rich for my liking.

hi pisanggoreng,
you are right...changs come in many, many shapes, types and sizes.
the ones in the pics...they are BIG!

hi savante, mean LULU did not bring some bak changs for you? :)

hi sengkor,
when i see you next lor. :)

hi zeroimpact,
come...come...jemput makan. :)

must go for my regular makan-makan fix. miss the food lar. :)
get aceone to organize a trip lar. :)

hi angeleyes,
you are most welcome :)
  At 8:42 AM Blogger ah nel said:
bo sim year pulak! :P
  At 5:12 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
Nyonya my darling :
You back , welcome home * happy Sight * ya lor, I will look forward to meet up with you when I go back to KL , I am sure if I let aunty penny know she will call you up , can't wait la , I miss home very much especail my babe sis Jan going to have A BB soon .
my kids and derek is is not really like it only the little pang sun son of mine call brandon , he love anything he is more like me and wen we eat anything .

have a lovely sunday xxxxxx
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