Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My RM1 Bus Ride

I took a lift from my colleague downtown yesterday and for my journey back to PJ, I decided to use public transport. Ya, I rode on the Monorial to KL Sentral and then hopped on Putra LRT. I got off at the Asia Jaya Station and thought of taking a cab back to my office to get my car.

**sighsss** none of the cabs I hailed was interested in my fare. I then walked towards a parked Rapid Bus and asked the driver if there is any bus I can take to my office. Ahhh…I was in luck…there is a bus that goes the route to my office and guess what, it stops right in front too. The driver then told me to wait at the bus-stop a few metres down the road and within minutes, the bus no. 629 arrived. I boarded and paid the fair of RM1 and was issued a ticket but I saw a few others just flashed their ticket and walked right in. Curious, I went to sit next to a young lady and asked her if she bought her ticket somewhere else. She told me she bought the ticket in the morning and had been using it for the whole day already. **scratching my head**….I asked her further but I had a little trouble picking up what she had to say in her heavily-accented English. I guessed she must be a foreigner.

A middle-aged man sitting across from us overheard our conversation and he offered to explain to me how the ticketing works. Apparently, you pay only RM1 for a day ticket and you can ride as many trips as you want and if you have many, many places to go to, then you buy a RM7 ticket that allows you unlimited rides on the LRT and connecting Rapid buses. Ooohh…this is something new to me and it sounds so fantastic. So, throughout the bus ride, I was chatting with the young lady and the gentleman and they sure know their buses well. I went, “Oh, I see.” “Oh…I never know it’s like this,” “Wah….so efficient and so cheap ar?” “Wow….that’s new to me.” and …”bla..bla..bla…”

As the bus was about to reach my stop, I thanked both of them and just in passing, asked the lady which country she comes from and she said she is an Iraqian. I see, I see. I must have sounded like a big time suakoo or country bumpkin or something with my earlier questions and exclamations because the gentleman quickly shot me a question, “You from where ar? China ar?”

HAHAHAHA…… Adoi gua so maluuuuu…..:P

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luckily that iraqian
say youare china...
if she know you are malaysian lagi malu woh......

public transport sendiri pun tarak tahu
  At 1:57 AM Blogger angel said:
waa, I learn something new too!

kakaka... you Shanghai mui arr?

Lorng parn... lorng lao...
  At 6:39 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wahhhh good hor RM1 for a ride and RM7 for a whole day ride ah..... heheheheh U becareful hor after they buaya U then U know ah... thinking U china mali...
  At 6:55 AM Blogger May said:
this is something new to me too. I know it's a RM1 ride, but I thought it was for once-only and not whole day. interesting! thanks for the tip... ;)
  At 7:46 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Hi, nya! Manage to squeeze sum time to pop in for a while!!! Good 4 u! Use public transport! Save Mother Earth! Reduce traffic jam! Reduce pollution! I sumtimes use bus oso in KL...just hope on...and pretend I sumo wrestler from Japan. LOL! Maybe u so sexy like one of those imported China dolls! LOL!!!
  At 8:18 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
But then again you learn so much
I think I also must learn a bit, so people don't mistake me for a foreigner
  At 8:45 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, When I make a trip back to Malaysia, you enlighten me how, where about these buses and trains...or can be my tourist guide, I pay for the bus fare? Ha ha cheapskate! Like this I can tour whole of KL, bunkus Mehnoner and eat in bus chiak hong, huh?
Why taxis not keen take you to your destination? Very far, huh? Best regards to you, UL.
Good hor, RM1 for whole day. Even my dad uses the bus when he goes to KL nowadays.

But ... dragon girl? They think nyonya from China? Wah ... don't know what to say ... =)
  At 10:00 AM Anonymous JL said:
Chinese Made in Malaysia :P

*zhou gor yung kum Chung Guo yan... falalala*
  At 10:35 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
LOL... to be mistaken from China... that must be kinda embarassing. LOL, just say lor, you are public-transport illiterate Malaysian. Ha ha.
  At 11:28 AM Blogger famil said:

anyway RM1 only for local (tempatan). let say if u want to go to bukit bintang from klcc. had to pay RM2 (bandar). from there could go to central market, maluri, sentral or eye on malaysia.

so weekend can go jalan jalan the whole day with only RM2.
  At 12:08 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Err!! got train number wan anot??
  At 1:02 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah....NYONYA now..PIAO MEI ah????!!!!!

kakakakakakakakakak...yalor..I also so ulu..take bus also don't know. Last time I took a bus...I ran for it..and my slippers ter-keluar onto the middle of a busy road.

  At 2:21 PM Blogger sengkor said:
u say u from penang la.. it's true wht.. :P
  At 2:43 PM Blogger yenyong said:
Haha. So convenient. disguise as tourist. Pengsan
  At 4:33 PM Blogger eve said:
wahahahahhaa....but u got look little bit like china mui oso wor..*ducks nyonyapenang's flying slipper*
Kakakakaa! the gentleman wasn't so 'gentle' after all!
  At 6:44 PM Blogger William said:
Indirectly from China leh....
  At 6:50 PM Blogger alison said:
i'm planning to take train to town tomorrow too. with the parking by hour rate in kl, pengsan!!! me muka tebal, i simply ask when dunno, ulu ulu lah! besides, i always think they see me one time only mah, after that they forget liao.
pisang goreng 115,nf,
it was the man who asked if i'm from china. funny he should ask as i thought i speak manglish. LOL

good hor? RM1 can stretttcccchhh so far.
aiyah...that fella mata got setem lar...gua ni cute nyonya ler.

errr...buaya suka makan chickens nia lar. hahahah....

I also dunno many things. I thought can use the Touch-and-Go but was told CASH sahaja.

hi, apa khabar? How's the daughter doing? nid to pretend to be a sumo wrestler...just dress like one and you'll probably be honoured with free rides. next time can tumpang along ar? hahahaha...

seriously, it was a good learning experience...the buses are all new and with good air-conditioning too.

Uncle Lee,
When...when will Uncle Lee be coming? Sure, I'll take leave and be your personal tourist guide. No nid tips, just buy me Mehnoner ais-klim, kau tim! hahahaa..

aidoi...KL taxis teruk wan lar. Too near, dowan to go; too far, say no gas; raining, say traffic jam. They are quite a spoilt lot.

moz monster,
i don't think i look like china-mui at all! hahahaha...

dunno what makes him think i china mali. LOL

"public-transport illiterate?"....

that's a steal!
thanks for the info.

train number? the one you took last time, got number ar? and i remembered you were looking for the Putra LRT driver and wanted to ring the bell summore.KAKAKAKAK.....

let's laff together-gether

errr...he caught me by surprise, sampai i dunno how to answer him.

no disguise lar.
you think i looked 'touristy' ar?

mana ada?? gua ni nyonya, more lembut ler.

king's wife,
yalor...yalor....not the least bit gentle.

ya, keturunan china!

gua pun sama jugak.
ask and ask and ask summore..hehehe..sampai that fella thot gua not orang local pulak.
  At 12:49 AM Blogger savante said:
HAH! You really China doll lah! :) Can't believe you haven't taken a bus in ages!
  At 12:59 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
So cheap ah? Next time I wanna try also. If got bus to my new office good la.
  At 1:20 AM Blogger zewt said:
take out your IC and shove it up that fella's arse... :P

then wash your IC la of cos.
  At 12:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
RapidKL now very convenient, a far cry from Intrakota buses days. They are now giving Metrobus a run for their money. It's ticketing package is as follows:-

1) The RM7 ticket is called ticket harian SEPADU which enables holder to go on any RapidKL and LRT (Star & Putra that runs the Kelana Jaya and Sri Petaling lines)and useable unlimited rides throughtout the same day.

2) The RM4 ticket is called ticket harian SEMUA which enables holder to go on only any RapidKl buses for unlimited rides throughtout the same day.

3) The RM1 ticket is the TEMPATAN ticket that serves as kind of a transit bus running around housing areas as well as office/shops areas where they take you on shorter routes to get to either the LRT stations etc.

4) The RM2 ticket is the UTAMA ticket that one can take the bus for example from Subang Jaya to KL Sentral....most Utama tickets buses routes ends at KL Sentral. The other RM2 ticket is for KL City buses where the buses takes passengers around city centre.

As for me I use the Monthly Travel Card which is RM125.00 per month which enables me to travel on the LRT and RapidKL buses for the month that it is issued for unlimited rides and on weekends, MTC holder gets to take spouse and children under 12 yrs on the ride for free. I cannot remember how many children though.
They also have the monthly travel card for just bus travel or just LRT travel which cost lesser.
Check out their website for more info on the rides etc.
I used to drive to work but now I travel on RapidKL and a converted monthly travel card user as I find travelling on these buses/LRT stress free compared to taking taxis. (minus all the haggling of trying to get the drivers to use the meter and go to our destination).
Hope their wonderful public transportation service is being maintained though.
  At 12:59 PM Blogger Winn said:
eh nvm la .i also dunon. we sama gang wan!
  At 5:00 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya, when i was back home, I was like a stranger in my own country. I look malaysian but i was asking all the silly questions.
  At 7:29 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
Adoi! Luckily Nyonya don't have to see them again! LOL

I also just learned from you that a RM1 ticket can last a whole day!!! amybe I will ultilise the service when I go back to KL... hehehe

pst: seriously Nyonya... you look very China mali ah???? :P
Gua China Doll? No lar. Gua ini typical nyonya ler...**pssst...dun believe? ask

I have taken those pink mini buses, Sri Jaya buses and Intrakotas long, long time ago but their services leave much to be desired. So decided to be a slave to pay for car instalments. hahhaa...

kenny ng,
good lar...refer to comments from Anonymous below.

hahahaa....afturds that fella bashed me silly ler.

Hi Anonymous,
I wish I can address you by name and say a big thank you. Nonetheless, I appreciate the very detailed explanation of our much improved public transport services.
I am sure all my friends here find the information shared by you, very useful.
Thanks once again for dropping by.
You have a nice day. Cheers!

it's good to know a little bit about these services. i am very impressed with the much improved system.

kak teh,
hahaha...but you spend years overseas, so I suppose it's alright. but for me...aiyeerrr....i don't even know what's happening in my own backyard.

i may not recognise them too, if i were to bump into them. :)

ya, you should try out the buses and i'm sure darrius would enjoy the rides.
and, i can tell you, it's definitely 200% better than those Penang buses.
I'm from England. I wonder what I would be mistaken for.
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya come see see london assam laksa can pass or not????
  At 11:00 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
My daughter's fine, TQ. Went 4 JPA scholarship interview and also applying to become teacher! Aduh! Told her teacher very poor, no money, she doesn't want to listen. Rite now, stay home, eat and sleep and goyang kaki!!! OK,I dress as sumo wrestler, u nyonya help tie my sanggul, ok? And keep ur hands from my loin cloth!!! LOL
  At 11:59 AM Blogger zewt said:
eh, someone asked me to wish you happy belated bday.

by the way, he wont bash you silly... he will be in pain... then u can just run away quick quick...
Captain Picard,
probably you'd be asked, "You from Mars???

you are a very good cook!

i hope that all will be smooth sailing for your beloved luilui.
i would see it as the highest compliment to you that she wants to be like be a truly good and committed cikgu.
err...tie a sumo sanggul you say? easy peasy lar...just pasang one hair piece bought from sg. wang, beres liao. ehhh..kenot walk around KL in loin cloth...polis tangkap.

thank you.
btw, may i know who is that someone, please?
Okie, if that chap chase after me, i'll call out, zewt, helpppp..
aiya i dun remember when was the last time i took ze bus leh...
  At 6:02 PM Blogger Sasha said:
oh man! if me i'll be as blur as you. *hold nyonya hand and walk to China* Hahaha
you should bring your kids on a bus ride someday. i'm sure they'll enjoy it. :)

go try it out sometime. :)
wahahah *ole ole*

acutally i oso dunno la..'x'
13th Panda,
shy-shy ler....:D
  At 12:27 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
LOL dis middle age man, if he is a Malaysian I would be truly surprise that he asked dat question as our slangs are nothing like the people from China lah.
Actually that fare you paid is for senior citizen wan.....warga emas!

precisely! dunno what makes him think that i am a chung kuok silai.

cocka doodle, mean senior citizens get discounts wan ar? no wonder lar, i always hear you say you pay half-price for all your tickets.
  At 3:40 PM Blogger Chen said:
i also tot it's RM1 per ride?
i never know can use the ticket for the whole day :P

i learn something new too
so u r definitely not alone :P
dr chen,
the rates here are so much unlike the one in Penang. BTW, have you taken buses in penang? i only know a few routes in penang and i noticed too, that the buses there sure have seen better days.