Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Must Feed Well

I have a few grand-nieces and grand-nephews (ya, I am THAT old!) in Penang whom, of late, have been getting very fond of me. They are Tom’s grandchildren and their ages range from 5 to 12 years old. I said ‘of late’ because, years ago, I was like a stranger to them and it was all my fault because I hardly visited them…at the most, it was like 2 times in a year and the short trips of not more than 3 days were never of any good for bonding and building relationships. And now that they have seen more of me, these cherubic kids have more brain cells of recognition and each time I am back in Penang, they would be like hanging on to my arms and legs, all excited and thrilled to be following me in my jaunts around town. And the chats with them….it’s kinda refreshing chatting with kids in all their wide-eyed innocence and I thoroughly enjoy their unadulterated views and opinions.

Often times, I would just popped in unannounced and my folks would be so surprised to see me walking into the house. It’s not that I like to spring surprises on them, but through past experience, I believe this is still the best option. I used to phone and told Tom of my impending visit and on the day of my supposed arrival, he’d be like sitting on pins and needles, restlessly walking about the house and taking a peek through the window at the sound of every passing vehicle. Or if he knew that I would be flying in or coming by bus, he’d be like reminding my nephew every 20 minutes to go pick me up from the airport or bus terminal. Oh Tom, how I am gonna miss you when I visit next.

If in the past, I used the excuse that I needed to build my career and could not afford to take too much time off, I have in these recent years realised my folly. Work! Work! And more Work!.....Will it ever be done? So in the past couple of years or so, I made conscious efforts to visit more frequently….to touch base with my dear old relatives and to get better acquainted with the younger brood of grand nieces and nephews and am I glad for it. But I do have a regret…..I regretted not going back to Penang this last Chinese New Year; my lame excuse being horrendous traffic jams stress me out. Gotta kick myself for this.

We work to feed our stomachs. We need Warm and Healthy Relationships to feed our souls. Work can wait, relationships can’t. I have to remind myself again and again that I MUST FEED WELL - I need to feed my soul first in order to feed my stomach.
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  At 2:30 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hello Nyonya, I can see you're a very nice lady, a very good sister, a nice aunty, someone everyone would love to have; as a friend, a sister, a mother, and if age and circumstances not a factor, as a girlfriend, a lover or a wife.
Anymore on the tree like you, Nyonya?
Best regards, UL.
  At 3:48 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya,

I don't need to tell you how or when but...

You've been a wonderful friend & sister to me.

You have a beautiful & kind heart.

You will always be as such in my heart & in my eyes.

  At 7:50 AM Blogger may said:
I sometimes wonder how it'd be like if I were closer to my extended family (cousins and all). I'm embarrassed to say that we're still just on the "small talk" level after all these years. hmmmm... time to feed the soul, yes? "food" is good. :)
  At 9:57 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya sayang Wenwen lups U too..
  At 11:29 AM Anonymous JoMel said:
Nyonya, I am at this point of my life where I feel satiated. Well fed. So I can relate to your words, "warm and healthy relationships to feed our soul". I only got round to thinking and sharing my thought to my partner this morning, that it's strange that a person should come into this world alone, and leave alone, yet, when we are living, we all need companionship(s) and how lost and incomplete we often feel when we lost a companion that means so much to us. What I meant was it's ironic that we are an entity on our own, born and die alone, but not meant to be alone. Hmm.. now I am confusing you I think. Have a great Sunday nyonya. Bless you!
  At 2:57 PM Blogger William said:
I have loads of nephews and nieces but sad to say, none of them are close to me. I guess I should take a cue from you...
nyonya jie, you are a real sis to have. Care if I visit you once in a while? (just say no if you don't want. No need to show the sapu :P
  At 5:17 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Someone said in church today, 'People sacrifice their health earning money but when they get older, they spend all their money getting their health back'

I think that would go for relationships too, huh.
"We'll catch up again soon" or "We should meet up for dinner one day" easier said than done. I guess we must make the conscious effort to keep in touch, esp with members of extended family whom we don't see often.
Hi Uncle Lee,
Thank you for your kind words.
Relationship, like everything else, needs nurturing and care.
For me, I just want to work to live and NOT live to work. Who are we, if we are rich in the pocket but poor in our souls and inner beings?
We are passing this way only once, let us touch a life and be touched in return and forever be richer for it.
Yes, I seek to be a good friend, wonderful sister, a loving mother, an understanding girlfriend and a hot and sensuous lover!
On trees, you asked? Err...maybe can start looking at ground level....pick up the most unlikely-looking rock, clean and polish it a little and it may just turn out to be a gem.
Have a nice day too, Uncle Lee.

i have found a beautiful friend in you too....ever so thoughtful and kind.
**my sayangzzzz to you**

a little effort brings great rewards and i'm sure you'll be happy for it.

i sure sayangzzzz you lots!

hi jomel,
so nice of you to drop by and share with us.
i'm so happy to know you are well fed and satiated. how many of us can claim that?
you are so are not confusing me hahhah...we come and go alone but in transit, we are not suppose to be alone. and the irony is, physically may not be alone, but emotionally, can be so painfully lonely.
hmmmm...i confuse you now? LOL
have a nice day, jomel.

start enjoying them now. i assure you, there'll be no regrets.

anytime....anytime....yenjai. the pleasure is mine.
what you quoted is so true.
if only each and every one of us get this right,"Love People, Use Money"

king's wife
ya, a little effort sure goes along way. :)
  At 10:09 PM Blogger Winn said:

my last visit back home was...err..dec last year!

this year not chet go home yet
  At 11:55 PM Blogger angel said:
Food for the soul... sigh... sometimes too tired to 'eat'...
  At 1:38 AM Blogger zewt said:
unfortunately... to a lot of ppl... work cant wait. those 'indispensible' ppl to companies... they cant sleep if a particular task has not been completed.

they should know no man at his dying bed never wish they spent a minute more at work.
  At 2:21 AM Blogger Angeleyes said:
Nyonya... hugz hugz yeah... I know you misses Tom.
  At 12:39 PM Blogger eve said:
er...ok..i shall tutup my clinic this instance and go home ....
  At 12:47 PM Anonymous mott said:
ah..i don't blame u. Even if not holiday, the traffic in Penang is GILA!


but..still..penang is FUN!i shud know..i was born there!!! HAHAH!
quick, schedule a visit soon.

tired ar? a warm massage should do you good. must eat also, if not, no energy to do....ok, nevermind. **sayangzzzz**

you got it right there...same goes with eulogies...never heard of one whereby they mentioned so-and-so worked so hard and helped his boss made millions.

**sniffss, sobss..** i sure do miss Tom lots.

eve nid sampai macam tu ler. LOL
well, penang is a small island and with the increasing population and number of vehicles, it's one tight squeeze, worse during public holidays.
nonetheless, my heart belongs there. :)
  At 9:41 PM Blogger savante said:
I must feed well. Nice.
Yes, Nyonya! Its feeding time! When shall we meet up to pig out again?
Miss your grandmother stories lah. Haha!

Who hasn't used the word busy with work before as an excuse to meet up with family/friends..
  At 11:47 AM Anonymous JL said:
Nyonya Chicken Soup for the Soul :)
  At 1:29 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
The soul never complains even when not well fed
We have to be conscious in knowing it's needs
are you satiated?
have a nice day. :)

cocka doodle,
geee....I'm starved already!

hi zara's mama,
nice of you to drop by. thanks.

ya, excuses and excuses...i'm kinda good at that too.

would lurve to have a big pot of chicken soup from jl's kitchen. :P

it's all about awareness, no?
  At 8:47 PM Anonymous _butt said:
*nods slowly*

agree with kak nyonya, although for me it's gona take some time, the gap is too wide an ocean.. but yeah, you're right. nothing can fill the stomach more wholesomely than a warm sincere relationship with people, starting with your family.

nice one.

just try to take it a step at a time.
have a nice day. :)
  At 9:23 PM Blogger just me said:
Feed the soul first,yes, all rest can wait!
  At 9:24 PM Blogger just me said:
I mean everything else can wait
just me,
you got it so right!
  At 10:33 PM Blogger Chen said:
waiting anxiously for nyonya to balik kampung again ;)

dr chen,
bila gua balik kampung, gua ajak lokter pigi slurpsss ice-kacang tambah pisang, mangga & betik.