Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Lidat

After the ear-smoking episode at the big ‘kongsi’, I came home to expect to spend the next 24 hours without internet connection. Can you imagine 24 whole freaking hours wor??? How lar lidat?

I was in for a surprise. The internet connection worked just fine and I actually got to put up an entry in my blog. I guessed then that those fellas at the big ‘kongsi’ understood me after all – that wrong billings has got nothing doing with a 24-hour disruption of services. Way to go man!

I was in for a bigger surprise the next day. I came home after work and switched on the computer and I clicked and clicked and clicked so many times but it came up as ‘server cannot be found’. I thought my computer rosak or dunno which of the many wires I may have kicked loose or what, when my no. 2 came home from class. I did what I know best…. I yelled for help.

No. 2 : No internet connection lar. DSL light is blinking.

Me : Oooohhh…Lidat ar?

I called up the technical support department but I thought that gentleman spoke Swahili or something. I could not fathom what that affable chap was trying to say, so I passed the phone over to no. 2 and after a couple of minutes of “umm…arrrmm…yaaa…ummm..” , he finished the call. I quickly asked him what did that technical support fella tell him. With a serious look on his face, no. 2 said, “He told me my mother is a woman.” KAKAKAKAKAK…..both of us burst out laughing.

No. 2 then got down to check for any loose wires and then re-start the computer but still ‘tak jalan’. Sienzzzz lar lidat. I then made another call to the technical support centre and this time I indulged him with my ‘ear-smoking’ story of messed up billings and how I was told that to correct the mess, I will not have connection for 24 hours, commencing Tuesday evening.

Me : It’s Wednesday evening now lar. What has this to do with messed up billings huh?

Tech Support : Your line active and OK. Nothing doing with the billings.

Me : The DSL light is still blinking wor. Tolonnnnng …lar. Don't tell me to cabut ini and cucuk sana lagi ler.

Tech Support : OK, I submit your report to Technical Level 2 and they will ‘re-format’*.
(* Cannot remember the exact word he used.)

Me : How soon?

Tech Support : Tomorrow.

True enough, I got the connection back yesterday morning. Happpies….. And in the evening, I got a call from the customer relations unit to enquire if everything is OK.

CRU : Hi Ms Tan, I am calling to see if everything is OK with your connection now.

Me : Oh yes. All running smooth already. Thank you.

CRU : If there is anything else, please feel free to call us anytime. Thank you and have a nice day.

Wah…….I’m impressed. You see, I can be easily placated. IT’S LIDAT, lar.

p.s. I almost forgot.... I am still waiting to hear from them regarding the error in the billing dates.
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  At 7:48 PM Blogger angel said:
My experiences with the Internet customer service is quite alright so far altho' I've heard 'horror' stories before... *touchwood*

No Internet? Get a lappie and go to Starbux ler... so near your house nia... ;)

Happy Weekend!
  At 7:57 PM Anonymous mott said:
mua hahahahah..first it's lidis..then it's lidat!

sometimes it's not the internet co..but the bigger blue co's problem. After all, the phone line is theirs!

Once I had that freakin' DSL blinkin' even tho they resetted it la, etc etc etc...but still blinkin the next day (and for several days after). Turned out..there was a line problem. The big blue co came by and replaced the line..and from that day on... I have NO problems whatsoever...

;-)aizz..sorry so longwinded!
  At 8:16 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, ahhh, glad to read this time you satisfied with the kongsi service. There are good, well run companies.
But you know, the companies that are run on 'meetings', one week 8 times, thats the company where you get the most problems.
One meeting a month is one too many, but 8 meetings, then you know the company has a scaredy boss or a boss who is indecisive or wants to look important.
The company where the boss has rolled up sleeves, seen with an open door office, loose tie, knows at least 75 names among his 150 staff, first to arrive, last to leave, doesn't have a big, gold embossed plate on his table displaying his name and title or on his door, shows leadership by example, when there's a serious problem, he is out in front, takes full responsibility for serious problems, that is DA MAN!
Most bosses are good at pointing fingers and having meetings as well got a degree in polishing brass plates.
Your country should have the press print out yearly the companies who are good, the bad, the ugly. Print out the names of the CEO's, GM's, a wake-up call so to speak..
Whatever it is, good or bad service, productivity, bottom line, it is the boss, not the enmployee.
Meet a boss with rolled up sleeves who goes out to meet an irate client, handles the problems immediately with diplomacy, you can be assured that is a good company to do business with.
You have a great day, Nyonya and watch your blood pressure. UL.
  At 9:31 PM Blogger said:
Nyonya, what they mean is ... the level 2 will 'reset' your port.

Welcome to the reseting port club ^-^
Once you got it, you will get it pretty frequently. Sad to say.
Just ask EVE, how frequently she got it.
You have a lucky charm hanging around somewhere on your 'Appearl'? hahaha..
Seriously, seeing the many comments from friends, it's pathetic lar...totally tak masuk akal punya.

Get lappie ar? Soooo 'kui' wor?
If that spesel nombor keluar, then lain cerita lar. hahahhaa....
Okie...gua pigi sembayang kuat-kuat.

Happy Weekend to you punya ler. :D
i no techie lar...what they say i take it in good faith. and the other day, i oso asked them why can't they send someone to check the faults. hey charge rm88 per visit.lidat pun boleh wor?
Haha..all's well that ends well!
Your no.2 got good sense of humour like you! LOL!

Actually hor, I have occasionally paid late also. So far no disconnection. Didn't think they'll be so efficient lah...*touch wood*
Uncle Lee,
I think I harassed them until they cannot tahan ler. hahahhaa....

Now that you mentioned, ya lar, somehow or other, it very difficult to get the top man...he is always 'not in'; 'overseas' or 'at a meeting'. Perhaps, we need to have some big titles in front, like eg. Datuk or Tan Sri or something...baru lar boleh open doors. So small 'pesky flies' are left hovering outside the insect-screen. hahahaa...

Regarding the kongsi mia 'report-cards', I am not sure whether there is anything similar. As for press releases and reports, sometimes I think you will have to take it with a pinch of salt.
And we are polite and forgiving people...whatever transgressions are easily forgotten after a good night's sleep. And also we take our sleep very seriously, never like nerve-wrecking alarms at all.
This should be able to take care of the high blood pressure. hahaha...

Thanks so much for this insightful comment. You have a nice day, Uncle Lee. :))
yenjai, mean my line kena 're-setting port' disease ar?
can prescribe some medicine, doc?
king's wife,
aiyoh....have to learn how to laugh lar...if not early-early let them drive us crazy liao. hahhaha....

at the moment, the issue regarding connectivity is solved. but itu billing error still hanging in the air. eventhough there was an error, i have already paid them. never like to hutang. mana tau, suddenly become super efficient and terus cut my line...this problem i can do without ler.
  At 10:58 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
It's lidat la... my internet connection was down b4 for 5 days leh... when I call no body answer at all... Malaysia is lidat la... LOL
Yesterday like this, today like that... LOL!!

Is it TMNet??
  At 12:07 AM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Nyonya, next time if i have line problem with tmnut stim-mex, can you call for me anot? Sure kau tim wan. hahaha
Lidis and lidat, and finally glad to see that nyonyapenang is happy, thats happy ending then :)
  At 12:14 AM Blogger Chen said:
lidis lidat...
must keep fingers crossed liao
but cannot ter-over cross till ter-twist finger pulak :P

I also dun have lappie leh..
  At 12:17 AM Anonymous marsha said:
boy, sometimes ah....very terrifying u know, to think don't have internet connection. life got no meaning, lidat! but i many times dealings with these buggers liao...everytime tell me to tarik sini, cucuk sana, count to 10. if don't work, repeat procedure until someone comes home to continue the tarik-cucuk procedure......iiisssshhhhh!!!!
  At 12:32 AM Anonymous kat said:
Nyonya, you need to teach me how to harass these kind of people-lah. My telephone dispute for Nov/Dec 2006 is still being disputed. They give me no reason, no facts, no supporting documents and expect me to accept lamely that their investigation is correct and there is no 'masalah' with my phone line. Thousand over bucks worth of local calls when I was away overseas, you don't tell me to where and you expect me to pay?? Must be joking!!

Next time can I take you along to Kedai Telekom with me?? LOL
  At 12:47 AM Blogger ah nel said:
see!!!its liddat do easy nia so no need to be so angry...go cyber cafe lor if no connection... ;)
  At 6:24 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
It's lidat lar sometime I sibuk go "korek" here" disconnect there, "reset" this, "reconnect" there, do sampai internet konection ada.
it happened when sometimes ur pc accidently shut down and does leaving a cache connection to the modem where it does allows refreshed connections coming through.. so they will actually "reset" your DSL and "reboot" it.. :)
  At 10:16 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
So far things are ok for me la, coz I freaking fix all my problems unless it their exchange or servers
I just cannot bear on the phone listening to IVR telling me the same thing over and over again
"We will attend to you shortly"
  At 10:30 AM Blogger William said:
Few posts back Lidis, now Lidat ar? Haha.

Telekom won't even fix a phone line in my area, so no Streamyx problems!
  At 10:35 AM Blogger savante said:
How terrifying!!! How could I live without my net!
There are so many things that can go wrong with ADSL lines - I know that because it's in my line of work.

Which makes it all the more frustrating when I have to deal with support people who think they know better.

No, they don't !

The number of people working in Starbux is a good indication of how well Screamyx is working - if it's working, why work in Starbux ?

But it's also nice to know that there are those who really are sincere in their efforts to help, and who really want to solve your problems !
  At 11:49 AM Blogger eve said:
*tepuk dada*..Hah...aku lah yg selalu mengalami masalah yg sama..Anda dah kira untung kerana 24 jam sahaja..aku ?..satu minggu ler...Rasa macam nak cekik mereka tu...
  At 11:56 AM Anonymous Snowflake said:
Lol! "have a nice day", it reminds me of this one:
Fortunately you got your internet connection back liao, or else we will not read about dis! hehehe....
kenny ng,
5 days????? never go and kasi rock them betul-betul ar? :D

lidat ....lidat lar. :)

ehh...terbalik pulak.
i thot you are the one providing table banging services, no?

connection alright now. :)
yet to sort out the billings though.
you have a great weekend.

dr chen,
adoi...kalo twisted fingers jialat oh. kenot do bloging liao.

i thot ah boy is your **lappie**. he sits on your lap what, no?

ya lar, macam addicted lidat. pun kena the 'tarik and cucuk and tarik summore' experience ar? many others pun kena lidis. dunno what the kongsi doing about it. :(

"no reason, no facts, no supporting documents..." nid to pay ler. :D

ah nel,
gua suakoo wan....never been inside a cybercafe before. takut jugak ler.

firehorse, very hoh liao! simply cabut and korek also can get it to work. gua memang takut....takut the letrik sot gua sampai mati ler. :)

but does it take sooooo many hours to re-set or re-boot?
summore i don't faham what they tokking over the phone.

the IVR was meant to drive you mad.

ya, when you don't use it, you won't miss it. :)
we need our daily 'fix', ya? :D

moz monster,
we pay to use the services. the least we can expect is a certain quality and service level; and i am sure they could have done a lot better.

at least you know what is going on and can question them properly lar. me? adoi...they might as well speak Urdu to me.

wah...dari saudari yang sungguh berpegalaman. hahahah....
hi snowflake,
thank you for popping by.
you have a nice day too.

the disruption was on the line at home. still can curi-curi blogging sikit when at work. :P
Nyonya...if you go cyber cafe, the attendant there will sure ask you; "makcik, looking for your son ah?"
  At 6:20 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Nyonya Penang,
Customer service different department... billing different department...

I once had some wrong charges in my phone bill. Usually I pay my bills online, but that time I had no choice but to go to their kongsi to rectify the matter. No problemo... they admitted their mistake and said they'd make the adjustment. Even corrected my bill manually and the officer countersigned. But they said the charge will still appear in my bill for the next month or so, and told me to ignore it.

Tut, tut, after 2 months my line got cut. Aiyah, they really wanted me to visit their kongsi so often lah! Went to rectify the matter again, and after checking online, they saw that I always pay on time and they promised me they'd rectify the matter immediately.

Came home, and line sudah ada.

Although billing dah rectify earlier, potong line different department... lidat lor...
pi bani,
you have rode on their merry-go-round, huh? hahaha...
thought they are suppose to help the customers but their idea of 'help' stands as pointing you to the different depts.; then you go figure it out yourself.

as per what you have been through, we can see clearly that they could actually settle the matter there and then but for some reasons best known to their kongsi, they get a kick out of seeing our faces ever so often at their office. ^o^

you have a great weekend!
  At 9:22 PM Blogger ilene said:
Alamak, NYONYAPENANG, I think you ni allergic to modern telecommunication lah! hahahahah!
  At 10:13 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, I tumpang here re Pi Bani's comment.
Pi Bani, you are simply HILARIOUS! UL.
cocka doodle,
you mean they actually asked you before, "eskew me, ah sook, you looking for doter or piao mei ar?"
hi ilene,
hahahaha....allergic pun kena tahan jer.
  At 8:52 PM Blogger _butt said:
LOL @ your 'cabut sana cucuk sini'.. hilarious!!
  At 8:55 PM Blogger _butt said:
woops. the exact quote should be..

'Tolonnnnng …lar. Don't tell me to cabut ini and cucuk sana lagi ler.'

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