Friday, December 01, 2006

A Friend To Treasure

On Nov 22 2006 at 5.33 am, someone walking by my kampong blog decided to pop in and take a peek. It’s a peaceful and tranquil kampong and my doors are always open and there, I saw this tall, slim and debonair gentleman with the most gentle and warm smile on his face. Of course, I quickly welcomed him into my humble abode. He introduced himself as Uncle Lee and he flew all the way from Canada. It’s winter there now with sub-zero temperatures and I guessed he kinda like my humble but warm abode.

It’s strange but true – we are strangers to each other, we have never known each other but somehow, we clicked straightaway and believe me, we’re just like a house on fire. Awww…..he is a real charmer - sweet, endearing, warm, kind, polite, has a great sense of humour, a wonderful storyteller and before long, my other blogger friends were practically feeding from his hands.

We reminisce, we tease, we flirt – all in the name of good clean fun and we just can’t have enough of it. Uncle Lee, what can I say? But to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words, beautiful and meaningful songs, heart and soul-warming Southern Comfort, the sensual dances, the fabulous bouquet of lovely roses and also your kopi-O and and lip-smacking donuts.

And most of all, thank you for being my friend – a friend I shall always treasure.
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  At 1:05 AM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya, that's the beauty of this cyber world. and we meet so many wonderful friends..see, I found u what! can introduce me to uncle lee or not?
  At 1:17 AM Blogger angel said:
uncle see this sure he paiseh again wan and then will peep from behind his computer table... hehe...

pssst! i pun got a box of chocolate & maroon roses from uncle!
*goes back to dream*

errr... i mean, goes back to work :(

happy flyday nyonya!
happy december!
  At 1:24 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah wah uncle lee veri terror hor!1 So fast capture Nyonya's heart ah!! How come uncle lee dun hv his own blogg so he can tell us all jokes too la!! Yes or not uncle??
  At 1:36 AM Blogger Winn said:
uncle where got paisay one....

i can imagine uncle, this time, with an old superman hairstyle ( got a little curly ekor in front of his forehead), wearing checked shirt with a crocodile pants pull until his waist, coupled with a hou yau yeng geeky blindman shades n shiny waxed grey a millionaire confident smile, come fly by nyonya and says 'HI nyonya...i'm UL baba..... always the smarter choice'

nyonya stunned :"oh~~u are UL BABA? u mean that UL Baba i used to know back in st georges????"

UL:'Yes nyonya... I M BACK...' *crosses legs and leans on a coconut treee with style*

UL u continue:P faster faster:p
  At 2:13 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, you just made my eyes glisten misty. Thank you. Never have I had such an eloquent
tribute from so warm and gentle a person such as you. (used to only get, "Lu chiak pah siaw eng, ahhh"!)
You now encourage..nay, titillate fantasies on my part, an evening drive in my Open top red MGB, you by my side in a lovely Batik sarong and black, low cut, laced top blouse, the Pearl necklace you now wearing, a recent birthday present from me as the swaying palms of Balik Pulau stream by. Loosed hair flying in the cool breeze, a single red rose pinned to your hair, the alluring scent of your 'Memoir Cherie' competing with the tropical breezes. A beautiful blue moon above, and the piano strains of Carmen Calveraro's 'To Love again' playing in my cartridge set and then we a day to come will know it was "Some Enchanted Evening".
I will fail in my part if I do not put my thoughts to poetry to once again thank you..NonyaPenang.
"O my Luve's like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June;
O my Luve's like the melodie
That's sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho' it ware ten thousand mile." UL.
  At 2:14 AM Anonymous may said:
cheers to Uncle Lee! may there be many more uncles and aunties (no pun intended) with the most beautiful stories to tell... :)
  At 4:09 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Winn, love your Imagination...ada future like that, ha ha.
Superman hairstyle? No la, slight imitation of Elvis heh heh ada, but hair already grey, but not shiny, never did like oily stuff on my hair, the SYT's (or NonyaPenang ? )nanti complain their hands oily la, heh heh,(thank goodness ada lagi ohh!) but have and still using 'Vitalis', no oil but can tahan wind rush in my open car. Ha ha.
Blindman shades? Yes...but it's RayBan's Aviator sun glasses, half tint brown.
Millionaire? Lu ho mia. You didn't notice behind my name "KSM"? Hey! Not from Sultan la, but means "Kerjah sampai mati".
Leaning on a coconut tree? More likely a Flame of the Forest.
Hey Winn, maybe you and I we go sit at Rasa Sayang Penang coffee lounge have coffee, we wait for NonyaPenang, Angel, Kak Teh, Wennn, Winn and May to arrive...they all still X'mas shopping at Penang Rd. Their boyfriends coming to join us playing tennis at Penang Country club, two at Race course.
Hey Winn, thats a nice beige Prada handbag you have. You got good taste. Best regards.....
  At 8:48 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
HAha... ms NP, i've made quite a few frens via my blog too.. I wonder how far they can go, really..
uncle lee,
psst....gua let you in on something about winn.
that wan not Prada ler - it's atcherly her Maltese dog Liucas.

shall tembak bayu (sounds better than tembak angin, i think) with uncle later, ok?
**sayangzzz and muaksss**
kak teh,
ya, that's why i'm still floating around in cyberspace. i've never known that i can reach so many wonderful friends and i'm happy i get to know you too.
sure, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Uncle Lee. Just ketuk his pintu and say you're from same kampung as nyonya. a freshly brewed kopi-O awaits kak teh.
  At 9:16 AM Anonymous uncle Lee said:
Hello May, cheers and here's looking at you, kid.
Join me and Winn at Rasa Sayang later? Your boyfriend still playing tennis....I buy you coffee la. Drop in, anytime. Best regards, UL
  At 9:33 AM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi NonyaPenang, Wa...I was sipping my iced kopi and reading your page replies then read your mention about Winn's Prada handbag actually her Maltese dog, aiyohhhh! Like I think Angel uses this word, you betul "terror" la, (see, I'm already starting to use your kind of words now)buat gua ketawa, I think my SMT cooking think gua gone bonkers! Baik pun didn't spill my kopi ohhh!
No wonder I saw her 'Prada' bag moved but thought she crossed her sexy legs as her mini white tight skirt very ketat la and bag moved.
Aiyaaa, lucky the apa nama the anging? Lucas? Okay, didn't bark, sure I fall from my chair never experience handbags can bark la. Thanks for the tip.
Don't know if invite her sit in my MGB go buy goreng pisang at Vale of Tempe she bring Lucas or not ah? Lecheh like la. Arhaa ha ha. UL.
PS: I really love your infectious sense of humour.
Ps, Shhhhhh, she got very nice legs la, WhoooHooooo!
  At 9:45 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Uncle Lee...roses I tak mau lah! But chocolates anytime!!! Yum! Yum!!!
P.S.: Nyonya, I'll be 54 2moro. What u give me 4 my birthday leh???
  At 9:45 AM Blogger sming said:
:) hehe
this is better than wah lai toi... to see how two strangers met over cyberspace n a beautiful frenship blossoms... :)

how sweet... :)
wah memang this uncle lee dun play play ah...
  At 10:32 AM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
This directed towards Suituapui on his 54th birthday tomorrow.
Everybody, ready? Ah 1..ah 2...ah 3! Wait, wait, Angel still not ready yet, aiyaaa, now only want to adjust her skirt! See leg abit never mind laa. Okay Angel, you ready now?
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...Happy birthdayyyy to Suituapui.....happy birthdayyyy to youuuu". Clap..clap, wheeeeet wheeet! Wait, wait I go press my MGB car horn..
"Arrrhoogh haaaghh"!
Aiyaaa, Angel again adjusting her skirt la. Hoi! Go change your tailor la!
Hey, Suituapui, Sending by Fedex special Xpress 1 box of Laura Secord chocolates (don't eat all, huh! Give some to NonyaPenang and the gang here) and 2 packets of Canadian smoked Salmon and 2 bottles of Canadian Maple syrup...can put on your pancakes for breakfast.
Have a wonderful birthday, Suituapui! And many, many more to come. With best wishes from The Land Where The North Wind Blows, UL.
  At 12:16 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Fuah.. suddenly all talking about Uncle Lee, I think I miss out many things already.
  At 12:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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  At 1:28 PM Anonymous eve said:
awww...isn't that nice....i have found myself some nice friends too thru blogs...will visit UL's blog shortly..
  At 1:56 PM Blogger William said:
Planning to meet some fellow bloggers of my own too.

I used to watch that cartoon! What's the name, what's the name....
this is very the fun see all the uncles and aunties flirting in the open.....:p kekekeke
with kelapa muda like you teasing him endlessly, of course he'll turn beetroot-red.
tapi gua LMS(Lovely Matured Sweetie), uncle lee, will certainly rise to the ocassion.
pssst.....uncle lee so sayang you. ask la, whether can call him 'khai-yeh' or not?

sayangz, remember to tidur, ok? happy fliday anniverseli makans. ;)

uncle got new bungalow in canada but he is a Permanent Resident in my blog.

gua continue.......
"NP, in butterfly shades and donning a beautiful frock sashays towards UL. standing on tip-toe (UL very tall mah), she wraps her arms around UL and gave a soft kiss on the cute curly 'ekor' on the forehead and whisper in his ear, 'you're my man, dahhling....'"

can ar lidat, winn?
uncle lee,
ya, i remember the drive in your MGB; cool breeze and beautiful views and of course, how i accidentally leaned on your broad shoulders as you took the sharp bends of Balik Pulau roads.
mmmmm....the sent of your aftershave drove me wild.
need i say more, lurvie?
  At 5:22 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Thanks so much, uncle lee! Wah! Like dat, I bcome sui+ching+tuapui in no time at all! LOL! Never mind, as long as still "sui"!
stay tuned.

it can go as far as we want to.
i'm glad i got to know you here. :)

hello burpday-boi.
**sayangzzz and muaks**
wuuaah, UL sending you so many makanan liao. happy burp-burpday! ok, i shall poslaju to you one skipping rope.

go play the song 'LOVE STORY' and you'll understand. :)

no play-play here wan. we're for real!

cum, join in the fun!

am glad i found yenjai and you also. :)

i notice you do have many blogger frens too. met them in person yet?

what cartoon? dat wan UL & NP lah.
enjoy. :)

classic or not?
uncle lee,
pssst....liucas doesn't bark much but poo quite a fair bit. didn't you smell anything funny when you're sitting next to the 'prada'.
very the classic...
untill menaikkan bulu roma and watever bulu available all also naik.....kekekeke
kalau naikkan bulus tak apa; jangan-jangan gugur can ledi. :D
  At 10:28 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
wa tak kenal nyonya langsung but wah before wa very paiseh now nyonya and wa very kamcheng. right? aahaha =P


*sayang nyonya*
  At 12:53 AM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nonya, Aiyohh! You sure got cheeky members ahhh? I laughed when reading Fashionasia punya comments, whooohooo! arrhaaa ha ha.
Wa, what with Angel, Fashionasia around,...I bet they keep you in stitches ahh?
Love these kind of 'friends' kind of people, fun loving always. My goodness, this talk on the Net, ...I wonder if in my MGB at 11 pm passing Batu Feringgi, ada moon and all...Angel in a tight beige stretched slacks and red fitting t-shirt suda habis makan at Golden Dragon seafood restaurant(?) not sure if right name....gua pakai my favorite 'Tabac' cologne...3/4 style sleeve t-shirt show off my biceps (hey, young days did a lot of swimming, you know)..wa, sure like that song goes...apa the nama? "Ahha ahha, thats the way I like it..", even no stars sure see stars one la! Then I wonder what she chat about? Heh heh. Hopefully don't gelek over coconut or durian again, ha ha. Only thing lecheh those got no automatic transmission la! Cheh! Can you imagine the prospects.....?
I mean put elbow out of window, one hand hold steering....I bet Angel thinking something else ahh? Heh heh.
  At 7:20 AM Blogger wonda said:
Saw you while on transit from blog to blog. Stopped over here and wah !!!! so lau jua here! so many pak khor, pat thor and kong khor! Enjoyed it. Kam Siah Cheh Cheh! Congrats on your son's success.
I have been enjoying his stories too. He is memang fun with all his comments. :)
uncle lee,
golden dragon used to be at tanjung tokong, now sudah tutup liao. but nevermind, gua give uncle a tip - i think angel suka makan hairy crabs.
after makan, then can go midnight dip - uncle in flourescent purple-coloured SPEEDO and angel in errr.....sequined swimsuit.
ya, ada kamcheng bagui mah.

hi wonda, all the way from japan.
a warm welcome!
you find this place lau juar? feel free to drop by anytime and phak-kok and kong kor soo. :)
thanks for your kind wishes too.

king's wife,
he makes me laugh so much. :)
  At 9:53 PM Blogger ah nel said:
i no make u laugh mer? ;P
ah nel,
you missing for so long mah. i almost forgotten how to laff ledi.
  At 10:14 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
wah raous.... Uncle Lee and Nyonya like characters in Mills & Boon siah!
  At 10:34 PM Blogger ah nel said: i in kl...can laugh now onot? :)
uncle thinks it's better than that; better than danielle steel
ah nel,
i'm aware too - you met many pwetty liuslius.
  At 2:58 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nonya, you made gua laugh re Angel loves hairy crab. Hey! Aiyohh...itu 'Golden Dragon'...TANJONG TOKONG la! THAT's IT la! I scratch scratch my head, walk here, walk there, knee bang table, smoke pipe like Red Indian lost his pregnant wife make smoke signals, try think of the name of that locality pun cannot remember. Thanks for bringing out that name. Wa Nonya, everytime I say something you jolt my rusty, ada cobweb memory like I mentioned "SYT", you say S. H. Tan. Now Tanjong Tokong!!! Thank you! You my kind of WOMAN la. Cheh! My watch again running fast. Its that restaurant juts out into the sea. Wa, ate there so many times too.
Talking about Speedo and midnight swims....I must tell you this every embarassing INCIDENT! I kena at Penang swim club. Those days I love fancy diving, swallows, back flips, 1 1/2's, flying Dutchman...
Satu hari my gang of SYT's and male members we go swim la. Gua not member but they brought me in as guest many times...when sea too rough to swim.
One cheeky SYT asked me show a fancy dive. How to refuse SYT with mata blink blink flirtatiously like how Angel do, red luscious lips somemore, only 18. So the lovely, young SYT's sit by the pool, uncle naik up to diving board, behave like Tarzan...and did a 1 1/2 dive...ALAMAK, DOUBLE ALAMAK! My shiny black, small swimtrunk as I slipped so beautifully (Ahemmm!) like a knife into the pool...slipped out BEHIND ME la!!! ( I had made the unforgivable sin of not checking my trunk string before that fancy dive. What to SYT's all not 20 yet too...some virgin too, all looking at uncle, heh heh. (Angel, don't ask!!)
I can tell you my SYT's, my male kakis laughed till one or two SYT's jatuh into the pool, lucky didn't drown as laughing so much mouth open fall into the pool, drink the ayer terselak, then cough and cough like gila, as they see me PANIC BIG TIME la, chari where my trunks? And just before that, on the plank...wa, ada action sikit, stretch my Bruce Lee body, tangan stretch out like how they do bunjee jump,...lots of SYT's (some not mine) all looking up...Cheh! Ada style la. Aiyaa, like the song, "wind beneath my wings..."
The SYT's and my male gang NEVER let me forget that incident! Very often go Disco, SYT's will tease, "hey Lee, you got check you tie your you know what"? Cheeee!
  At 11:15 AM Blogger ah nel said:
heh...i met 1 liuliu onli as she 1st she blogger i meet up...

all i met is hamsem blogger... LOL

u mau jadi 2nd she blogger i meet??? :P
  At 11:48 PM Anonymous angel said:
nyonya, pinjam ruang ask unker lee some question :D

hahahahaha!!!! unkerrrr!!! aiyooo!!! kaduvalai kaduvalai!!! how cum liddat wan?? can die of maluation hor!!! hahahaha!! **beh tahan**

ask me not to ask, uncle?? how can?? i must ask!! so hor uncle, what were the SYTs (some virgin u say) looking at?
*innocent face... blink blink*
wah...I am also about to meet another fellow is true, blogging does make more friends eh
  At 1:31 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nonya, I tumpang here ahh...wa, so happy hear Angel's voice again. Hey Angel, I missed you la.
THERE! I know you sure ask me one la! Kaypor! Ha ha. The SYT's cannot see 'anything' la...I dived in, satu kali feel, oi! Why so cold 'there'? Arhaaa ha ha. Then as I about to come up for air I saw my black swim trunk float near the surface...
Lucky those days swim so often can tahan hold my breath long time la,...quickly from underwater grabbed my trunks and put back and quick tie the string. Wa like those Olympic ladies do that swim thing la. Imagine putting back my trunks underwater. Cheeee!
Ehhhh, the SYT's never saw "anything" la, arhaaa ha ha. Nice to have you back again. Lu ou eng lai cheh chiak kopi gua eh chu ahhh. UL.
ps, hey Angel...Wennnn now my kaki la, wa last night chat past midnight la, she GARANG ONE ohh!