Monday, May 21, 2007

Hold That Tongue

I was with a friend the other day having our afternoon tea at the local kopitiam and enjoying our tete-a-tete when her handphone rang. She excused herself and took the call and after a couple of “ungghh.ungghhh…angghhh.angghhh", she ended the call and let out a **SIGHHH…**

Knowing her, I can guess that the call was not about any juicy gossip but probably work-related. I pretended I did not notice the sigh and continued to pick on the kuih angkoo and ondeh-ondeh and exclaiming how heavenly the kuih tasted, how yummylicious the buburchacha was and all, and that we should visit this place more often and bla…bla..bla….I had just put in a ball of ondeh-ondeh into my mouth when she suddenly let out, “&%(*&%#@!!!...” **Cough….cough..sputter..sputter…arrrrgg…**, I almost choked on that soft glutinous riceball.

My eyes wide-opened, I stared at that flushed face of hers. Did I hear her right…this sweet and soft-spoken lady cursing in the most colourful language and so loud summore, enough for the 3 other ladies sitting at the next table and other patrons a few tables away to have heard every single expletive that flew out of her foul mouth? For the few years that I have known her, she is one of the most polite, gentle, shy and unassuming friends in the circle. What the devil has gotten into her? What broke? Arrggghhh!!! I was shocked and horrified and embarrassed and wished I could just hide under the table. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that the other 3 ladies were equally embarrassed, if not more. Suddenly, I felt I lost my appetite. I stood up and with one hand pulling my friend’s hand, I hissed, “Let’s go.” The short walk to the car, I told her in no uncertain terms that I do not appreciate her cursing in public for all to hear and whatever reasons she may have for feeling and behaving that way, I still think that she behaved badly and that she should be terribly ashamed of herself and that she shamed me too.

Throughout the drive back to her office, not a squeak came from her. I guessed she must have felt really horrible then and sure wished she had exercised more restraint earlier. I don't know. I am no angel myself but I draw the line at cursing out loud in public for all to hear. Should try harder to hold that tongue…..
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  At 2:39 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
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  At 3:16 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, that was me, 'comment deleted'. UL.
  At 3:23 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya, I am no saint myself and I did it only once, in public, and regretted my actions. One word blurted out in anger and I felt ugly for a few days. No more after that. I was in my early 20s then.
I was not in control of my emotions then. Learned a lot as I grew up. :)
Erm... was it because she really had a reason for that? Although cursing in public is not very good... :D
As you mentioned, that is not the 'usual' her that you known..perhaps she might have felt even worst than how you all felt about her cursing. She might need help. Sometimes the people with sucidial thoughts are people who have been 'swallowing' and 'bearing' alot of angers and grief until one day they 'explode' and take the extreme measures..
  At 9:18 AM Blogger said:
Poor Nyonya.
The other ladies sure looking at your one-kind liao ^-^
  At 9:31 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Maybe someone pushed her a little beyond her limit. Nobody's that perfect.

We all have a storehouse of expletives. All we need is some idiot to kick down the door.
  At 10:30 AM Blogger Will said:
kesian... must've been quite stressed, your friend...

but still, IMHO there are many other methods to vent anger other than "colorful languages" ;)
  At 11:07 AM Blogger Winn said:
ur friend must feel very bad after u kindly advice her..*_*

teach her to slap forehead next time if she must curse.
  At 12:12 PM Blogger Chen said:
must be someone has pushed her beyond her limits?

actually, i m quite "amazed" some people can curse & speak or utter those "beautiful" language in EVERY sentence they speak. I really beh tahan those people.
  At 1:49 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Save it for the fella who made her angry la.
  At 2:23 PM Blogger eve said:
Ya la..for a person who does not swear...if she did it..she must be really pissed off...But i agree with matter how angry ..she shouldn't have muttered those profanities..
  At 3:55 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
I'm sorry for your friend. Hope she got the message.

The other day you said I never let you know. Here ler Thks, Nyonya!
  At 5:17 PM Blogger angel said:
She must have lost it... We would like to think that we are always in control of our emotions until one day..... ha, itulah yang berlaku to your friend...

I'm pretty sure she must have felt very bad and regretted her actions? Forgive her la since you said she's never like this... She just lost it...
Hi Uncle Lee,
hmmmm....**scratching head**

You have a nice day. :)
hi j.t.,
When i was little, there was this old nyonya grand-aunt who would come and visit my grandma. This grand-aunt was proned to 'naik lata' and she'd let go a few flowery words. I've never heard those words before lar, so I thought, "Oh, some new words huh?". and when poppa come home that evening, I proudly presented those new words in my vocabulary and oh my, I can never forget how momma 'cuci my mulut' with cabai burung.
That lip-curling and tongue-on-fire lesson stay with me until today. :)
i guessed something snapped.
but then, malu jugak ya, cursing so loud in public.
  At 8:36 PM Anonymous mott said:
sorry..i passed the malu stage. I don't curse/swear..but I do shout..very loud, at my kids who like to stand in the middle of the road.

oh..where oh where has my dignity gone??

*rummaging thru the rubbish bin*
hi winniethepooh,
a very warm welcome!

i guessed at that moment, my friend must have felt 'up to her eyeballs' liao and cannot tahan anymore.
still, i wished that she had better self-control.

thanks for dropping by. do come in again sometime.

here's wishing you and 'The One' a great week ahead. :)
rasa a bit malu ler. -o-

i guess she hit 'limit-up'.

ya...'stress' must be the culprit.
as much as i empathise with her, i wished she could have exercise a little bit more self-control.

good idea wor...I'll teach her to slap forehead and say liuliuliuliu.....

dr chen,
maybe very, very stressed out lar.
you think sing shalalalalala... can help or not? :D

susah oh, fight fire with gasoline.

the thing is, she may be stressed to boiling point but to the people around the vicinity, it was still bad manners.

mott, are cute!
she is actually a very sensible person. i guess she lost her head that day.

and thank you for inviting me to your 'new house'. eh, got milo to drink or not? :P
ya, you got it right there.
she just 'lost it!

at the moment i was a wee bit upset with her but now over angry with her at all.
she was facing some challenges that tested her normal sweet temperament.
  At 10:29 PM Blogger _butt said:
she must have a pretty bad day..
  At 10:34 PM Blogger savante said:
I am more curious what exactly she said!! What is !^&*@^!(*^! Apa dia cakap tu?
i guess, something 'broke'.

errr....i think something that will make a sailor blush. o_O
  At 11:35 PM Blogger zewt said:
i am more interested in knowing what made her so angry...
  At 12:31 AM Blogger ah nel said:
don judge ppl by their looks...

no wonder u dowana meet me as i cursed out foul language so much... ;)
Aigh...common lah, nyonya. You should see the way those pretty ladies sitting at the gaming tables at Genting cussed. Even sailors will be embarassed. LOL
i dare not ask ler....

ah nel,
who dowan to meet who ar?
who is owes busy ar?

cocka doodle,
those ladies have to cussed big-time so that can win banyak-banyak ar?
Thanks Nyonyapenang, "The One" and I will be going to watch firework today at the park..;) you have a great week too!
  At 7:46 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
I kenot tolerate cursing especially when it's done in a public place where there are children around.
  At 9:28 AM Blogger ah nel said:
who who???tel me n i help u wack him...

  At 2:06 PM Blogger William said:
Sometimes it's such a great way to destress. Sigh...
  At 5:59 PM Blogger just me said:
The tongue is indeed so powerful, can be used to curse and also can be used to bless and encourage
  At 11:05 PM Blogger ilene said:
Nyonya, perhaps your friend going through some kind of mood swings phase! Wah, if my parents or grandparents were to hear me swearing ... mampus my tongue! They'll push the red chillies on the tongue man! I remember 'tasting' that kind of treatment once but until now, I dunno what my crime was! hahaha!
heard there were some spectacular fireworks.
you have a great week ahead. :)

would certainly appreciate some restraint. :)

ah nel,
i thought you know!

a little bit more discreet ler.

hi just me,
apa khabar?
i fully agree with's soooo true. everything also got 2 uses...we use it to build or to destroy.

hi ilene,
how are you doing? also kena the cabai burung treatment ya? read my reply to j.t. above. i had a bad case of "chilliliatis'. ^o^