Thursday, November 16, 2006

Customer Service??? Ada Ke?

My house phone has been out since Sunday. I made a call to the Telekom ‘100’ number to report the fault and as they were unable to give me a date and time when the technician would come by, I left them my handphone number with a reminder to call me first.

I came home during lunch hour today and I found a short note left in my postbox. According to the note, the technician came to the house but nobody was home and on the note too was a number for me to call back to fix another appointment. I immediately dialled the number but nobody picked up and I repeated many, many times. Damn it, semua mati liao izzit?

I then called Telekom again to complain and asked if there is any other number I could call besides that ‘cheh kai’ number. “Yes, Yes, Puan can call this number 03-787xxxxx”, answered the CS executive. Aiyoh, I reached a fax line la. I called Telekom CS again and yelled at the executive.

Me : Hello, this is Ms Tan and my report number is XXXXX.. How many times do I need to call to get my complaint attended to huh? Your stupiak technician came and left a number for me to contact and not a soul pick up the phone and your most brilliant colleague gave me a fax line to call. Very funny izzit?

CS : I’m sorry. I can put in another fault report for you.

Me : You got my handphone number there?

CS : Yes, yes, got.

Me : Thank you.

Later at about 4.30pm I saw one familiar-looking technician doing some work at the phone lines ‘pillar’ (not sure what’s that called) across the road from my house. Happily, I walked over and approached that chap and asked if he’s repairing my line.

He : Bukan. I don’t have work order on yours.

Me : There, this one my report number. Can help me check ah?

He : Tak boleh. I’m very busy now. You wait and see, maybe tomorrow la.

Me : My house across the road only. Afturds you come and see la. Then tomorrow you no need to come lor.

He : I busy la.

**Sighs** I walked back to my house.
Customer Service??? Ada Ke?
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Thats why its a good thing my line are operated by Maxis..abit better la..not perfect.

But imagine this Nyonya..I called AirAsia hotline...30 minutes waiting still didnt speak to anyone. Lagi geram. I guess Tony Fernandez hire only one operator to cut cost! sometimes paying more is good.
  At 12:56 AM Blogger angel said:
Kesian thompsonboy... why don't u just book online? easier, no need to speak to anyone!

Today my Steamix ho liao.. i quite impressed lor becos they say will take 2 working days... and today memang 2 working days and service ok liao... no more Error 678910 liao... hehe...

Now your phone line ok liao?
*sayang nyonya... mai khi hong...*
  At 1:01 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
TM always give a damn lousy service la. Luckily I'm not using any TM services now.
  At 1:32 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Nyonya, you should bombard the CS. You visit inevitable's blog sample that one mr chua bombarded Telekom. That one classic la.
  At 2:31 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
karenah birokrasi from GLC. malaysia memang boleh! esok lagi lah boleh. sekarang? mana boleh! hahaha

*sayang nyonya, tolong tembak the guy for not being helpful*
  At 9:04 AM Blogger sengkor said:
i experienced the similar frustrating moments when i called streamyx. all not helpful one.
  At 9:49 AM Anonymous mott said:
LOL! Mana ada? when I call that line..a sleepy sounding voice picked up..I asked, Maaf..tidur ke? WTF am I apologising for???? LOL
Action because of monopoly mar...though I have a Telekom line, it's only for standby purpose only. The handphone is more reliable.

Btw, wish I had known earlier, then can borrow you my shotgun *wink wink*
  At 10:51 AM Blogger Sasha said:
memang maciam itu di bolehland la la
  At 11:24 AM Blogger dreamie said:
they all having "tidak apa attitude" .. there is always tomorrow..
job worksheet follow to the last alphabet nothing more !
  At 11:46 AM Blogger Winn said:
haha @ the way u spoke to them.

sometimes they oso very cham la.....coz we group them as 'one' and tend to vent our angers on them ...

really kek hei!
u should just ask de fella how much he want lo....RM10 may just solve the problem...
nyonya, when you make the report for 2nd time, insist to get the handphone number of the serviceman :wink:

I got it. Immediately he turn up, to prevent me harrassing him :P
our encounters with telekom are endless la..most of time give us hypertnesion one!
  At 2:35 PM Blogger savante said:
Terrible huh.. but it happens.
TARAK! He's very busy now, then after that, he needs to go minum teh lah...
The management should:

reward every CS RM20* for every happy customer.

* guide only. Some countries US$20
new tagline - 'now everyone can CRY'

the technician called me today and said he already 'discovered' the fault but will only rectify it tomorrow. :(

been using that line for looooong time liao. lecheh to tukar ler.
if i bombard lidat, i get hytertension straight away liao. ;)

they have poor work attitudes.

they always help to raise your blood pressure.

at least you got sleepy voice. LOL

privatised or no privatised, mentality still the same ler.

cakap, semua boleh.
buat, err...TAK BOLEH!

very betul.

i also cham what - paying for an 'unuseable' fon.

afturds he say i 'insult' him and terus talipon ACA.

i did ask that CS woman but she said she doesn't know which technician will come by, so kenot simply give ler.

it's very tiresome.

do doctors get faster service? LOL

king's wife,
that chap kept on saying he 'banyak kerja'. as if gua tarak kerja - everyday calling them up. :(

las montanas,
then the management increase on our bills ah?
  At 8:56 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Who asked u to go out after calling them 2 come and repair??? But actually...things don't seem to have improved despite the so-called "privatisation"!!! As ASTRO always puts it, "Service is currently unavailable!" *%@#+$!!!
  At 9:01 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Arrggghhhh!!! I emphatize with you nyonya.
  At 9:01 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Arrggghhhh!!! I emphatize with you nyonya.
  At 12:39 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
haha..seems that they can only handle 1 order at 1 time..ask them multitask sure die liao
  At 2:33 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
poor nyonya... here in bolehland where got standard one??? Talk only banyak banyak when do... langsung tarak standard!
they did not tell when the technician would be coming.

terrible service hor?

what multitasking? same gaji juga la, so better do one at a time.

always hopeful that things will turn out better. ;)