Friday, December 08, 2006

Harrrloooo CELCOM!

I pay all my bills promptly because I ‘pantang’ being chased for payment and also I do not believe in paying penalty/interest for being late with my cheques. Moreover, some companies encourage early/prompt payments with cash rebates and I have been enjoying 5% from my phone service provider. So as soon as I receive my bills, I will issue a cheque and then file the bills straightaway. Saves time and avoid clutter.

Then about 3 months ago, I noticed that the 5% rebate is no longer on my bills. I called up the Customer Service and was told that they’ll check and get back to me. Meanwhile, I am to pay the full amount as per the bill. I got no problems with that. I have forgotten about that CS fella until the next bill arrived. Ohhh….still no rebates huh??? Made another call to the CS and this time around, that young chap promised to look into it immediately and to get back to me ASAP. True enough, on Nov 2 2006, I received an official SMS from CELCOM to advise that my “….Case ID is C061031-3953432 has been resolved. The adjusted amount will be reflected in your next bill statement. Thank you.” – I’m quoting them verbatim here. I was impressed…..until, until….

The next bill dated Nov 24 arrived – still no adjustment or whatever. OK, another call would be just proper. Related my story to another CS executive who said will call me back in 30 minutes but the call finally came in after 50 minutes or so. Nevermind. With the patience of a saint, I listened to this chap and you know what he said? It went something like this:-

CS : “Harlo, Madam Tan ah? Sorry to tell you – now no more rebates for early payment.

Me : Since when?

CS : Not sure.

Me : Then how you know?

CS : I checked wif my superior and he said stopped already.

Me : How come I dunno wan? Any communication sent out?

CS : I dunno.

Me : Let me talk to your superior.

CS : OK, You hold the line for awhile?

Me : **wait and wait and smoke coming out from my nose ledi**

CS : Sori, Madam Tan. There is no manager at night.

Me : OK, then you pass the message to whoever you superior is to call me back ASAP. And tell him I want my money back.

CS : Madam Tan, there is no more rebate. The SMS wrongly sent la.

Me : I still have it in my phone as proof. Wah…. CELCOM lidat wan ah?
Dowan to honour izzit? I’m going to complain big-big la.

CS : Aiyoh, lidat my colleague will kena la.

Me : Please remember to get your manager to call me. Good night.

I waited for one day. No calls came in. I then sent an email yesterday. Still waiting for a response.

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Yesss, but we aren't going to do anything about it......

Aiya, Nyonya, this is expected lah....No one wants to claim responsibilty.
  At 1:20 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Nyonya, similarly I have the same experience with a credit card. I sent in a snail mail in July to cancel the card but still the statement came in so I called them the pass weeks after I was told to fax in my cancellation letter and guess what the last CS told me? "We have so many faxes and we don't have enough time to look at them yet"!!! So I have to pay all the blardy fees while waiting for them to sort out their ferking faxes???? DUH!
  At 3:17 AM Blogger angel said:
Complain to MCMC!

Selamat Hari Jumaat!
  At 8:56 AM Anonymous JL said:
Cacat-Exasperating-Liar-Cheapo-'Opelat'- Moron

Someone cheated Kak Nyonya’s marnee!

Sabar ya Kak… From above, the wicked shall receive their just reward :)

have a nice weekend
  At 9:18 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, regret to read of your plight. Guess Celcom (?) playing musical chairs with you, huh?
By the way, who or what is 'Celcom'?
  At 9:24 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
hahahaa... go ahead lah, go and complain big big, we don care wan!

yours truly,
lulu also gets very geram when have to call these people. so far, my dealings with maxis has been pleasant, but a different story with the credit card people.
angeleyes, i can emphatise with you.
one thing i have learnt, [but being a lulu, quite often forget to practise] is to note the date and time you called, and the name of the customer rep attending to you. then you know exactly who to point your finger to.
I don't have faith in Celcom, as it doesn't care much about its bottom line. Too much like the government bureacracy.

But if you are serious with your complaint, complaint big big like you say. Write a formal complain letter to the CEO, stating your case.

The few complaints letter from me to the CEO of Stanchart, Citibank and Public Bank all got prompt response. Cases settled with extra rebates thrown in.
  At 11:05 AM Blogger famil said:
its time to change to DIGI prepaid :p
  At 11:07 AM Blogger William said:
Celcom's CS memang rubbish. My colleague went to open a postpaid line and when she complained that the billing duration was problematic and they said "Siapa suruh you buka line on the 24th? Because our billing period starts from there and is not adjustable". "So you're saying I'm stupid la?", The MYR1,000,000 reply, "Yes".
  At 11:26 AM Anonymous may said:
make the switch to Maxis! hahaha! actually no matter which service provider you go to, sure got masalah wan... ishhhhh...
  At 11:30 AM Blogger sengkor said:
is there going be a bloodbath?
  At 11:36 AM Blogger Chen said:
Poor nyonya
I use Digi..
So far I'm quite happy with the service :)
And nyek-nyek.. I get RM10 discount each month :P
  At 1:26 PM Blogger dreamie said:
CELCOM bagi ini macam servis ?? huh??
jatuh standard lorr !!!
ya nyonya, taruk them 9 9, put it in black and white.
  At 1:39 PM Anonymous mott said:
jia lat man this one! typical of big companies like this! banks especially!
  At 2:08 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Itu la... Celcom = TM now... last time how u complain about TM, the same thing happen la how they service their customer.
  At 2:39 PM Blogger sming said:
Uncle Lee, you don;t know what is celcom ?? U must have really left Malaysia for a very very very x1000 long time !!
It is a telco provider

Nyonya, write to star ? Tell them u want to change to maxis liao..
  At 2:41 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya..why celcom laidet? anyway,uncle lee didnt know abt celcom like i didnt know abt mawi!
  At 3:32 PM Blogger titoki said:
Tell the manager that you are gonna sue him until his pants dropped!!!

The CS really talk like that ah? Like no training one, cheap labour from China or Bangla ah? Lol. Switch to DiGi lah.
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  At 4:53 PM Blogger Sasha said:
nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan lagi...tuuuuuuuuutttttttttt
  At 6:14 PM Blogger Bernard said:
UAHH Celcom bashing!!

I use digi. The service is good lah. And the people who man the service centre are good.

Summore, I use digi GPRS to get online. When i tried celcom 3G in SP, the speed is supposed to be faster but it was about the same as my digi GPRS only. When i use my device on wifi it was fast. So i guess the tardiness is due to celcom's SERVERS there in KL.

I was very upset when digi didn't get the 3G license. Just because it's a foreign company. The official reason.

After this celcom will sent you a basket of flowers liao :-) Eh... you MUST send them the link of this post lah. Mebbe they're so blur they don't even know about this bashing. (What you don't know can't hurt you)
  At 8:28 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hello NonyaPenang, Just to cheer you up re your Celcom musical chairs...this is my all time favorites 'Country/Western'
with regards to our card games, this comes to you from Canada with my very best wishes. Keep smiling.

"From a Jack to a King.
From loneliness to a wedding ring.
I played an Ace and I won a Queen,
An' walked away with your heart.

From a Jack to a King.
With no regrets, I stacked the cards last night.
And Lady Luck played her hand just right:
You made me King of your heart.

For just a little while, I thought that I might lose again.
Then just in time, I saw the twinkle in your eye.

From a Jack to a King.
From loneliness to a wedding ring.
I played an Ace and I won a Queen,
You made me King of your heart.

For just a little while, I thought that I might lose again.
Then just in time, I saw the twinkle in your eye.

From a Jack to a King.
From loneliness to a wedding ring.
I played a Ace and I won a Queen,
You made me King of your heart.
king's wife,
"i truly appreciate your honest to goodness response. keep them coming. CELCOM BOLEH!"
**sighs** that's not the way to do business lor.

ya, i had my fair share with the card companies too. their billing is super efficient, but when checking on complaints, that's another story all together.

hami lai eh MCMC?
selamat weekend to you too.:)

wuaah....power la tu C.E.L.C.O.M.
gua ini small ubi aje, tak usah layan ler.
jl, have a great weekend too.

uncle lee,
CELCOM is one of the private telecommunication service providers and i have been using their network for years.
once a while, there'll be hickups and disputes and ya, we then play musical chairs. LOL

ah pek,
"....and if not happy, please go use some other network."

what a lulu,
credit cards? gua pun ada sebuah stoopid cerita.

thanks for the suggestion- - i've done exactly that. see if anything turns up.

am actually considering. saw an advert for SE phone being offered for about RM200 or so less, if i sign up with digi for 4 mths. will check them out soon.

the CS tak paham your fren mia engrish kot? aiyoh, siew sei yan lor.

been using CELCOM for years. they don't kacau me, gua pun tarak kacau diaorang lor.

what bloodbath? i'm only holding a plastic cake cutter from secret recipe la. :D

dr chen,
last time when i started using h/fon hor, Digi mia service coverage veli cacat wan. each time her fon rings, my niece gotta quickly stand near the family altar to speak, if not the line will just break up. LOL
eh, the RM10 discount - izzit fixed irrespective of how much you use?

today, semua color gua pun sudah taruh ledi. but they might just be color-blind.

ya lor, these big kompeni no eye see people macam gua lor - small little tikus only.

yalor, just like my fren say - company sudah koporatised/privatised but otaks still under gahmen-mode.

hahahaha....when uncle pigi kanatai that time hor, your grandma was still using the giant black phone with a circular dial - you put your finger into the holes with corresponding numbers then you pusing it clockwise. that time maybe sming pun belum born yet loh.

no nid go The Star ler - use cukup liao.

kak teh,
maybe the company is too busy coming up with new things to stay on top but they inadvertently overlooked the importance of good CS.
errr.....mawi ar? gua pun tak faham la.

but...but.."my farder NOT a lawyer"

honestly, i think DG is a good bet.

hahaha....dat day oni, gua call them up and 'bambu' diaorang - people trying to call me but tak dapat and i wasn't even aware. rupanya, celcom was having 'network problems'.

that's why i kasi tulis itu nama besar-besar. mungkin ada some bigbola terbaca la. LOL

DiGi also must give you people extra rebates liao - so many supporters here.
uncle lee,
you will always be my KING.
  At 11:04 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
come to my house ASAP...have important message for you. Your local time now 11.05PM?
PLEASE KNOCK 3 TIMES...wait for reply. Have something interesting for you. UL
  At 3:39 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Astro pun lidat. Last year I call them to terminate my father's contract with them sebab my father sudah pass away. The Astro woman said, "Cannot like that must pay penalty" I keep trying to explain to her tapi the orang you ada contract with sudah matilah. Sheesh, these people.
  At 5:16 AM Blogger just me said:
CELCOM.....looks like it only knows how to


COM..communication AND

that is all!
  At 9:27 AM Blogger Winn said:
angel, mcmc wont care wan la....

nyonya. complain to maxis or digi.! haha. maxis stil have the best service la..
  At 10:18 AM Blogger Chen said:
now digi coverage very good liao :)
I pay via credit card mah..
so got auto deduction RM10 from the total charges each month regardless whatever amount I used :)
  At 11:11 AM Blogger u-jean said:
so the penipu wan...

change telco

use digi
always the smarter choice...kekekeke...
  At 11:19 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya: I also support DIGI la! Tukar la to DIGI I am sure the wud gip U best best service! If the kind of Celcom service happens here, I think ah the person sure kena complain kau kau from me la!!
  At 1:07 PM Blogger angel said:
MCMC - Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

winn, u komplen to MCMC b4 arr? maxis sucksssss!!! i switched from maxis to digi 8 years ago! and the reason i switched was because that time i already experienced horrible 'drop calls'! at first, signal full bar, after call masuk, signal became 1-2 bars nia! so, switched i did! well, it was also because citibank credit card wanna gib me the 'banana phone' at that time laa... very yeng maa, the Matrix phone... :D

yeah! Digi is da' best!
*cheers with wennnnnnnnn>*
Cocka use public phone booth wan. No problem with that. Just carry plenty of coins. LOL
  At 7:04 PM Blogger carcar said:
argh, you remind me of my un-paid phone bill, hehe...

will get it done by tmrw then.

singapore is pretty convenient, we have machine all over the places, we can pay bills 24/7!

and guess wat, last night i made a phone call tp complain the disturbance of the LAN line ( happen for the first time for so many years) they get it fixed in 10 minutes time!

cheers for good customre service!
just tak faham hor? dunno they got brains between the ears or not.

just me,
hahahaha...i think they did badly at the communication part.

gua running out of steam to komplen liao. btw, you think liucas can help ar? LOL

dr chen,
good jugak hor lidat. RM10 can eat many bowls of air itam laksa liao.

wah, anoder DiGi sapoter. LOL

another DiGi sapoter all the way from london! really must call up DiGi to come and visit this blog ledi.

a sapoter for 8 years already? must go ask for spesel pingat for angel liao. LOL

cocka doodle,
eh, can teach me how to send and receive sms using public phone booth ar?

small dot there very efficient hor?
here ar, you'd be lucky if they can sort it out before you give them 10 calls!
  At 12:57 AM Blogger famil said:

the rm10 is not fixed one, the more you top up, the more you get. but mine whor, only credited once in 3 months.. so i usually got 40-50 rm.

plus whor, if you top up 3 days before, during, or 3 days after your birthday you got extra 50%. see if you top up rm100 you got 150. very nice ooo..

somemore, you can top up online oo. let say youre in xin jia po, or ostolia and need to top up. you can buy the reload coupon thru maybank2u and enter the 16 digit number at digi homepage. easy lidat. no need to key in thru your phone one..
like that wan lar.....
i got 013 number last time.
when i dont wan to use it any more , i terminate the line and pay all the hutang.

Few years later when they merge with CELCOM
i got hutang with CELCOM.....
mahai betul... MCH...
when i go to check they say NO RECORD!!!!

NO RECORD? what they mean?
  At 1:28 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Hahahahahah Nyonya no need to call Digi come and read. My cuzzie works in Digi la!!! kakakakkakakaka... of course I support all da way from London lor!!!
you're using pre-paid ar?
maybe gua shud go check them out.
thanks alot. :)

pisang goreng,
no records?? buden how come they say you hutang them leh? stoooopid, ya?

btw, long time no hear from you. apa khabar? you ada new blog ke? do lemme know ya?
take care & also merry christmas & happy new year to you.
  At 10:50 PM Blogger savante said:
Takes a while for them to hear you, Nyonya. Maybe you should scream louder :)
hmmmm.....maybe a loud scream and a joget? LOL
  At 11:42 PM Blogger JL said:
Kak Nyonya mau joget!

*get ready spot lights, speakers, & camera*

dipersilakan ^_^
  At 11:26 PM Anonymous famil said:
maxis declares profit more than RM2 bill this year.. congrats nyonya!