Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How Many Bowls Can You Do?

How many full bowls of rice can a normal-sized (say about H170cm/W60kg) college boy eat in one sitting?

Well, my son has a friend DD who, on normal days, would be 4 bowls and on ‘special’ days when the accompanying dishes are more yummy, 5 – 6 bowls, no sweat! Aitelyu, how he managed to wolf down so much rice in one sitting is beyond me. I have seen him in action :-

wantan mee – 4 balls of the noodles
bak kut teh yam rice – 4 to 5 full bowls
chicken rice – 3 plate-fulls (without extra chicken meat)
Fried Rice - 3 big plates
seafood buffet – 50 – 60 pcs of only siput sudu (not counting all the other stuff he took)

**his other friends teased him that he is barred forever from stepping into the buffet outlet .**

I did ask him once, if he at all feels bloated or discomfort with so much stuffed inside and he said, “Not at all. Feel just right. Everybody eats as much at home.”

Aiyoh, see him eat, I also feel full already.

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  At 9:27 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Don't take too much rice...carbohydrates, will be converted into glucose and will lead to diabetes! Read in Utusan Konsumer...can't take bread too! Too much preservatives! Haiya! This cannot eat, that cannot eat...die lor!!! Never mind...just eat, drink and be merry...for tomorrow we die! (Parable of the Rich Fool) At least won't become Hungry Ghost!
wait till they hit 25, body start to degenerate slowly...everytime u eat goes to your front pouch...then padan muka...
  At 10:12 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
woi.. you feeding a boy or feeding a pig?? can hantam so much wan meh?
  At 10:14 AM Blogger See Fei said:
young time got capital to eat like pig. no must watch diet !! LOL
  At 10:43 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Wah.. at 60kg at 170cm, this guy is thin lah. Some people just have a high metabolic rate or burn the calories becos of their daily physical activities.

When the metabolic rate slows down, then growth will go sideways instead of upwards.... the key is balancing the account, input vs. output.
  At 10:44 AM Blogger Sasha said:
walau can go bankrupt liddat if i'm his mom. But come to my restaurant i veli the welcome him neh.. hehe
  At 11:02 AM Blogger angel said:
waa... kuat makan betul... i can only do one bowl... ^.^
thompsonboy: worse, they form a "ring" or "tyre" around your middle.

But hor, 60kg at 170 still can eat more lah. Still growing mah. eat more protein.

wah sasha open restaurant? where where?

angeL: I do 1/2 bowl oni!
  At 11:54 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Huh?! No kidding? He can enter Malaysian Book of Record lor...
  At 2:40 PM Blogger Vern said:
HIGH METABOLISM! HIGH METABOLISM!!! damn those two words!!
  At 2:41 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
I agree with thompsonboy... And I'm feeling the effects now. Used to be a thin bamboo stick, now my trunk is nearing the shape of a barrel in a couple of years time should I not take any notice still...
  At 2:45 PM Blogger ah nel said:
i 1 sudu ler beh tahan liao...

can ask him go for chalenge makan...
  At 2:50 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Too much rice no good leh if he is a diabetic. Got check anot?
  At 3:37 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
fuiyooh makan so much of those ah. hebat!
  At 4:38 PM Blogger u-jean said:
gosh! this is the paling kuat makan person i've evr heard of. u sure u r not exaggerating, nyonya?
i oso kuat too
kuat temberang
ka ka ka ka ka ........
nyonya if you wan to lose weight see him everyday
ka ka ka ka ka ka
  At 5:31 PM Blogger sengkor said:
can a stomach of a young adult store so much food? i can only do 2 bowls of rice the max..
This kid got 2 stomachs is it? LOL
  At 7:46 PM Blogger JoMel said:
he's not heavy for his height also... how come his stomach can accommodate so much food??? He got cacing ah?
  At 7:57 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Gosh! Imagine having a few kids who all eat as much as him. Parents sure bankrupt. :(

I only have half a bowl of rice. I would have to be very very hungry to finish one bowl. ;)

me hearing u describe him eat pun feel so FULL


  At 8:13 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I remember when I ate the infamous Nam Heong chicken rice last time I used to eat like 4 to 5 bowl of rice with 1 chicken serving... Yummy
Actually everyone in my gang did that... sometimes more :)
  At 8:16 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Oh oh...
I remember one time this mamak store really banned us from adding rice... it was free then
He just gave us 1 big plate and say "tak boleh tambah lagi" to us...
  At 8:36 PM Blogger Chen said:
kia si lang..
i'm scared :P
that's what i said to that boy and he then told me that his whole family are 'farn thoong'. LOL

at the moment, i guess he still can see beyond his bowls of rice - 25 is still faarrrr away.

ah pek,
nasib baik he's not my son la. sek khoong ngo meh?

see fei,
i see him eat, i will feel full liao. ;)

the thing is he does not even feel any discomfort with all the food down there, all in one sitting.

he joined my son & me for bak kut teh and he called for additional rice 2 bowls at a time. the stall owner also give 'tabik'. LOL

one bowl with only 2 spoons of rice ah? :)

las montanas,
for a better word, you can call it the 'love handle'. hahahaha....

you eat so little, lidat go penang how to sapu leh?

he not only eats alot, he eats fast summore.

i don't wanna know what he will look like when the metabolism rate slows down.

you've got the height, so you should be able to carry off, say 70-75kg well. no worries about the 'love handles' - i notice it normally appear after the man gets married.

ah nel,
dowan ler challenge makan; can die wan la. ;)

diabetic ah? dunno leh.
very bahaya hor, eat lidat.

his 'engine' very hebat wan. LOL

betul mia. he joined me for lunch a few times ledi and he 'boh khek khi' wan. ;)

seriously, you look at the way he sapu the bowls of white rice hor, you might just believe that the rice itself very flavourful.

you got the stomach of a NORMAL young adult. ;)

cocka doodle,
i think he's a cow - got 4 stomachs. LOL

i thot if got cacing, the appetite would be poor, no?
i think he got metabolic disorder la. if not how can he just eat and not complain about feeling bloated?

he told me his family buys rice in the biggest bag from the rice wholesaler in klang. LOL
pink cotton,
the stomach like bottomless pit hor? LOL

you pun lidat ah? sampai mamak oso stop the refills. LOL
buden, go for buffet very worth it lor.

dr chen,
is this a disorder of the stomach ah?
Yah lo...
Can eat from start till end
Hope no one from the hotel line reads this
  At 12:32 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
ooo...2 of my cousins were like that too and my uncle always lament that his 2 sons cracked his gold mountain!