Sunday, April 22, 2007

Out With The Old

I just finished clearing my cupboards and drawers and once again, my things looked neat and organized, for the next couple of months, that is.

Eventhough I am not a compulsive buyer and hoarder, somehow or other, after every few months or so, the contents of the cupboards threatened to fall all over me each time I open the doors and the drawers either refuse to open upon pulling or I just can’t get it to close after that. As I do not fancy finding myself lying under a toppled cupboard or having a drawer dropped on my feet one of these days, I decided to forgo some blogging time and get over this ‘not-favourite-chore’ of mine.

1/ Clothes
I now have 3 big bags of clothes to be sent over to a relative’s place, and she will then kindly help to send over to her church.
The clothes, some are mine and some are my kids’. As I sorted out the pieces, I just cannot believe that I own some of the pieces. Aw….common, there are those tiny ones, a few I cannot even recognize and a few others that I don’t remember buying and wearing at all! Can they actually be mine???? I must have looked anorexic then, to be able to fit into those scraps of cloth. Then of course, there are others that made me gasped in disbelief that I bought them at all. These are pieces that are actually one size too big and I quickly put them into the bag to be given away….errmm…I definitely do not want to grow and fit into them. No thank you.

2/ Handbags/Carry-Alls
Just 2 cheap pieces to be discarded. Nah…not suitable to be given away. Those were the days when I used to buy more expensive handbags and when I get a new one, the old one would go into the deep end of the cupboard. It’s not that they are LV or Coach or Prada or whatever, but I just don’t know what to do with them. I don’t go around giving used handbags to friends…this would be social suicide. So I keep and keep and keep until one fine day, my relative asked if I have some used items to donate for a charity sale and I was more than pleased to send over 6 pieces, all lovingly cleaned and polished to shine.
Now, I no longer invest in those expensive bags. I buy whatever brandless bags I fancy and I discard them once I feel they have reached their lifespan and I get new pieces ever so often. This suits me just fine.

3/ Papers/Brochures/Mails
My, oh my, the drawers looked as if it had been ransacked by a burglar….pieces of colourful paper and brochures, half-opened envelopes, reminders and notices, carelessly-folded bills, dog-eared paperbacks, magazines, expired Astro Guides, corporate annual reports, free premium items (keychains, ballpoint pens, pencils, stickers, coasters, etc), scissors, rolls of tapes, colourful ribbons, sticks of multi-coloured markers..etc..etc.. all over and on top of each other. **roll eyes** How did it get to this state? Nevermind. I pulled out the drawers one by one, overturned it and opened one huge garbage bag and I have to work fast. Decide fast what goes back into the drawer and the rest into the garbage bag. Mull a bit too long, and the drawer fills up again….you’d believe that every other piece would turn out useful one day. A case of junk turning into gold?

I dunno lar, I just cannot stand clutter and when I am in the cleaning and clearing mode, that’s it…out with old with more space for the new. I feel good.
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  At 5:52 PM Blogger angel said:
Wah... very rajin hor? Is this one of your annual to-do list? Must share-share the list liao... :D
  At 5:53 PM Blogger may said:
I'm trying so hard to keep my new place as uncluttered as possible, but every time I see something nice I think... "hmmm, do I really need that? but it looks sooooo pretty..." LOL!! been able to tahan so far... *cross fingers*
  At 6:05 PM Blogger said:
I always throw away those papers / discount coupon / what package the minute I open the envelope

As in your case, I believe that once I store them, the next time I see them will be when the whole cupboard fall onto my feet, haha
  At 7:14 PM Blogger alison said:
i am a 'lil monica-ish (friends), ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) a bit nia lar, so i cannot tahan clutter, good thing there are charity orgs with lori comes every 2 weeks and park under big tree and wait for people to donate/recycle barangs. really thank you them!
  At 7:29 PM Blogger William said:
I'm a bit of a hoarder actually. Hehe. But I do throw out the old in favour of the new when space runs out too. But still, I'm not organized, my room and desk at the office looks like the aftermath of a typhoon.
  At 9:29 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, ahhh, you spring cleaning, huh?
Hey! You forgot your 43 pairs of shoes, the ones you bought for Angel's 21st birthday party, Tina's 2nd marraige, your birthdays etc? Ha ha.
You going to buy new pair meet me at airport?
Have a great day, Nyonya. UL. ps, don't forget spring clean your BMW too.
  At 9:45 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I'm totally a F in this matter
My things are like flying everywhere
  At 10:52 PM Anonymous mott said:
I have one rule. If I haven't used it in 6's most likely I'm never ever gonna use it.

...that being said...I shud throw out that Japanese grater/slicer I have.'s toooooooo ex!!!

it happens to me when i do my once-in-every-3-months spring cleaning. I will just take out everything from my desk, drawers, cupboards, rearrange and throw the unnecessaries...all except my beloved mountain of toys and their boxes... gero~
I don't like to do "spring cleaning" because I always cannot remember the new place where I store my stuff. Haha.
  At 9:58 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Spring cleaning frenzy? Hmm, why do they call it spring cleaning? Once a year? But we don't have spring in Malaysia...

Questions... questions... so much garbage... so little time...
hehe when im "in the mood" for some spring cleaning i will throw most of everything without giving it a second thought and ending up very proud of my new found space

but then hor...after few weeks ...i will start to look for sth only to end up realising that i had thrown it away! *gulp*
Yerr...I feel guilty liao. I also have so much junk to clear. I think 'hoarding' is a woman thing hor?
err...not annual to-do-list lar. no more storage space, so have to clear sampah lor. :)

i like your new place lar...all so spic and span. :)

ya lar, must follow your them and terus to the bin. :)

hahaha...**a bit nia lar** you're so cute ler.
i appreciate the recycling work done by those organizations.

men are bigger hoarders, no?
well, the male relatives in my family are great hoarders - everything.....rosak liao also dowan to throw but keep and keep. tak faham langsung ler.

Uncle Lee
ya lar...clean and clear out the old garbage to make space to welcome the new.
Hey, you got me right there - I am a shoe-hoarder but don't really know how many pairs I got. ^o^
**pssst...**..I will commissioned the shoemaker to make me a 4 1/2" pair of heels to wear to the airport to meet you. think just nice?

Have a nice day, Uncle Lee. :)

zeroimpact, F ar?
work harder and you may score an A.

hmmm...good idea...6 months is a good time frame.
but, i think i still have loads of things which i definitely have not touched in more than 6 mths. of course when the item costs a bomb, i'd just keep lar and once a while go and give it a good stare and remind myself of my wastefulness.

i suppose you have not choice but to clear ever so often. if not, you'd run out of space for your precious collection.

hahaha...same-same here lar. but i just have to spring-clean becos i am running out of storage space liao.

hmmm....good question.
maybe suppose to do it once a yaer to welcome Spring lar.
but, i have to do it more than once a year...the garbage is piling up faster than i can clear.

pink cotton,
it's so true lar. if you think too much and too long, then you start putting everything back into the cupboards and drawers. so, i also try to close one eye and quickly toss it into the garbage bag. :)

king's wife,
you gonna have a MAJOR spring-cleaning coming up, ya?
**pening liao**
men are hoarders too! LOL
  At 12:07 AM Blogger Will said:
i agree that sometimes cleaning up old stuffs makes you feel good... :D
  At 12:41 AM Blogger savante said:
Well, clean it out every six months and you'll have less junk kept in the closet. Inherited the toss-thm-out gene from my grandmother - while my mom hoards every damned thing.
  At 1:09 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
I like to simpan barang wan much to my hubby's dismay, even old pencils and erasers oso cannot throw way :O(
  At 7:12 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
  At 9:38 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I throw away everything...and the moment I've thrown away something, I find that I need it...!!! BTW, what if hubby says, "Out with the old!" and brings in new wife??? LOL!
FH, wah. You have a 5 storey house and 2 basement? ^-^
  At 1:21 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
it is indeed spring cleaning time for me too. But i have more than three bags, and lots of books to give to charity. there are so many clothes which i think, or rather persuaded myself to believe that i can still wear. hmmm!
  At 2:09 PM Blogger eve said:
Long time never do that liao..nowadays got sunday off and i will use that to go gym n do filing of my statements..
running out of space liao. have to force myself to do it.

you must be a real neat and tidy fella. :)

firehorse, yenjai mentioned, you have 5-storey house with 2 got lots of storage space. :)
suituapui, are giving me brilliant ideas! kamsiah. hahhahhaa.....

kak teh,
i have to clear because i need the space to store new loot.
and the clothes which i have outgrown, perhaps i should keep a couple of my favourite pieces to motivate me to follow through with my diet plan. ^o^

wuah...very the bersemangat leh. :)
spring cleaning? what's that?
spring cleaning no same-same with dry-cleaning. :))
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 11:32 PM Blogger plink said:
'... But that looks so good on you.'

'How? Not bad ar?'

... And then I have to buy it.

How to cope ar, Nyonya?
'major' is an understatement lah. *sked*
Just can't bring myself to start! :((
plink, nid to think further..just cart them home.

king's wife,
start with the happy parts first...go shopping! ^o^