Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm 5kg Overweight

That Suria girl called twice and her supervisor, Farid called once this morning to remind us to go for the 8-point(or whatever)tests. At first, I did not plan to go but I found myself 'eat full nothing to do' later in the day, and what the heck, decided to spend some petrol money and took a drive to town.

It's a medical centre alright. When we walked in, we were met by this guy who introduced himself as the marketing consultant (or something lidat la) and he then proceeded to brief us about the medical centre, what they do(eg. out-patient angioplasty @RM15,000 per stent), what they offer, bla, bla, bla......and he said he would show us around and let us see their state-of-art kickass machines. All said, their specialty is diagnostic imaging and scanning using the 64-slice scanner. Then instead of walking us around, this chap made us sit through a short video clip starring a cardiologist, Dr Soo. After that, ah hah! the actual pitch began. Mr Consultant tried to sell us diagnostic packages for 5 or 10 years, that is if we sign up, then we would be entitled to 50% package discount on a yearly basis. According to Mr Consultant, it would cost me about RM4,200 per year per package without discount. So, if I were to take up their offer, then I only need to pay something like RM2,500 or so per year. And they also offer easy-payment schemes. Wuaah, very aggressive marketing they do here.

Then finally, Mr Consultant finally go for the 'close' - he asked where I normally go for my medical tests and then he said something like 'executive medical screenings are not conclusive and accurate' and asked again if I would sign up for theirs. I gave a very polite 'No, thank you.'

OK, Mr Consultant then closed his file and proceeded to take me for the FREEEEEEEE 8-point Tests. Blardy hell, you know what? Mr Consultant, took my weight, height, blood pressure reading, pulse rate and then got me to hold 2 stupid handles to measure body fat. Taaadaaaaa......the machine then spew out a tiny piece of paper similar to a cash register receipt with all the above readings and some BMI la, BMR la, Fat% la, Fat Mass la, TBW la etc, etc. and then Mr Consultant unceremoniously told me I'm 5 kg overweight. @$%#*&*@

All said, I think they are just trying very hard to re-coup the cost of those blardy expensive machines.
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  At 1:37 AM Blogger AceOne said:
See..I told you already, sure they will sell you something. Nothing is free ler in Malaysia.
  At 2:23 AM Blogger angel said:
OMG! Hor lang lau liao...
Really ciak lang wan! Komplen! Write to The Star!
Hehe... oops... too emosi liao...
*sayang poor nyonya*
  At 2:47 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
wah Mr Consultant is now officially a kaypochi!!
ahaha and my BMI is underweight! below the normal 20 points! mine is 17.5 =P
  At 2:47 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
and by the way nyonya, mana berat tak naik? kan jalan-jalan pegi makan? aagagagaga
  At 7:52 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
5 KILOS ONLY! Gee! Can go out to celebrate already lor! I'm at least 50 KILOS overweight! Isn't that consoling???
  At 7:54 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
P.S.: Mesti nyonya big-shot, very kaya one!!! People like me, nobody will call to give anything free...and then try to grab ur money!!!
Yup yup nothing is free in this world..dat's y I never layan all these free medical check up thingys..but then hor..we must actually go for yearly health screenings for peace of mind ler..i'm actually due for one leow..
  At 9:58 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
The things they will do just to get you to spend time and listen to their scheme
Dirty rats...
As long as you feel good, why do you care what's printed on that little piece of paper...
  At 11:36 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
hahaha... nothing is free in this world la, i got few calls from dunno wat gym center said gave me free lesson for 3 times. I dun believe such thing, sure got something behind that.

oh yah... over 5 kg is not much la.
  At 12:20 PM Blogger sming said:
hehe.. So did they say they have any thing that is able to reduce ur weight and inches.. no need to work out.. no need to eat less?
Penang Adventist Hospital also has a 64 slice scanner and they probably charge something cheaper. They are a non-profit organization and most insurance companies use their rates as 'benchmark' for comparison with those bloodsucking private hospitals.

5 kg overweight ah? But ..but i thought those pictures in your previous post shows shows err err.......never mind. LOL
blardee! the noble medical profession is going the way of the mercenary.
  At 1:31 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
5 kgs? That's nothing. ;)

Suituapui is 50 kgs overweight? *Pengsan*
  At 3:02 PM Blogger JoMel said:
They are trying to be the next Pathlab maybe?

ya! Write to Malay Mail too! Hehe...

5kg only... sap sap sui to deal with 5kg lah.
Ha ha ha...gimmick mar...u believe meh?
  At 5:33 PM Anonymous ah pek said:

oops..may i laugh?

but haa them and their marketing gimmicks!

thanks to them...people are getting more n more suspicious towards free stuff nowadays la...cos almost nothing is FREE! LOL
  At 8:09 PM Blogger Helen said:
5 kg sap sap sui.... lol

Really, cutting alitte here and there and you'll back in top shape!! lol
i wanted to kaypoh a bit there.

this nyonya very lulu hor? LOL

i jeles of your BMI.
makan dulu, worri later, can hor?

hahaha...... gua sayang lu.
you make me feel sooooo slimmmm..

i not big-shot, but more like big-sotsot. LOL

i told that chap i do my physical examination regularly, so i'm not keen on his package ler.

am actually quite surprised that the medical line also so aggressive as to have a reasonably big marketing team.

it's quite common with those gyms and hotels to do telemarketing, etc.
but a medical centre also do lidat - haiyah, jialat.

i dare not ask further because i saw some posters of health supplements on the walls. nanti suruh gua beli - tak mau ler.

cocka doodle,
ya, Penang Adventist Hospital is very much cheaper.
64-slice or 128-slice, i don't think we should simply go and scan saja la. that stupid consultant thought i dunno the difference between 'screening' and 'diagnostic'.

so, so, you find anything tak betul with my earlier piktures ar? tell me la, so i can betulkan.

las montanas,
you place there got like this or not? very jialat hor?

i also tak faham macam mana that fler calculate that gua 5kg overweight.
**wake up, wake up, don't pengsan. it's just more of him to love.**

yalor, that lab sends brochures all over the place.
my favourite food is ice-cream - so 5kg is quite a challenge.

more like i was cukup kaypoh.

ah pek,
i thot lu suka woman with nen-nen tua-tua liap wan. LOL
Sigh. What a lousy way to get customers
I wonder if this can be considered a scam.... I think hitting the gym regularly would be good... hee hee
  At 11:23 PM Blogger JoMel said:
me think we should go out together for ice cream! Me also love ice cream and me thinks ice cream is worth putting every kg of weight over. LOL
pink cotton,
hahahaha...........let's laugh together-gether.

ok, ok, have to stop going anywhere near ice-cream outlets.

the searcher,
i'm no gym buff wor.

i suppose they are trying to get back the cost of the machine cepat-cepat before it becomes obsolete/besi buruk.
but must tell you upfront lar - if i put on some more weight and cannot squeeze into my baju hor, i'll blame you wan wor. cukup 'yeh marn' or not, lidat? hahahaha.....
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  At 11:40 PM Blogger u-jean said:
keep the curves
5kilo lebih-ah?
better a voluptuos babe than a skinny rake
  At 12:04 AM Blogger Chen said:
These are the 8 points test?
  At 12:05 AM Blogger Chen said:
weight, height, blood pressure reading & pulse rate also consider as test?
*shake head*
  At 12:56 AM Blogger angel said:
ice cream?? lil' joy, did i hear ICE CREAM????? i oso wanttttttttt!!!!

nyonya no lulu... but if lulu i oso sayang wan...
  At 7:56 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
another trick from the non-responsible malaysians eh
  At 9:20 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Blame me blame me!! And Blame Angel too cos she also want!!! heheh..
  At 12:49 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Wah.. this sound like the health gadget companies using credit card customers to come and listen to their sales talk and giving a free thermomoter liddat.

I know this centre, and the cardiologist. Too creative already. :-)
u-jean & lulu,
but it's all at the wrong place wan.

dr chen,
medical centre pun mau 'phean lang' wan. :(

ice cream potong can or not?

in the name of business. sigh.....

akcherli, blame meself for being a glutton. ;)

can't blame people for thinking private centres are ripping them off.
btw, where are you practising, PG or SP, if I may ask?
  At 1:32 PM Blogger Bernard said:
I'm in SP.