Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't Look

Yesterday, I was worried about what to post in this blog. Think, think, think , look, look, look and search, search, search and then I got it! Ahhh… Seek and you shall find!

Had lunch with the elder boy as he finished his class early. As it was scorching hot, we decided on a small air-conditioned outlet not too far from home. While waiting for the food to be served we chatted and he filled me in on his day. Then I noticed his eyes darting about all over and I quickly tried to follow his line of vision but I don’t seem to see anything out of ordinary. Then in a low voice he said, “Ma, don’t look ler.”

Meself, the suakoo went,, “What?? Where?? Where??....”

Son : shhhh…. Aiyer…. that woman ler. Sitting the next table wan la…

Me : **tried to turn around and take a peek but the boy gave a soft kick on my foot**

Son : Don’t laaa… (he hissed)

Me : **sat up ramrod-straight and looked at him in the eyes**

Me : psssst…. Why?

Son : No manners wan that girl. Sit oso kenot sit properly. Summore skirt so short.

Me : **stood up, walked to the counter to take some tissues & walked back**

Me : Choi, Choi, Choi, Cilaka betul, sit kang kang lidat. Aiyooh, thighs like hippo legs and got so many 5sen 10sen marks. Don’t look, don’t look, afturds lost appetite. Wanna change table or not?

Son : Sheeesshh…..!!!!!
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  At 12:51 AM Blogger pisang said:
nasib baik you tarak vomit on the spot..........
  At 1:30 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Son can look ..mama kenot look.!! son is learning fast la.Your son gave you a soft kick hinting you not to disturb or else that girl cross her legs. Finally, did your boy tell you wat kaler anot?? wakakakaka!!
  At 1:35 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Eewwwwww! *to the kang kang woman*

Kak, is this written in moderation so that your readers wouldn't puke? ;)
  At 7:40 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
The way the girls dress these days...those low hipster jeans...and when they ride pillion on a motorbike, goodness gracious...their while butt is in full view!!! The worst is of course, those who go to church using those jeans...and short blouses!!! How to pray like that??? How come the mommas never teach them kah??
eeeeeeee...YUCKS! actually hor if she's like got hippo thighs..she kenot close the legs wor..muahahahaha..
I second STP's comment. I hate those butt exposed jeans on teenagers (not that I like them on adults anyway). So, now we all know why sex crimes are increasing :P
aiyah, wear a bit open (cos hot weather mah!) also cannot.. then wear wat? cover like ninja ah? hehehehe.
  At 9:59 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
woi.. your son getting naugthy leh.. peeping at people's legs!
  At 10:00 AM Blogger ah nel said:
like what u say mar as leg got 5 cent 10 cent if no open how will ppl look at her ler... ;)

their attraction towards hamsup guys...
  At 12:48 PM Blogger savante said:
Like mother, like son :P
  At 12:58 PM Blogger See Fei said:
hei this one also cannot blog. got hum sup content & may cause incorrect perception of your older one as leg peeper

Orang bin Bangku
Board of Censorship
  At 1:20 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Better dun look! Afturd u make her angry she give u "flying kick" then your face will stick many many 50 cents leh! hehehehe
  At 3:05 PM Blogger dreamie said:
nyonya - next couple of days see whether you "ONG" onot ? (hehee..)
  At 5:32 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Bring ur son to look for the chun 1... kekekeke.
Your boy is growing up fast. Soon he'll know how to differentiate between the good and the grotesque.
come to think of it, i think i got strong stomach. ;)

kalau nice, sexy ones, i might just give a nudge to look ler. LOL

our local lingo 'kang kang' tells all, no? LOL

nothing wrong to follow fashion trends. buden wish they're a bit more sensible la. like you said, go church oso wear bermacam-macam and it's disturbing other worshippers.
can we call it vision pollution? LOL

yalor, come to think of it, its going to be real painful if she tries to cross her legs.

aiyooh, you shud see those whose backside flat like papan wan.
kakakaka.. ** i'm evil**

las montanas,
errrmmm.... sarongs got for hot weather wor and good for circulation too. ;)

ah pek,
beauty is to be appreciated. but this wan hor, kasi mati sakit saja. LOL

ah nel,
she sit lidat, she torture people you know? LOL

tenkiu, tenkiu. we can see the chaff from the wheat. hahahaha...

see fei aka Orang Bin Bangku,
ini educational post la - Quality Control & Inspection of Female Species : Chapter I

signed : nyonyapenang (Lecturer)
University of Merepek

dowan to look, afturds she thot we paying her a compliment! kakakak....

sure 'ONGG" every day wan.
gua 'CHOI, CHOI, CHOI' all the suey back to her ledi. LOL
  At 6:08 PM Blogger Chen said:
did you ask your eyes after tengok-tengok? LOL
i no nid to bring him ler. i lecturer for Quality Control & Inspection ma.

the lazy bloghead,
welcome! what a cute name you got.
chapter 2 of lecture - Go Through the Quantity to Find The Quality.
  At 8:38 PM Blogger Helen said:
I agree if you have it, then flaunt it. If not, please refrain lar... there are other people's health at risk. lol

I've seen 'aunties' wearing low cut jeans revealing torn 'auntie'-like maternity panties. Yuck!
  At 9:10 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
at least your son warned you!!! ppl are very braze these days. Those who has the body ok lah, but those who have like spare tyres n lumpy,thick leg, shouldnt wear short skirts, ultra short pants etc etc... not a very good sight if you are out there eating!
  At 10:40 PM Blogger Chen said:
muahahhaha, I just realised typing error.. I wanted to type "Did you wash your eyes after tengok-tengok? LOL"

Apa pasal wash jadi ask pulak??
ada hantu here ah?
tukar my typing :P
dr chen,
aiyoh, forgot to wash leh, dat's why can still remember. LOL

welcome back, helen!
the mahder never teach her how to sit and behave appropriatley ler. ;)

LOL... wanna show panty, then wear victoria secrets or sumthin lidat la

they got guts wor.
  At 9:41 AM Anonymous ian said:
Helen: Wah!!! Serious? Geez... What a turn off...

NP: See... you can blog about anything and still give us an enjoyable read...