Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nasi Kangkang

When I used the colloquial word ‘kang kang’ in my post yesterday, I was reminded of a gossip session years ago.

I used to fetch the boys home from school and would go much earlier before the bell to secure a parking space near the school gates. There would be the usual faces of a few full-time homemakers and a couple or so of working mothers sitting on the benches underneath the shady trees waiting for their kids. But there is this one guy always in singlet and bermuda-pants who would be there daily waiting for his son and daughter. Occasionally this guy would be at the benches chatting with a few of the ladies but most of the time, he would be having a smoke with the other male school bus drivers. I was curious actually about what he does for a living because he doesn’t seemed dressed for work and he fetched the kids all the time and I don’t remember seeing the kids’ mom before. The 8-pohism got the better of me and I just have ask one of the mothers, HH, whom he usually talked to.

Me : That guy so young ‘pencen’ ledi hor?

HH : Ehhh.., he doesn’t go to work wan. His wife works and he looks after the kids and all things in the house.

Me : Good oso hor? At least when she’s at work, she doesn’t have to worry about leaving the kids with the maid for the whole day.

HH : He said wife works nights, so day time, she’s sleeping at home.

Me : Ah, I see, I see.

HH : **pssst..** They say hor, he makan nasi kangkang wan.

Me : Errrrmm..….Oooooh….

We hear ‘nasi selipar’ all the time. But, but… ‘nasi kangkang’?????
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  At 12:27 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Nasi kangkang is something like a bomoh thing. once the man eat the nasi 'kangkang' from a woman he will fall into that woman and follow all the orders. I just heard about it before la.
  At 1:38 AM Blogger AceOne said:
ahhhhhhh..nasi kangkang same meaning wif nasi selipar anot ar?
  At 2:59 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
kenny's right. but what is the story really about? feels like got continuation la
  At 6:03 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
What is nasi selipar?
  At 8:07 AM Blogger savante said:
I wanna be a househusband too!!

But nasi selipar?
  At 8:27 AM Blogger ah nel said:
not 'ciak nurgn pheng'mer???

*eat soft rice*
ooooh, lidis ah? i thot the woman plies her trade at night.

according to kenny, dua-dua tak serupa.

never known what nasi kangkang is all his while. LOL

kantonis version "sek thorhai farn";
hokkien version refer ah nel's komen.

househusband & designer rolled into one. ;)

ah nel,
i thot so too but kenny and ikanbilis said tak sama mia.
  At 9:23 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Jampi nasi kangkang la. i heard o *8* from my flen..its in thier big book. Its meant for the first wife to control the hubby.After cook rice, the girl will squat on top of the rice..then the rice got steam, evaporate, then the peluh from *there* will fall on the rice. While doing that, the will read the sentence..then serve to the hubby to eat lor. Ask them to stand dun dare to sit..happening hor?
  At 11:40 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Gosh! So many definitions! I was thinking the kang-kang refers to what the wife does to earn a living...!
  At 12:18 PM Anonymous Erika said:
The wife must be really good! I wouldn't want my husband to be househusband.. coz I want to be the one at home goyang kaki.. right Nyonya?
and i thought kang kang is short for pua chu kang!!!
  At 1:12 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
ya... sasha's comment was right, this is how thay made it.
Ewww...I was just having my lunch when I read Sasha's comment. Yucky!
  At 1:32 PM Blogger See Fei said:
liddat also can? tot those who eat kk rice usually stylo mylo? your description of dah man doesnt fit. i am curious....

can you find out from the horse mouth? LOL
  At 2:26 PM Blogger dreamie said:
Your post nasi kangkang and the comments no same one ar? black magic thingy liddat ..eeerriii... scary leh !
  At 2:39 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
eh i thought nasi kangkang is the indon bomoh thingy. They say eat oredi, the hubby will follow the indon one (usually maid do this woh if sudah jatuh cinta on ur hubby). yikes!!
  At 2:48 PM Blogger AceOne said:
ahhhhhhhh...Sasha..your comments terror la.
  At 3:51 PM Blogger Helen said:
Hahaha enlightening replies you got there! lol

I thought nasi kangkang meant he's a giggolo. Obviously not... :-P
  At 4:37 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Can i be candid here? I thought the lady meant that he's living off her earnings which involves her being terkangkang at night. Just guessing from the context.
i thot so too.

maybe the wife earns pots and the hubby used to earn only peanuts lor. ;)

hi fashionasia, welcome!
dat wan is rosie's term of endearment for phua chu kang. LOL

bukan mainnya - pandai masak ke, ni?

soli, soli, didn't mean to make you puke. ;)

see fei,
stylo mylo wan eat different type of nasi wan la. LOL

bcos before kenny's, ikanbilis' & sasha's komens, i oso got wrong interpretation. LOL

ya kah? lidat better don let indon maid cook rice liao. LOL

yalor, i oso salah anggap.
so, gigolo makan nasi apa leh? LOL

hi bernard, welcome!
that's what i thot too.
kenny, ikanbilis & sasha are more knowledgeable. LOL
  At 7:24 PM Blogger Chen said:
my understanding of nasi kangkang is similar to sasha's comment :) It's some sort of love potion made for the men. It was believed that after eating the rice, the man will abide entirely by the woman's wishes. Kekkee.. how true is this I dunno :P
Kangkang means legs astride right?
Nasi= rice.
So Nasi kangkang means having a meal of rice in between her legs, right? Wow! Who needs belachan and salt fish after all? LOL
dr chen
dunno dis wan got entry in 'Ripley's Believe It or Not'. LOL

hi cocka doodle, welcome!
dis wan 'au naturel' - belacan & saltfish are cancer-causing. LOL
nyonya, your blog is a riot la. I'm lovin it ba da da da ala McD ni!
  At 2:48 PM Blogger sming said:
ya, my understanding for nasi kangkang is also same as sasha's. Only that the story I heard is about the case where the black magic woman use to 'steal' the other woman's husband...
yucks !
  At 2:50 PM Blogger sming said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  At 2:55 AM Blogger pisang said:
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