Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tow Trucks To The Rescue

I’ve been wanting to write about this but somehow I wrote and posted something else. You know, those road-cruisers whose job is to cruise the roads to look out for motor vehicle accidents and to call in the tow-trucks immediately? Well, I once had the misfortune of being surrounded by hoards of them in all shapes and sizes and in all colours too.

There you were, choked with fear and gasping for breath, head all spinning from the mishap and unable to think straight and speak coherently and you have this group of people calling out and telling you, “Kak, gua dari XYZ workshop. Kita boleh tolong tow and repair, claim insurance and kautim semua sekali, cepat-cepat. Sign sini, semua beres. Kak tak payah risau…bla…bla…bla…” And every one of them was like stuffing their name-cards to my face and every workshop they represent is the best in Klang Valley, Golok and beyond. **roll eyes**

I told them in my sweetest voice (these people you definitely wanna turn on a little sugar) that my insurer had sent someone and that I had to follow my insurer’s instructions but they just would not lay off. I tell you, they were persistent. At one point in time, one of them called for his backup to come by and nearly conned me into believing that this was the tow truck from my insurer. That chap even casually flip open a file to show that he is representing my insurer but fortunately I had the mind to question him, “Tadi saya cakap sama orang India wor. I rasa bukan you la.” He insisted, “Sama punya la, bla…bla….”

Luckily, the one I was waiting for arrived soon enough and only then did the big group disperse. **phewwww**

Anyone had experiences like this?

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  At 1:30 AM Blogger angel said:
Oh dear... sounded like you were some kind of 'meat' for the "vultures"!

I pray I don't have to be in this situation... sure gerenti I'll kena conned wan... :(

There was once on Federal Highway, someone sort of bumped into me fr behind but when I got out of the car to check, miraculously, everything was okay but then, there was this car that stopped in front of me and came to help me 'inspect' my car liao. I was like wow, so 'efficient'... when he saw nothing happened, he must hv been very disappointed.

*sayang nyonya*
  At 1:32 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i do tis tow car b4 til saw some of them fighting to get car and they prefer marni than life...the victim injured they din cared to cal ambulance but quarelling to get their car towed...

til then i stop as wat for fighting to get some cash then i reli pity saw the injured ppl...
  At 1:47 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Sound like a scary experience, no I never experient lidat type of thing.
How was your New Year Nyonya, hope never go out joget late late until son SMS again.
  At 2:22 AM Blogger JL said:
nope tak pernah... hope tak perlu la :P kesian kak nyonya. In the end the one who came to the rescue was an Ah Neh kah?
  At 2:43 AM Blogger ilene said:
Good thing nothing serious happened to you or your car. Itu lah, we all women driver better register with this aam thing!
  At 8:11 AM Anonymous may said:
yup, they're the most persistent vultures around town! even heard stories about how some actually cause the accidents by pouring oil on the road la, bla bla bla... great to have your own regular mechanic's number at hand during these times!
  At 9:25 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
This totally irrelevant to your post but I heard that similar 'vultures'(undertakers) hang around the hospitals.. approaching families of dying patients.

No feelings or sympathies at all - real leeches.. they are.
  At 9:50 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
So far no such experiences but then I follow my friend who was one of the tow truck people last time, many years ago
Speaking of which I saw 2 accidents yesterday I think as I traverse back and forth from Genting, a bit scary to see the car go into the drain but luckily it was the drain and not the side of the hill.
  At 10:23 AM Anonymous mott said:
yar...i kena before...i was a young ciku then...i thot these tow fellas so caring one..everything can kau-tim for me... especially when almost mati n in shock...

KNNCCB tiu to all tow fellas! only think of money blady farkers!

*waves fists!*
  At 10:28 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyoh hv heard of it plenty of times but hv not experience it and "touch touch wood" dun wan to experience it lor coz I am sure like Angel get conned la..... Luckily here in London no such thingy la... U register with one company anythin happens jus call them they'll come and pick you up!!! The proper ones....
  At 10:48 AM Blogger dreamie said:
they arent your rescue 911 in need, more like devil in disguise.,

sori dah lambat sedikit, baru balik :
"Here's wishing nyonya and family a happy and wonderful New Year 2007 !! Cheers !!!
  At 12:15 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Nonya, you a member of MAA or whatever they call it there? If not, go join, very useful incase of emergencies.
I can imagine your apprehensions. Glad you have good head on your shoulders. Best regards, UL.
  At 12:52 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
scary laaa, especially if we are not familiar with the place. i hope that guy is reading yr blog now.
  At 3:56 PM Blogger AceOne said:
If you didn't sign anything they have no right to tow your car.
aiyoh, these people hor, scare the devil out of me lar. tried to look cool but nearly pengsan there. LOL
thanks for the sayangzz. gua sayang angel too. :)

ah nel,
wuaah, you pun ada experience in this ar? jialat wan la.

no joget la. stayed at home jaga pintu for anak lor. :)

gua pun pray you no nid experience macam ni ler. teruk wan semua itu, ahneh ke, ahmat ke or ahtong pun sama aje.

i'm an AAM member too but i called my insurer's hotline first.

just for everybody's info, AAM will tow free of charge for BREAKDOWNS only but will CHARGE for accident cases.

ya, they can be very, very unscrupulous - all because for a few ringgit. **sighsss**

what you said is true - it's big business. they have informers in the hospitals to sms them of death or impending death.

it's lidat - say, 2 cars involve in accident and you'll see 10 other cars around; most of them the road-cruisers lor.

ya lar, scared until almost pee on the pants already and you have them all around you. aisehman, tried to con gua summore.

your place there very different lor. here, semua pun boleh mia.

but diaorang macam very helpful lidat wor.
and thanks for the kind wishes. i wish you all the best of everything for 2007

Uncle Lee,
I am a member of AAM - they charge for towing re: accidents but FOC for breakdowns. in my case, the insurer will pay for the towing which i was told is about RM150 to RM200.
ya, Uncle Lee, I was very scared at that time but tried hard to pull myself together. Thank God, no physical injuries. :)

kak teh,
i was scared and they come and make you more confused. thankfully, no one was hurt.

i was aware of that but these people hor, they were rather intimidating.
That can so frightening.

My one and only experience with a tow truck was riding in one while my car was being towed, one night in the middle of last year. Thankfully the driver was helpful and friendly.
  At 7:30 PM Blogger Bernard said:
I've heard of these people.

They're on the Penang Bridge too. I think that if my car stalled on the bridge, I wouldn't have a choice but to get the first tow truck that comes.... otherwise I would be causing a horrid jam and every motorist on the bridge would be cursing me. :-)
wah nyonya... tabik!!! you were still able to think rationally after the accident.
lulu has all this written by heart already, but, in real life, lulu may, like bernard, crumble and accept whatever offer first.
hmmm.... time to key in my regular workshop's handphone number into my phone.
  At 2:09 AM Blogger ilene said:
Bernard, should you be stuck on the Penang Bridge or any where along the PLUS highway for that matter, NEVER call for a tow truck but instead call PLUS. We have very nice people at PLUS who would tow your car WITHOUT CHARGE to their nearest toll plaza.

Aiyoh, Nyonya, soli, didn't get your permission first. soli ah, belly soli. BTW, thanks for the info. I didn't know that. I always call AAM for flat tyre and flat battery - so far!
  At 7:25 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Same as the undertakers waiting at the lortuary for people to die...!!! Ha ha ha!
king's wife,
wuuah, you got free ride summore ah? btw, was it a car breakdown?

if breakdown oso not your fault ma. buat mua tembok saja la. LOL
read ilene's comments re PLUS. that would be a better bet rather than kena those tow-sharks

what a lulu,
in case of accidents, call your insurer's hotline; breakdowns then can call AAM or your own regular workshop.

thanks for the valuable info.
no apologies needed here la. just feel free to comment. :)

they are supposed to provide invaluable services but they are so unprofessional in their dealings.
  At 5:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
vultures they are: tow-trucks.
but u were very calm!

nice blog. i enjoy the mildly psychotic pieces ;P
also feeds my voyeuristic tendencies...........

i may be your latest, and most dangerous stalker yet...nyonya
  At 6:12 PM Blogger William said:
Like undertakers at the ICU...
hi freelunch2020,
a very warm welcome!
you wanna be my stalker? gua sukaaaaa......just feel free to pop by anytime ya. :D
pssst....gua pretend to be calm aje. sebenarnya, muka pun pucat ledi tapi at night they kenot see ler.

they'll just try anything and everything. so intimidating lor.
  At 9:20 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Uahh.. thanks for the green light to buat muka tembok. Haha.

Penang Bridge is under the management of PBSB. I guess the tow truck would be from there. On the bright side, I suppose it'll be my day in the limelight if i happen to stall on the bridge. Hehe.
yeah, breakdown. Thankfully I am a member of AAM. So it was free towing.
  At 1:11 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
it's very common, some tow truckers, they actually made the accident to happen to do biz..teruk uh!!
yerrr... i really hate those vultures lor...i sometimes suspect they do hanky panky stuff to cause accidents!
*Cocka casually flip open file...*
So, you are that auntie that day ah?
Why didn't let me tow your car? Everything kau tim wan.
  At 2:10 PM Blogger sengkor said:
u think got any bloggers work as tow truck driver? good to know one or two just in case..
  At 3:42 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Hi, this is the first time I'm commenting here so a bit pai seh, but this topic is a serious one.

I too have been hit from behind once by some hit and run driver on a fairly busy road and I made a big detour to stop and check my car. Immediately, this other car appears behind me and offers a card of a tow truck company. I was very furious. I mean, it's so blatantly obvious this is some unscrupulous method used by desperate tow truck companies.

I rather register with AIA and use their services. More peace of mind.
  At 3:57 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Oh shucks, did I say AIA, i meant AAM.
you sure you want to be in that kind of limelight ar? LOL

king's wife,
i've called AAM before to help jumpstart my kereta. they are efficient. :)

jazzmint and laundryamah,
now that you mentioned, dunno they did something or not. you see, they just appeared in an INSTANT. :(

cocka doodle,
i oso don't remember seeing a tow truck with a 'COCK' logo. how to recognise you lidat? LOL

maybe can refer ah nel. :)

hi jonzz,
a warm welcome! just feel free to drop by anytime. no nid paiseh wan.

re:AAM, they'll tow for free in breakdown cases but will charge you for towing for accident-cases. If kena accident, just call the hotline of your insurer. :)
p.s. i may next post something related to this topic.
  At 9:48 PM Blogger _butt said:
Wah, if it's me sure gabra habis..