Monday, November 06, 2006

Ais Keyleng Conference

Didn’t sleep well on Saturday night because I was sooooo….. ‘kan cheong’. I was so ‘kan cheong’ because I had a very, very important conference on Sunday. This conference was very, very important because I was about to meet some very, very sexciting personalities who would share-share and talk about their extensive ais keyleng research and studies. Can you just imagine how I felt? They are gonna appear before my very eyes, in the flesh, whereby I would finally be able to see them, sniff them, and ‘raba’ (I mean rub-rub shoulders with them la) them kaw-kaw.

As the hours, minutes and seconds ticked by, my ‘kan cheongness’ jumped to almost uncontrollable levels. My heart was beating so loudly I was afraid the person walking next to me might just hear it. **gedebuk, gedebak, gedebuk, gedebak....**. Tried to do some breathing exercises to calm those nerves but before I could count to 10, my handphone rang. Frantically, I put my hand into my large bag to fish out the phone and ahhhhh… special contact is on the line.

“I saw you already!” I squealed as I pushed my way through the crowds towards the 2 lengluis. Phew…..what a relief; my poor heart finally went back to its normal rhythm. Special contact had earlier given me an angel’s promise not to bite and more than true……she’s so mild and sweet and gentle. So not biting la. What did we do then? With joy, special angelic contact and nyonya together-gether hugbug and pelukberuk each other tight-tight before proceeding to our ‘conference table’ at Baskin Robbins.

Special contact had also told me to look out for one unique ayam jantan who sport bulu above the mouth and another lenglui with ‘winngs’ flitting about somewhere in the vicinity. **Looked here, looked there, looked everywhere** Aiyah….with .so many ‘woo sou cocks’ running around, I just could not simply go grab one under my armpit and run, right?

Anyway, the members arrived soon after and the meeting commenced immediately. Main Agenda – ais keyleng tasting. All the attendees gathered round those yummylicious tubs of ais keyleng and after a few licks on the test-spoons and some serious comments like, “Dis wan sedap”; “I like this wan”; “I shud take low-fat yoghurt la”; “Lemme try this, and this, and this and, and…..I’m full already. I dowan to buy ledi”; etc, etc. each one of us walked to our seats with our ‘specimens’ for Agenda #2 – tangkap gambar. Quite challenging la -saliva all dripping liao, ais keyleng melting liao; summore gotta wait for them to ‘click, click, click’.

Agenda #3 – slurrpp….slurrpp….kakaka…….yakyakaty-yak….hohoho……lick, lick, lick…….yakyakyak……..hahahaha……… Midway through 2 lovebirds flew in to join us; one lick for you, one lick for me, one click for you, another click for ais keyleng, …….soooo lomantic.

The most 'lickful' conference was called to an end at 3.30pm as all the honourables, Angel, Lil'Joy, Cocka, Winn, AhTak and dahling had other engagements.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you for making my day.
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  At 2:56 PM Blogger See Fei said:
aiyah never call me! :-(
  At 3:22 PM Blogger sengkor said:
aisay, i m not invited again.. actuary i was at the next table doing the recording.. next time go pasar malam remember to look out for this vcd, ok..
  At 3:24 PM Blogger angel said:
No no, thank YOU for making our day!!!
You are really a Darn Cool momma!!! Me very likes you so hilarious!

I'll send u the few ais keyleng pics I took... ;)

ps: U do movie too?

pps: feikor, if u were here, we'd hv dragged u along! :) Nxt trip, ok???
  At 3:27 PM Blogger angel said:
LOL @ sengkor!

Sengkor!!!! Nyonya got ask about sengkor. But mana tau, u were dating lenglui... hmmm...
  At 3:29 PM Blogger angel said:
alamak... tok so much until forgot to sayang nyonya.

*nyonya dondang sayang*
  At 4:33 PM Blogger sming said:
i also want to go next time.. can ah ?
  At 5:17 PM Blogger Winn said:
so good to meet you!!!! i ran out half way and missed out quite a bit of ur joke leh:(

ok next time we come out again ok....

bring ur son. ok la bring both sons (winks winks winks!!!!)

must be fair ma right???
wah so shiok..nowadays a lot of bloggers meeting eh,,,
  At 6:46 PM Blogger JoMel said:
Me enjoyed meeting you so much because you made me laugh and for that, me forgive you for misleading me into believing that you are 5kg overweight. Me feels very grateful for your ais keyleng treat. Me will treat you back next day ok? And please show your sons our lenglui pics, sure they wanna follow next time. By then its your turn to jual mahal by not agreeing to their request to come along. Evil or not me? Me sayangz you lots too.
  At 8:05 PM Blogger Helen said:
Yeah.. i know the feeling when you're out there meeting these bloggers for the first time. Tension hor? lol
see fei,
special angel will kontek you for the next conference. ;)

kindly pay up all our royalties to special angel ASAP.

wanna be cool???? lick more ais keyleng. LOL ah?
pssst...3khap or 4khap wan huh?

you like to lick ais keyleng too?

nebermind, i know you scared and ran outside to say some prayers - pray that we won't go crazy after the sugar high. LOL
wanna date summore ah? can, can - kasi notis early, early, ok?
my boys say hor, follow mama lick ais keyleng and kalau seen by charbor/pompuan, their saham terus jatuh la.

dis wan serious mia conference leh -
topics of discussion termasuk "Which Flavour Will Cause Instant Horniness".

nooooo.....where got mislead you? gua tau baca weighing scale and measuring tape you know?
who treat who is not important - most important is semua lang happy.;)

tension??? tell me about it. lucky thing it was just simple licking of ais keyleng and not some long table banquet. LOL
  At 11:35 PM Anonymous JL said:
Please pardon my mistake, it should be:
Xtremely-Farnee-blur like sotong-canggih-mama (sengaja throw in the X factor). Better? :)

Sinfully scrumptious entry. After reading it, i hopped to my fridge & indulged in some La'Cremeria loving, if it's '31'/'Häagen-Dazs' lagi more cun.

Have a nice day!
  At 11:52 PM Blogger savante said:
woo sou cocks? How kinky is that! :)
  At 12:29 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
chehhh... i tot wat conference la... LOL!!!
  At 1:56 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ahaha.. cacat punya conference but seems fun to me somehow..
  At 9:02 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
how cocka's name keep popping up in every meet?
  At 9:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
misleading, I insist! Hor angeliu? Can we look that slim in jeans? *winks*

- Fleshy Joy
  At 10:17 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyo! I tot post about Indian (keyleng=keling) ice!! Turns out to be on more interesting subject - licking!! Like story about student askd teacher, got 3 ladies eat icecream...which one married and teacher said the one who put whole scoop in mouth and suck. Student said, Wrong! The one not wear wedding ring, but teacher, I like the way u think!!!
  At 10:19 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
BTW, ah pek! If cocka cannot pop up already, no use anymore lah!!! Ha ha ha!
Aisay, I missed out again tim!
When is the next licking session?
jl, had an 'ais keyleng' attack ah?
you have a great week too :)

kinky? hhahaha..... ;)

no rocking about wan not ngam you ah?

it sure was fun. ;)

ah pek,
becos everybody wants to hear his cock & bull stories ma.
bila ah pek mau come to KL kasi hamsap poetry readings ah?

joy sayangz,
if you insist, then i have to confess. pssst....that is the only pair of jeans that can 'mislead' people and i wear it ALL the time.
but i got basuh wan la.

kekeke....that wan called 'thinking out of the box'.

king's wife,
next session? special angel may issue info bulletin in due course.
  At 10:26 AM Blogger sming said:
Nyonya, I love ice cream.. espescially baskin robbin's jamaica almond fudge !!!
Aiyoh!....solly solly...very late to comment here.

It was indeed a pleasure meeting up with you NP. I look forward to the next round.

Ah jeles ah?

Savante...You don't know what you've been missing. Woo sou can be very kinky wan *winks*

Suitapui...thats when I change my nick to dead cock. LOL