Friday, September 29, 2006

Pickled Pecker

Was flipping through and old copy of the YellowPost when I chanced upon a news brief. I am quoting it verbatim:-

“A 65 year-old German woman will be charged with mutilation after she was caught mutilating her dead husband’s penis so she could ‘pickle it as a souvenir of their marriage.’ Uta Schneider reportedly used a butcher’s knife to chop off the private parts at a local hospital. Schneider then wrapped the penis in foil and put it inside her lunchbox. A nurse saw what she had done and called the guards to arrest her. Schneider was married for 35 years and said she wanted to keep her husband’s best asset. ‘It was his best asset and gave me so much pleasure. I wanted to pickle it for eternity. He would have wanted it. We called it his joystick. I wanted to remember him by’ she said”

Can you beat that? What do you think she’s gonna do with the pickle? Lay in on the dining table during meals? Blerrggg……

And, I repeat, she said, “He would have wanted it”. So, you men out there, perhaps you would want to consider to include an additional clause in your will specifically to say “That under no circumstances, should my pecker be pickled.”

Blerrrgghh.....this is such a lame post.
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  At 1:37 AM Blogger angel said:
Lame? Oo meh??
I likesss!!

OMG! It's so farnie!
*sits down and wait to see the gentlemen's reaction*
  At 4:56 AM Blogger Erika said:
I cannot imagine doing it.. yuck.. :S
  At 5:26 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Hahahahaha.. *THUD* *Jemima rubbing her sore butt but continues laughing*
  At 5:44 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
yerrrrr gelinyaaaaa!!
  At 7:37 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Wasn't there a tongue-twister that goes: Peter Pepper picked...pickled pecker??? Or was it "Peter Pecker...pickled pepper??? Can't remember exactly! Hope I'm wrong! Imagine the English teachers forcing the students to recite things about "peckers"!!! Ha ha ha!!!
  At 8:14 AM Blogger Chen said:
wah... I can't believe this :D
  At 8:56 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
must have been hell of a pecker! She should have mummified it instead. At least that way it would have remained stiff.
  At 9:08 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
What grow down there STAYS DOWN THERE! I don't care how much pleasure it gives anyone, it SHALL FOLLOW ME TO MY GRAVE!!!!
use timun lah!! so readily available.
  At 9:32 AM Blogger Sasha said:
i think the hubby must be using IpiaoMei..tats why so "keng" until the wife miss him....err his KKC so much neh!
what is IpiaoMei?
  At 10:43 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Hah! las montanas' comment reminds me of a joke...;two women having a conversation. One told the other, "Do you know they're having a special offer on cucumbers? You buy 1, you get one free!" The other woman replied,"Wow! That's just great! Then I can eat the other one!"
  At 11:31 AM Blogger ah nel said:
Mrs schneider isit???

she must be the wife of Rob Schneider the male gigolo...
  At 11:48 AM Blogger AceOne said: use like that can get rotten wan. I rekoment ipiaoker!! can get it from lin peh. buy noe got 20% off!!! lol
  At 11:55 AM Blogger See Fei said:
cut my kkj, no way! not even over my dead body (pardon the pun)!

but i dont mind donating it for medical research if scientists are interested in the biological makeup of a super pecker muahahahah....
  At 1:18 PM Blogger Sasha said:
nyonya...i changed blog address edi
  At 1:55 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I don't like to eat pickles LOL
I'm not saying anything else
  At 5:58 PM Blogger L B said:
Angel pimped you, so I am dropping by with basket of imaginary fresh figs, and some imaginary red eggs too... to say HELLO!!!! Hi THERE!!! *hmm, very pickled*
  At 6:54 PM Blogger sengkor said:
i m bringing mine to the grave..
  At 7:25 PM Blogger sming said:
life is full of surprises of what ppl can think of !!!
ho chioh ah?

she's a wierdo.

adooiiii.....come, come over here..
**rub, rub, rub & sayangz**

jeruk pucuk???

peter piper picked a pack of pepper,
a pack of pepper peter piper picked

cigku, there's neither a 'prick' nor a 'pecker'. LOL
also, cucumbers are good for health.
i like cucumbers.

dr chen,
i hink she 'pin thai' wan. :O

ah pek,
yucksss..... mummified ledi will turn black wor.

ya, everything has it's rightful place. ;)

las montanas,
timun cannot replace 'joystick'.

buden, what can the pickle do?

btw, i updated your site address ledi. tks.

ipiaomei/ipiaoker? heard it the first time too.
i'll get aceone to answer that.

ah nel,
you agent for Rob izzit?

can do some sales talk about ipiaomei/ipiaoker ah?
i suakoo, dunno what those are. ;)

see fei,
ya, good idea. then maybe they can scientifically show proof of the efficacy of tongkat ali diet.

i don't dig pickles too. gimme fresh ones, anytime. ;)

hi lb, welcome!
amboi, amboi, why so 'hak hei' bringing figs and all?
**takes out feather duster to dust my humble bangku (wooden stool)**
hmmm... red eggs go well with pickles. i like.
thanks for dropping by.

maybe can consider some extraction of contents first, no?

i think angmoh are more, shall i say, 'creative'?
  At 11:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
eeewwww! Heng I gave up eating sausages or else will puke if I sees one... But hor this reminds me of gerkins leh... *pengz*
  At 11:43 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... it's not lame la, that old woman la craps!
  At 11:44 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
ooops! that was me earlier...
  At 1:26 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Angel, you waiting for their reaction? I can guarantee it will NOT be an erection! ROTFL!!! I am so bad. Sorry sorry.. paiseh. *stifles giggles*
  At 2:19 AM Blogger Winn said:
hahah this is sooo liuliu!

but ewwe.....what can she do wit it??

bet she's taken a lot of her áhem'photos of her husband too.....hahaha..
eh not lame leh...hau hau siaw ah..hahaha..nga keh hakka oso not very chun one! hahaha so blind leading the blind!

oh my gawdddddddddddddd~~

thats like so YUCKY~

is this a case of ...peter piper picked a pack of pickled peckers?

lol lol
  At 10:27 AM Blogger ah nel said:
he is my boss... LOL
  At 12:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
just imagine if your wifey lurves you sooooo much. ;)

yucks, shrivelled gerkins..... LOL

something for them guys to mull over -whether pickled in a jar or frame it up to be hung on the wall. LOL

hi winn, welcome!
perhaps, put in on the dining table as a side dish. LOL

a thiu lautaimah, khorn hey, sotsot ti leh.
errr.... betul or not my hakka? :)

hi pink cotton,
a warm welcome to you too.
she did it out of lurve and in everlasting memory of her dear joystick.

ah nel,
he's your boss oso alright.
i afraid you say he's your sifu la.
  At 12:58 PM Blogger Vern said:
hahahah! now this is what they call "ham choi"...LOL
sori frens, dunno how come my replies went under 'anonymous' pulak. ;)
Why must be pickled? Salted cannot meh?
cocka doodle,
errr.... pickles makes good relishes for hotdogs & burgers.
  At 10:05 AM Blogger ah nel said:
im his sifu...LOL
  At 8:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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