Sunday, February 25, 2007

'Normal' Times Are Back

Hi there, everyone. I am back.

The Chinese New Year festivities are almost over - one week gone and another week to Chap Goh Meh and at midnight tonight , the Hokkien Taoist community will offer prayers to the God of Heaven, Thnee Kong.

Many in the workforce who have taken leave from work last week would be coming back to work tomorrow and ya, folks, it’s back to the grind. Not that I am complaining. In fact, I am quite happy that things would be flowing back to normalcy, unlike the harassed pace before each major festival and especially during year end. Everybody is like chasing everybody else as the major festivals and year end holidays approach. I’d be like chasing my clients and they would give replies such as:-

“Sorry lar, my mother-in-law is in town. Gotta take her to the dentist, the dressmakers, the doctors, the temple……So no time to meet up with you.”

“Sorry, gotta wait till I get my year end bonus.”

“I’ll be on leave and taking my family for holidays. Back in 3 weeks time. Call me in 3 months time.”

“Sorry, gotta cancel appointment. Got diarrhoea after pigging out on the Christmas turkey and meat loaf.”

“Sorry, cannot see you now. I am very busy chasing for payments. If not no money to give my staff angpows.”

On the other hand, I’d be chased by others:-

“Hi, can you send the documents over NOW. I’d be on leave next week, you know?”

“Hi, just to remind you to quickly come over and collect the cookies you ordered. I cannot keep too long for you.”

“Hello, we called you 3 times already. We are sending the settee this afternoon. You at home ar?”

“Hi, can you come in with your son to sign the documents by tomorrow, latest. Next week CNY ledi. If not, we’ll allocate the car to someone else.”


It’s always the pre-festivals and pre-holidays period that routines are thrown into chaos. The roads are jammed for kilometres on end and the malls are packed to the brim with shoppers with very much loosened purse strings. A journey that normally takes no more than 20 minutes would stretch to an hour and things(edible or non-edible) that we would not give a second look on non-festive season would suddenly jump at us and we willingly lug them home. Talk about inconspicuous consumption.

So, am I glad that the ‘normal’ times are back.
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  At 6:58 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya's blogging will be back to normal, ya??? ;)
  At 8:02 PM Blogger may said:
ahhhh, the woes of post-holiday season. it's such a chore to drag our feets back to the office again, hor? *brings you a fresh cuppa to keep you awake at work*
back to normal blogging too? ;-)

School starts tomorrow also. Early mornings for me again. **bawls**
  At 10:50 PM Blogger angel said:
And I hate Monday mornings...
*bawls with King's Wife*

Happy Pai Tnee Kong!
Quickly meet up! You still owe us angpows! LOL
slowly but surely. :)

thanks for the cuppa. you have a cuppa too. :)

king's wife,
slowly pulling myself back.
wake up early???? gua mau tidur sekejab lagi. **booooohoohoooo..**

"thnee kong poh pee gua eh pengyew semua peng aun, peng aun; kwai-kwai gau tua han.."

Monday already???? **bawlzzzz**

when? when?
i thot you owe me angpow also. :P
  At 2:53 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Ya lor where is my angpows...... Glad U are bek to normal routine now which means U'll be more on the blog now??? Hahahahah...Yippeeeee..
after CNY in about 3 or 4 weeks school holidays...

you got more problem
  At 8:18 AM Anonymous JL said:
hi Kak Nyonya!

Welcome Back!

Bila open house ni? ;)
I agree
Normal time is good.
Yipee. More nyonya post to read
  At 8:54 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
welcome back!!! I still in holiday mood lah... cham!
  At 9:17 AM Blogger ah nel said:
saposed to b T-kong

Thnee seem like read teh nee...LOL
  At 10:17 AM Anonymous suituapui said: so glad CNY is over! Next year, I'll pack my bags and run off somewhere again!!! All the hassle...! Qong Xi Fa Cai to u and Happy Chap Goh Mei!!!
  At 11:09 AM Anonymous mott said:'s the dry season isn't it? no more holidays until...may? or something like that!
  At 11:16 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
  At 2:24 PM Blogger Winn said:
not me....
i m stil on leave till tmrw. Yipe! wished it cld be longer tho.......( dam thum sim hor) haha...
  At 4:43 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Wah..means more blablabla from Nyonya now that everything is back to normal la.
agree too! anyway gong xi fa cai! ang pao wa ai! gerori~
  At 11:10 PM Blogger Chen said:
back to normal gossips too?
u have to come personally and collect. :)

pisang goreng,
can pretend not to see the problem. LOL

365 days a year. :)

i need routines. :)

young man lidat lar...still got Chap Goh Meh. :)

ah nel,
oh, i see, i see.

where did you run to?
wanted to send you e-card also tak boleh.

errr...i think so.

see lar, what the festive season does to me. everything all upside down. LOL

how was your long holiday? can extend summore. LOL

harap-harap macam tu ler. :)

kamsiah for your wishes.
angpow..have to collect personally.

dr chen, so fast back to 'normal' liao ar?
  At 9:29 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I at home layan anak back for a few days from Khidmat Negara (*@%$$**%%!!!), did not go online.
  At 1:23 PM Anonymous mott said:
  At 2:57 PM Anonymous FireHorse said:
welcome back!! Chap Goh Meh got go tim kam or not? Oh sorry marry ady you maybe just eat kam lah.
  At 3:41 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Nyonya, i come and check your blog 3 times ard. Next time i come got update or not? Hahahahahaha.

bila mau datang minum kopi with me?

TAG ar???? LOL

can tim durian or not? kakakaka

sorry lor...gua mia brain belum back to normal yet. I promise I will work on this foggy brain ASAP. kamsiah so much for your support. :)
  At 11:46 PM Blogger Sam said:
Yay! You're back. Been wondering when you'll be back. :P
in fact, the holidays are not long enough.