Monday, December 18, 2006

Why I Merepek

I think I was spooning my olio spaghetti into my mouth when Angel posted me a question. It went something like this– “What makes you start a blog?”

Aisehman, this young lady doesn’t seem to understand that orang tua like me just can’t multi-task. My brain was programmed to the eating mode at that moment and she decided to shoot such a mind-probing question. Anyway, I gently told her la, “Please don’t kacau la, when I’m eating. I may bite.”

**Burpssss**…..Okie, back to your question, Angel.

Hmmmmm……lemme think….**fingers tapping the table**

Ya, gua started blogging because……..

1) gua ‘chiak pa siaw eng’ (eat full, very free la) and gua kaypoh go and peeped at other people’s blogs. Wuuaah…..all kinds of everything you got there:-

sweeeeet sampai gigi pun wanna drop lidat;

sour sampai eyes also cannot open;

bitter until I almost choked myself in tears; and

the salty ones (ham-ham sup-sup) that caused my heart to palpitate.

Then the ‘kaypohness’ went up a notch and I started to type in my 1 sen worth of comments. Ehhh….got people comment on my comment wor. This is getting interesting liao. Gua sukaaaaa…….

2) gua pun naik lemak la and now wanna write my own stories. But then, what stories have I got to share ? What theme and style should I follow? What type of audience do I hope/wish to attract?...etc…etc….All these and more gave me cold fingers and fortunately, I found the answer in my warm heart – I just wanna share in my blog whatever that comes to my simple mind. Hence, merepek was born.

3) I wanna learn and discover. I blog ‘incognito’ and through the few short months, I’ve got to know loads of cyberfrens from all over the world and I am truly thankful to all of you who have touched my life in more ways than one. Thanks once more, for all those beautiful stories and delightful banter. Just keep them coming, all you sayangs out there.

It was this sweet, sweet Angel who graciously invited me for a first meet-up. She enticed me with an activity which I, errr…..errrmm…just could not resist. She arranged for a sinful ‘lick-a-lick-lick’ session. Aiyoh, lidat how to tahan la. I was soooo sexcited sampai cannot sleep and also nearly tripped on my sarong la. Thus a friendship was born on that beautiful afternoon with this group of wonderful people.

Ya, blogging led me to new friendships. And just last Friday evening and Saturday morning, I got to meet a few blogbabas (sengkor, ah nel, jl, anonwill, kenny ng and seefei) and blognyonyas (Angel, dr chen, may, _butt and winn) in the flesh. They are great company. Kamsiah again to Angel, the event organizer par excellence!

So, Angel, boleh la reasons macam ini, hor?
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  At 1:23 AM Blogger angel said:

Nyonya, you're The Best! Everyone sayangzzz you! Eventhough they kacau you saying you very pandai merepek, they sayangzzz you! Can you feel da' love tonight?

Thank you for the Lemak Lovezzz!
*wink wink peluk peluk spoon spoon*
  At 1:31 AM Blogger angel said:
Aiyaks! Forgot to answer you...

Bolehhhh! ;)
  At 1:39 AM Anonymous may said:
Nyonya Penang Boleh!! we learn a lot through blogging also, hor? like what spooning means... hahaha! sayangzz!
  At 6:39 AM Anonymous anonymous will said:
nyonyapg is a great company... nice meeting you :D
  At 8:22 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Everybody Loves Kak Nyonya!!!

After reading some of the posts by the blogbabas & blognyonyas, I can't wait to meet you, Kak! :)

Kak Nyonya Rocks!!! ;)
  At 8:46 AM Blogger JL said:
Veli good answers. gua give 5 stars ^_^

wats we the spooninglah wei? how bout some forking :P kehkehkehkeh (so tak betul ni)
  At 8:48 AM Blogger u-jean said:

i start a blog bcos ppl got i oso 12 have

wow.. the impact caused by blogging is big!
mmm sai paiseh la.
gua cakap betul la.

now i see spoons in a different light liao. gua sukaaaa...

anon will,
my pleasure. :)

those blogbabas & blognyonyas are great company. they taught me what rockzzzz means. LOL

and pssst....gua mia msn nama is
'nyonyarockz'. :D

re: itu spooning hor, go visit Angel. :)

yalor, yalor....semua pun mesti ada.

las montanas,
it sure is!
i would not have 'known' you if not for blogging. :)
  At 10:18 AM Anonymous anonymous will said:
actually hor... I think nyonyapg's avatar also can be considered spooning... but terbalik facing style... :P
  At 10:27 AM Blogger sengkor said:
nyonya, u lupa to mention that this blog is a complaint bureau also..
been reading your blog, me oso nyonya from melaka, but segan to comment, most times i just read only. oso takut people click to my blog, my blog nuthin much wan, i see you all punya blog so hebat wan, i lagi shy. i enjoy reading your blog, so fresh and i can relate to the nyonyaness of lu gua language. and oso all the nice and funny comments by your peminats!
  At 11:12 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya best best!! Sayangzzz nyonya.... but hor wat is spooning ah!!!! Heheheheheheheh.....
  At 11:16 AM Anonymous eve said:
wahhhhhhhhhhhh...blogger's meet again? nice hor?..meeting new tarak masa la..never have enuf time one..lagi pun dah nak beranak...sit too long oso back ache liao..
  At 11:16 AM Blogger savante said:
Wah, so where does my blog enter into all this? Sour? Sweet? Bitter?
  At 11:41 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
nyonyapenang memang Boleh! Boleh than Malaysia Boleh. That's the truth from my heart.

Nice meeting u nyonya... so paiseh la until u said 'hiak kai' than I still blur blur... after u gave hints then I only got it... it was u!!! LOL
  At 11:54 AM Blogger Chen said:
very solid reasons
bravo :D
anon will,
hahahaha.... that wan called 'sendukking'.
you know what's a senduk??? if dunno, go ask lokter.

shhhh.....nanti itu apanama, maikai chong CELCOM sama gua lar.

hi alison,
a warm welcome to you.
oohhh...a silent reader, ya? no worries and don't be shy ler - kasi komen-komen saja; join in oni la. invite us over to your blog lor, then we can kasi our 1 sen or 2 sen or sometimes 1 ringgit komens.
thanks for visiting. feel free to drop-by bila-bila saja. :)

**sayangzzzz banyak-banyak**
mau tau apa itu spooning ah?
cepat-cepat visit Angel - she got nice-nice pikture on the bed wan.

lepas beranak, kalau can spare sikit masa, cum join us lor. :)
savante, that you asked....i should say yours give an explosion of many different tastes with an occasional headthrob/headspin thrown in for good measure. gua sukaaaaaa.....
  At 12:17 PM Anonymous anonymous will said:
wah senduk... lagi keng than spoon :P
  At 12:23 PM Blogger Winn said:
nyonya penang boleh!!!!!!!!!!!
nyonya, your reason should be :

How can we all bloggers out there survive without reading your blog?

We love nyonyapenang...
  At 1:49 PM Blogger Winn said:
wah u got so many fan..

u got fan club or not?

need to pay membership fee?
  At 2:00 PM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha!! If itu Maikai Chong Celcom sama lu, lu cepat Celcom sama gua! Gua mau advertise untuk lu larrr... :D

winn, liu wanna start a NP Fan-si Club? Then we collect membership fee and ......... (fill in the blanks yourself)
  At 3:09 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Wuah!! I heard Ahnel kena molest and raped kaw kaw!! kakakaka
  At 3:56 PM Blogger JL said:
I think we've found a Nyonya Melaka (Alison) :)

Angel, where do i sign up ya?
  At 6:46 PM Blogger William said:
Now that you've met some fellow bloggers in person, how different is the blog persona from the real life one?
  At 7:49 PM Anonymous kat said:
After reading so many rave reviews about the wonderful nyonya, how to resist not coming to her blog??

The verdict? VERY FUNNY! After reading 8 amusing, comprehensible (there are blogs where I really don't get what a blogger is trying to say. I understand the text and all but cannot for the life of me see the point of the post!!), entertaining posts .

Nice refreshing change. Does get quite tiring reading angsty, bitter posts after a while.

Look forward to (silently) reading more. :)
  At 7:53 PM Blogger famil said:
yeah la, merepek nyonya ada umphhh!
  At 8:26 PM Blogger FireHorse said:
Lucky thing I stumble upon your "warm" Nyonya house. Kam siah chey chey for inviting me in.
We love your merepek!!

A fun part of blogging is getting to meet up after all those comments and bantering!
Aiyo Nyonya....I have yet to meet anymore from blog...maybe too much bitching from my end
i took a peep at your blog and now gua teringkat. alison pernah pop by and komen quite a while ago ya. soli, gua blur-blur sikit.

mm sai paiseh la. semua chi kei yan. :)

dr chen,
kamsiah for your sapot. :)

anon will,
senduk good hor?

yay, yay, kita sama-sama BOLEH!
but errr...ada sikit tak boleh kua....santa belum CELCOM gua ler.

apa itu farnshwee club??? potato-lovers club ar??

aiyoh, mana gua dare to cakap macam ini la. nanti kena rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes la. :D

don't kasi maluuuu lidat la. :D

where were you? ah nel was calling out your name before he pengkawsaned. LOL

you mean signboard ar? go ask sengkor...he mentioned something about 'signboard taufu'.

you come and find out la.

hi kat,
an extra warm welcome to you.
thanks for taking the time to visit. do drop by bila-bila saja.

sikit, sikit nia la.
thanks for the sapot. :)

firehorse, lai chay & phak khok. LOL

king's wife,
yours was one of those blogs that i peeped into before i started mine. thanks for the motivation.
and, bila lu mau keluar pegang mike?

bitching??? tak apa punya. semua pun boleh wan. :)
  At 1:15 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
*clap* *clap*
Nyonya...when can have makan session with you? :P
  At 3:16 AM Blogger ah nel said:
now im babas so i need a nyonya wifey... ;P
  At 7:07 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Whoa, another meet up again last Friday? Very active!!!
can, can...bila-bila saja.

ah nel,
looking for wifey ar? please CELCOM maikai chong. he shud be able to help you. good luck.

we all hor, sek pau mou see chou la.
you back in maraysia ledi ar?
  At 11:22 AM Blogger wonda said:
Now you are a seasoned blogger. But why no more pictures? Am "gamaning"!
  At 11:27 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I also chiak pa sio eng!!! Wat category I belong to??? The salty ones??? Keep on I can add more salt, and sometimes pepper too!
  At 12:02 PM Anonymous ikanbilis said:
i started to blog because i feel like writing. mana tau got so much attention so sexcited also lah. haha!
gua ini novice nia la. simply taruh saja. 'gamaning'???? aiyoh, soli ar. gua ini slow motion wan la.

salty ke assam gua tak mau komen sini. cikgu cepat-cepat start blog gua baru boleh kasi assessment lor. :)

it gets kinda addictive hor? :D
  At 1:58 PM Blogger titoki said:
I have yet to meet the real you and judge for myself. :)
  At 2:01 PM Blogger titoki said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 2:05 PM Blogger titoki said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dun believe what they say la. semua kurang tepat wan. :)
  At 6:40 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Reading nyonya is good for your health. Don't forget to read today, tomorrow and everyday. This is a community service messsage brought to you by me. Remember, read nyonyapenang. ;-)

nyonya i suka the way lu describe an jua reading become commenting become writing.
  At 3:33 PM Blogger See Fei said:
lu manyak diam lah masa itu meeting punya jam. gua nak sembang2 dengan nonya pun talak chance. itu angel punya pasal lah! lain kali nonya mesti duduk di tengah2 kasi chance jejaka2 macam gua ejek2 ya? :-)