Friday, January 19, 2007

No Manners ar?

Yesterday, I was queuing up for my ‘chapfun’ lunch when a woman came and stood behind me. There was about another 10 people or so in front of the queue and this piece of lard was like standing sooo close and pushing and jabbing my back with her extra hard pointed bra every few seconds or so. I turned around to glare at her a few times but she doesn’t seem to take the cue. As the line inched along, she continued with her jabs and pokes and I then turned around and politely told her not to stand so close behind me. She stepped back a little but before I can say, “Kamsiah”, the poking started again and this time, I suddenly put my hands on my hips and my elbow ‘accidentally’ whacked her pointies. Ouchhh…my elbow pain lar. kakkakaka…

Aisehman, still as clueless, she then leaned forward to have a good look at what were the dishes of the day and then in a loud voice (in Cantonese) called out to the stall owner, “Harlo, I want that prawn dish la. There, that one little bit left oni. I want all lar. Reserve for me lar. And you not cooking fresh ones meh?....,bla…bla…”. The stall owner just smiled and continued serving the other customers in front of the queue. Thinking that she was not heard, she lunged forward, went a pitch higher and repeated her stoooopid request and at the same time yelling at her daughter who was hovering outside the queue to just tell the stall owner she wants to ‘tapau’ the prawns only and therefore no need to queue up lar. **sheeesh** Now I know, from whom these queue-jumpers pick up their bad manners.

Just then my turn came up to be served and I told the stall owner I wanted the prawns and she then scooped all onto my plate and as she continued to scoop the other dishes, that woman said very loudly to the stall owner, “Hey, I want the prawns ma. Why you give to her? Now no more liao. Can fry fresh ones for me ar?.. bla, bla, bla” Paiseh lar, no response from the stall owner also. heehehehe…..

If only she was more polite and has better manners……

yummm…yummmmmm…….somehow the prawns tasted extra ‘sedaps’.

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Padan muka!
Even if I don't want to eat the prawns, I will purposely take it all just to deprive her of it!
  At 10:28 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
"Nya, maybe she the hots for u??? LOL!!!
  At 10:36 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
...And thank God she didn't get the prawns, otherwise even more gatal lah! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  At 11:01 AM Blogger sengkor said:
if i were u i will do the same! if cannot fit on the plate then tapau the balance..
  At 11:24 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Hahahahahh I will do the same too la... If only I am there.. lagi seronok la.. I make sure her head is all with asap (smoke comin out)...
That is why never tak jui people...
  At 12:11 PM Blogger angel said:
Beh tahan... but u not skeds meh? Since she so big...


i just cannot imagine wehre the *toot* did their manners fly to!!! can someone be so ILL MANNERED ah??tsk tsk
  At 12:27 PM Blogger Sam said:
Vengeance is sweet when you're taking revenge on a person who has a pointy bra and has been poking you with it.

For some reason I don't know what I'm writing. =P

Long message short: Bwahahahaha! Go nyonya go!
pointy bra? hahahaha
  At 2:02 PM Anonymous mott said:
*rubs hands* lovely!!! Hope it was finger lickin' good!!!! the chapfun fella also velly smart!!!!
  At 2:20 PM Blogger Sasha said:
so irritating la that poky woman... and GOOD ONE NYONYA!!!!!
  At 3:06 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
hahaha... good move! Really cannot play play with this nyonya *cabut*
  At 3:06 PM Blogger Sin Ling said:
nyonyapenang successfully revenge, nyonyapenang rules, the woman padan muka, dont give her face, step on her face..
  At 3:53 PM Anonymous JL said:
it hurts?! wahliao lu didn't ask wat type of ngan keng she's wearing kah? =P

the stall owner very pandai *clap clap clap*
  At 5:12 PM Blogger savante said:
Ooh. Yous hould have given her a wide smile while swallowing the prawn.
king's wife,
hehehe...same-same here la. I don't really fancy the prawns. :)

aiyerrr.....i'll then tell her la - i got boypren ledi - his name is suituapui. kakakakka

skin thickwuuah, lu lagi teruk than me. LOL

hahahaa....another sapoter.

if only she was a bit more polite, i would have gladly let her have the prawns. :)

skeds ar? aiyoh, now that you mentioned, lucky thing she never push me hard. terus gua jatuh, man.

pink cotton,
ya lar, dunno how to paiseh wan la.
skin thick macam papan jamban lidat.

you made a lot of sense to me. keep them coming. thanks alot. :)

err....hard like coconut shell summore. LOL

somehow the prawns tasted extra sedaps. :)

dunno she kepala otak or sampat until lidat.

hoi, come back lar. gua very nice wan lar. hahahaha.....

sin ling,
she was just plain rude, so no nid to kasi chance. :)

err...titanium frame kuar?
stall owner was being very fair la - all also customer mar, so follow queue system lor.
'no eyes' to look at her. better to 'cuci mata' admiring good-looking man with day-old stubbles..... LOL
  At 5:47 PM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya is the best :D
padan muka tu si dia :P
  At 5:56 PM Blogger may said:
be careful she poke you summore with her pointy bra, hahaha! but good for that stall owner for not listening to that rude lady too. great stuff!
why evri love prawn hah?
me dont like leh....
  At 8:06 PM Blogger Will said:
nyonya khai ma... you are the best... hahahahah :D
  At 8:28 PM Anonymous famil said:
loveeeeeee your antic!
serve her right...
dr chen,
she was soooo annoying. gua pun beh tahan liao. :)

dis wan really 'toak pooi chek' lar. kakakaka.....
and ya, the stall owner pandai do business la - ikut queue system.

pisang goreng,
hi, how are you?
gua oni suka big prawns nia lar.

ya lor, i was sooooo 'good'; i didn't pummel her. kakakaka.....

kurang sopan dia ni.
  At 11:59 PM Blogger _butt said:
hehehe.. bagus!! now she apa pun tak de.. really can't stand this kind people.. issh.

happy weekend! :D
  At 12:58 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Nyonya... u pakat with the chapfan fella ah to spike that pointy boobies? LOL
  At 2:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
ke ke ke
manners la~~~~
so shy la!~
  At 5:40 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
haha..padan muka :P, sometimes must really teach these ppl a lesson
  At 7:17 AM Blogger ah nel said:
next time cal khai cai when wana tapao...

else khai mah go do some ang kong on body as ppl say...

sing ku bo kang hu,
ang kong po sing ku.

nyonya jie really know how to needle ppl where it hurts ^-^
  At 10:39 PM Blogger ilene said:
"Gua chaya lu"! Like King's Wife said, I also will do the same...sapu ALL whether I like the dish or not! You've got a nice way of describing her..."lard"! hahahah and what a pointy lard! kekekeke Luckily the stall owner didn't listen to her hor? What would have happened if he did lei? You'll fight for it still? Teach me. I must learn from you.
  At 6:35 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Eeyeeerrrr... such an irritating specimen. Wa sokong lu, nyonya.

But you got such good ideas lah...... next time if you see me cekak pinggang in a queue, you know who taught me, eh? :-)
  At 12:43 PM Anonymous eve said:
aiyoyo..kesian..kena cucuk ye?..hehee..hey , i m bek liao...check ur e mail ye?..
  At 1:32 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak, I got manners..
I came to tell you, I'm feeling better now & to wish you a great week ahead. :)


p/s Do you know what happened to Sengkor's blog???
wah nyonya geng! teach her a lesson! if i sure scolded her leow!
  At 3:04 PM Blogger aceone118 said:
Nyonya..mama mia 'chapfun'? I wan to join the queue!!!!
this is so FUNNY, but such a true relection of the kiasuness of malaysian society
  At 5:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
apa lar aunty itu ?
nyonya, she bok mong you leh

ps. still got problem logging in and submit comment. :( so use anonymous lor
ya, she was a real pain.

no lar, gua ini ver good wan lor. :)

she was so rude hor?

i also dowan to teach her ler. gua buat tak tau saja.

ah nel,
ok, ok, next time gua talipon you. :)

needle? no lar, gua very good wan. LOL

errrr.....if the stallowner were to give in to that piece of lard, I proly would ask, "Hey, gua no pay you marney ar? Gua eat free izzit?"
Ilene, can or not, lidat??? LOL

hahahhaa....that one called keep your distance one 'cekak pinggang-length' .

so cepat?
thanks for the email. gua reply liao.

**sayangzzzz** to you.

if i scold her ar, then i will look like the aggressor lidat lor. :)

you wanna kena 'poked' izzit? kkakakak...

the searcher,
hi, how are you? we missed you.
re: the woman, ya, it was good display of kiasuness.

hi, lu ho boh?
that woman is plain 'sampat'!
  At 5:45 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Sometimes loud pushy people get their way dats why they never learn lah. Lucky thing Nyonya got her prawns.
  At 9:25 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi NyonyaPenang, couldn't help smiling read your 'tolak tolak' incident. Guess there are still people like that around.
Here we too have incidents like that, at bustops. New Asian immigrants fresh from the tongkangs jump the line at bustops. Bus driver will prevent them from coming up..."please get back in line". Ahh, they learn. Or the people infront will tell them off. Get a 6'4" orang hitam, his voice lagi kuat tell them! They learn very FAST!
Or they churi drive on wrong lane to potong jalan...they experience flashing red and blue lights behind and a loud, "PULL OVER"! $350 fine, $250 fine for careless driving and loss of 2 demerit points plus when renew insurance, premiums go up 15%!!! Instant learning on good driving behaviour, ha ha.
Best regards, UL.
nyonya ... this is putting a smile on my face. we malaysians are a pushy lot, no?

this sort of tolak-tolak doesn't just happen at restaurants. it happens everywhere there are malaysians.

go holiday, get pushed at picture taking spots. go buffet, get pushed out line. go gym, people overtake at treadmill.

sien ah ....
  At 7:28 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Nonya, I tumpang sikit to comment on 'Moz Monster's' reply, "everywhere there are Malaysians". Ha ha. I think Malaysians are apart from a few 'durians' are on the whole well mannered
....there are 127 Nationalities here, you name the country, we have them, and fortunately the cops here as well public have a certain amount of humour, and constraint or else ada lecheh sikit.
Oh ya, and misbehave to 'wrong' person here, you might have to face a .38 calibre or 9mm pistol
ha ha. Potong jalan a car and if occupants are ones with 'attitude', you might suddenly find your rear and front windscreen 'airconditioned'Only thing here is those who misbehave in public due to ignorance or upbringing learn very fast as they get 'told off'. Even school kids as young as 10 will tell you off if you potong lineups.
On the other hand its nice to see young boys or men giving their seats to the elderly or moms with toddlers in subways and buses.
But Moz Monster,...if you think Malaysians (not all) can be uncouth, ha ha, a lot of the Orang putehs here too can make the 'Malaysians' you mentioned look like Nuns or wor seongs.
Like buying durians or apples, sure ada one bad one.
Recently there was an article here of tourists visit to Malaysia, quote: "friendly and eveready with a smile".
Thanks Nonya and best regards to Moz Monster. UL.
  At 8:37 AM Blogger dreamie said:
ho chiak hor the prawns ?... :)
  At 5:54 PM Anonymous mumsgather said:
*clap clap clap* for the chap fun stall owner! Many would have bowled in or given in to that type of pushiness. Really padan muka.
  At 10:30 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Uncle Lee, i read your comments about the people who use the wrong lane and cut in... makes me steam!

I really pantang to see these people who use the emergency lane to overtake the queue at the traffic lights and then cut in at the penultimate moment. Grrrr!!!
  At 5:05 PM Anonymous kat said:
Nyonya, you look and sound too nice, that's why that pushover pushed you over!! LOL

Oh, I like the Uncle Lee story .... they experience flashing red and blue lights behind and a loud, "PULL OVER"! . Sometimes I wish I can install a loud hailer on my car and yell "OYYYYY!! Kopi lesen kah??!!!" at those ignorant queue jumpers!