Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trampled Toes

I had a small function to attend in KL from 2.00 to 6.00pm and I decided to take public transport. Took the LRT from Taman Bahagia to KL Sentral, and then a short walk across to Brickfields to catch the Monorail. It was non-peak hours, so both the rides were comfortable.

However, the return trip was quite teruk for me. Office hours was just over and the Monorail was filled to the max but it was a bearable short ride to Brickfields. When I reached the LRT stop at KL Sentral, there were already queues along the designated boxes and I proceeded to join the lines. The first train arrived and it was filled to the brim. It dropped like some 20 to 30 passengers but close to double that number were jostling their way in. OMG, I can see that it was sardine-packed – body-to-body and heads-under-armpits PACKED!!

I just stood there and thought that I better wait for the next train which came soon enough – like less than 10 minutes. But it was just as packed. I decided to wait for one more train. Same scenario. Arrgh….. my legs hurt already. When the third train arrived. I then also pushed my way in and got myself sandwiched. And my height is just right - you know, just ngam, ngam ‘my-nose-to-other-people’s-armpits’ kind of height. Wuuaahhh….turned right, turned left, faced front, all also armpits.

When the train stopped at one of the stations, one idiot of a male elephant trampled on my toes. I let out a soft yelp but before I got a chance to take a look, another female dumbo landed her wooden heels on my same right foot. Adooiii….it was damn blardy painful. That dumbo just squeezed her way through without even an apology and there I was standing, with tears almost spilling out. No worries, no need to feel malu. Nobody batted an eyelid. I managed to get a seat after a few more stations and quickly gave my foot a good look. Arrrgg……skins on 3 toes peeled. I think I need safety boots when I next ride on the LRT.
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  At 1:36 AM Blogger angel said:
Alamak... kesian nyonya... *sayangggg*

I gave up on M'sian public transportation long time ago... sienz...
  At 1:57 AM Anonymous JL said:
Aduh... kesian. Remember to put on some ointment or antiseptic.

Some KL commuters are dasyatly terrible. I remembered there's this one time a girl pengsan right beside me because of terhidu too much 'ketiakdorant' from a particular man who sweated like a tempayan bocor. Luckily i brought my hanky to cover my nose, if not i will pengsan also... and i damn bengang with those foot stompers who buat tak tahu saje! teruk betul
I know I sound terrible, but the ONLY public transport that I take is when I am overseas......

Malaysian public transport sucks big time......
  At 6:39 AM Blogger Winn said:
aiya so cham!! nx time u step on liucas shit before u go into the one will dare to go near u. ai mai?
  At 7:32 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Ooi, nyonya! Count ur blessings! U heard story of this priest who visited dying man! Gasping, the man asked for paper and scribbled sumthin and then he died. At funeral, priest mentioned the note and opened to read 2 share with congregation. The note read, "You are standing on the oxygen tube!"
  At 8:21 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Either wear spiked shoes next time to retaliate, or yelled in a high-pitched tone, "ARRGGHHHH You stepped on my feet, you COW!!!"

Maybe wear a T-shirt with big bold red letters printing: I have 13 infectious diseases passable by close body contact. Stay away!
the yellow kebaya top would go wonderfully with the phuachukang boots.
  At 9:55 AM Anonymous mott said:
Ask the hub to give MASSAGE (AHEM!) on your poor toes la. I know the ketiak situation..sigh..I don't understand why these ppl hvn't heard of deoderant!
  At 10:11 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Wahhh... armpit smell. My worst case was same train with those Bangla, and u try to imagine their smell... from far also can smell, now somemore right infront of u?

Safety boot? I got... u want or not? LOL
  At 10:19 AM Blogger savante said:
Kesian nya. NExt time, wear boots like I've said before.
Hmm, I thot the situation in kiasuland is bad.

There is one kind of commuter. But she only appears in the early morning rush. The one that wears skunk parfum. So strong can make you sneeze from the next carriage. (but aiyah, I am sometimes guilty of that lah, I love my Ralf lawren) :)
  At 11:15 AM Blogger JoMel said:
OUCH! That idiot of an elephant and that idiot of a buffalo!! How can they do that to our nyonya! Sue them for the skin! Duh!

*Sayangsssss you lots ok*

Next time, wear wellington boots when you take LRT, and go around stepping on people. LOL!

I am terrified of taking public transport. We really have to be thankful we have options.
  At 2:42 PM Blogger sming said:
Ouch !!! That hurts... N:(
Poor Nyonya....
I think I need to take ur advice.. I have to go on Star LRT and Putra LRT next two weeks onwards when my office shifts to the other building.
Double headache... :(
  At 5:46 PM Blogger just me said:
I think reading about your unpleasant experience makes us feel blessed the times we do not need to take the LRT!
What a painful ride! You can never find an empty train during peak hours. Terrible!
  At 10:13 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
forgot another thing.... we are organising 'Together-Gather' Year End Bloggers Party on 30 Dec 2006. U want to join?
  At 11:29 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Kesian nyonya, aiyoyo.
  At 11:47 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
aiyooo nyonya.. next time call hubby or sonny lah! susah payah naik and hurt yourself for what la? sien lah!!
  At 2:35 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
ouch..that hurts!!...yah, i think the LRT is too packed, sometimes can't even get in
so veli sori frens, for this late replies.

it's actually quite convenient, barring peak hours.

ketiakdorant? LOL
a few drops of minyak cap kapak on the hankie would be useful.

the searcher,
public transport overseas are also packed during peak hours too. but perhaps, they are more co-ordinated.

aiyoh, afturds they asked me to wash the WHOLE tren leh. LOL

suituapui, better not step on anybody ler. kakakaka.....

yell? it might just invite a punch in the face. people here are getting quite violent by the day.

then i'll end up in an ambulance with police escort some more. :)

what a lulu,
for KL Fashion Week? :)

deodorant + sweat= eau de pong pong

i think they never use sabun when bathing la. my fren found out her stinko maid tak pakai sabun and tak pakai toothpaste. :(
re: Bloggers Party. Senior citizen can go or not???

ya, like those sexy ones on your blog. ;)

las montanas,
i suspect some of them uses fake perfumes. that's why combined with sweat, it turns 'lethal' LOL

hmmm... wellingtons are actually very practical now, with the rainy season and all.

happy commuting. try not to wear open-toe shoes.

hi just me,
fully agree with you. ;)

king's wife,
peak hours - buses and taxis all also full. and the worst is that taxi drivers are always asking for fixed lump sum price. :(

quality of life better in smaller towns hor? no nid to get smashed up like 'bak pneah' lidat. LOL

gua memang tak minat minta orang hantar sana sini. ;)

i find LRT definitely more comfortable than those RAPID buses.
  At 11:05 PM Blogger Bernard said:
nyonya, yup. here you'd have to wait ages for the bus and squeeze in there :-)..