Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Wanna Cry WAAAAAA......

Beginning of each year, like clockwork, the forms will arrive and I will treat it with utmost importance…quickly put it into my drawer and lock it up safely, lest I chuck it away together with the other junk mail. As and when I am free and think that I am in the mood for something else besides…besides…err…er… blogging, I’ll take out the forms and will attempt to fill it up but on many occasions, one look at it would trigger a migraine attack that would knock me out for hours. And many times too, something more interesting would come up….a call from a friend to go for an ice-cream binge; or a movie I wanna catch on the box; or oh dear, I have to finish the book which I had promised to return the previous week etc…etc… and the forms would then be returned to the safe confines of the drawer. Another day, perhaps.

Excuses and excuses… and yes, I am unbelievably good at this and have also sort of perfected the art of procrastination, but then, I have to qualify here….I am not always like this and honest,…ya....honest, believe me you, I can be as quick as the bullet, without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ with things that I have a passion for. And when I equate filling Income Tax Forms with financial haemorrhage, whatever passion I may have, dies in an instant. Can’t blame me, can you?

But certain things are as certain as the sun rises, and I have also heard this, “Nothing is more certain than death and TAXES.” **sighhhssssss…….** And I thought I heard this too, “You can run but you cannot hide.” **SIGHHHSSSSSSSSSS…..**

So, I just psyche myself to enjoy the mix of emotions as I stare at the stack of forms. This is one painful exercise that makes me wanna cry “WAAAAAA…”

p.s. I'll be away from blogland for a few days.
My **sayangzzzzzz** to all. Have a nice day!
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  At 3:19 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, hey, take comfort..ada income tax means ada duit sikit.
Ahhh, claim 'loss', claim gas, tolls, business calls to o/seas...
supporting 5 children?
Wa, you going on holiday, huh? So balek do income tax?
Have a nice holiday. UL.
  At 8:53 AM Blogger famil said:
still got time la.. 30th of April. hi hik.
I cry with you, ok?
I also drag my foot until now...
(take out some chocolate cake, sit beside nyonya, cry and eat)
  At 9:07 AM Anonymous JL said:
aiyoo... dun cry dun cry...

like U.Lee said ada tax ada moolah :)

can claim also for liu liu sessions ^_^

Take care & have safe trip :)
  At 9:24 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
LOL, Income tax forms... sigh... just hate them... and they keep making them more complicated.

Someone told me doing it online is WAYYYYYY.... easier. Haven't tested it though.
  At 10:35 AM Blogger May said:
I wanna cry too, because when I declared to IRB that I was leaving the country and had to settle my taxes, I found out I owe them $$$$ liao!! WAAAAAAAA!!!
AWWW~*pat pat*

u get to pay tax, means u r loaded ma

some ppl no need pay tax means they r not loaded as u

i haven't filled up mine too~~who can help meeee????
  At 7:10 PM Blogger angel said:
*shakes hands with you*
I'm PoP... Princess of Procrastination -_-'''
And I am Queen of Procrastination. You are not alone...
  At 10:36 PM Blogger zewt said:
i knew it as soon as i read the first sentence. it's not that difficult. but ya... it's bias... i work in the tax industry... which is why it's easy to me :P

perhaps i should blog about how to fill in the form huh?
  At 11:57 PM Blogger Sasha said:
eh eh i also wanna cry!!!!!!!!!! But ah ,,wanna tell u something gila. I dreamt of u leh! i went to yr house..samo u pakai this high boots GREEN KALER and holding handbag in yr own house..GILA OR NOT!!!
  At 4:32 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
Ohh nyonya dun cry, slowly do ok? Think of money back as incentive :o) Cheer up!
  At 9:25 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i din submit last yr then tis yr i din received it... ;)

*do not cry*
  At 5:38 PM Blogger Winn said:

i also dam las min one. havent even look at it yet!

chill chill lets icecream! hahah
  At 12:34 AM Blogger doc said:
we all share your anguish, but like u.lee said, paying taxes means we are all gainfully employed, something to be grateful for in these difficult times.

i think zewt should not only blog about filling the form, he should volunteer to fill in for us!!
  At 1:51 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Remember last day for submission 30th May!! kekeke
  At 6:27 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, The latest income-tax form has been greatly simplified. It consists of only three parts:
1. How much did you make last year?
2. How much do you have left?
3. Send amount listed in part 2.
  At 2:01 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Income tax here again
I wonder where all the money goes
Anyway, Don't worry too much and have a great holiday
Come back and remember that...
When the boat reach the jetty it will automatically become straight
  At 3:38 PM Anonymous _butt said:
err.. not my turn yet.. but soon..

sayangs to kak nyonya hugs!

  At 6:11 PM Blogger savante said:
Take comfort. Kejap saja!
Uncle Lee,
ahhh...ada income I feel better already. Thanks.
I want to feed well, so I took a short break.
You have a nice weekend too!

that's why lar...everytime also tell meyself, "Got time...Got time" and in the end, run like headless chicken. LOL

I sure can do with some chocolate cakes. :))

you mean liuliu sessions also can claim ar? OK, let's go more more liuliuliuliu....sessions.

tell me about it. i have been doing it for years but it doesn't seem to get any easier.

sei OWE them summore ar?

13th Panda,
OKIE..OKIE.... now I'm smiling abit liao. :)

i need HELP too!

**shake the PoP's hand kuat-kuat**
it's sooo boring fill up them forms.

king's wife,
procrastinate long enough and nid to do anything. I always hope for this. ahhhahaa....

ya, do blog about it. am sure many of us would find it useful. :)

come, we cry together-gether...WAAAAAA...... dreamt about me? such a weird dream you've got. lu apa makan salah? hahahahah....

money back??? where? where? tell me, tell me...

ah nel,
they din send also you must go and look for them wan lar. go and tell them, "may I have the pleasure of paying my income tax, please?"

ice-cream???? let's go!

have to look it this way, if it makes me feel better. :)

yours all kau tim ledi ar?

Uncle Lee,
**opens purse and check*
Yippee! got nothing no need to send anything. :))

ya, i like your need to worry needlessly.
you have a great weekend!

savante, very good at it?
boleh ajar sikit?
  At 10:27 PM Blogger Chen said:
Let's hug & cry together....
dr chen,
you also wanna cry ar?

Okie, now let's have some ice-kacang!
  At 1:58 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
All the while I tak kena tax coz my salary too low, this time I gonna kena... I also want to cry liao...
ok, first time paying tax, kenot cry...MUST PAY WITH A BIG SMILE. :))
Taxes are certain in all parts of the world!
Hi Captain Picard,
A warm welcome to you.

Taxes are certain, sure! But it is still painful for me. WAAAAAAA...

Do drop a line here, anytime. You have a nice day.
  At 2:07 AM Blogger zewt said:
actually... i dun even know how to begin... cos ... it's not that difficult :P