Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To Touch Base

Thank you for all your comments on my previous post. I took heed and without further excuses, went straight to book the bus ticket for a morning ride to Penang on Saturday. No need any meticulous plans - just grab an old bag, throw in a few pieces of t-shirts and shorts and I'm on my way.

Got one of my nephews to pick me up from the bus terminal at Sg Nibong and then back to my old house first before proceeding for curry mee with Ah Teik, my SIL's brother. Oooops, didn't know that this particular shop opens up till about 2.00pm only; when we reached there, the workers were already cleaning up for the day. One of the workers then directed us to another coffee shop opposite the Anson Road market where there is another stall of the famous Lorong Seratus Tahun curry mee. Verdict: OK only. Still not quite satiated, the next stop - New Lane for my 'chee cheong chook' (pig intestines porridge) fix. Mmmmm.... the aroma from the chunks of deep-fried crispy and curly big intestines with a dash of extra-fragrant sesame oil is enough to make me do a joget. I'm a very simple nyonya - one slurpilicious bowl of the thick and smooth congee and burrrp.... ya, I'm happy already.
** Sorry lah, no pictures. Too excited, and left the camera at home.**

Later, I got my nephew to drop me at Uncle's place at Rifle Range Flats. I normally do not drive there because this place is real congested and the parking is horrendous - the vehicles are double-parked without the handbrakes being engaged, so that if it is blocking a car that needs to go out, they will then just push it aside to allow the other car to come out. To prevent accidental slips, bricks and small blocks of wood are wedged on the wheels. Some of the car owners leave their handphone numbers on the car dashboard. So, if you are a resident, you would play by the rules.

When I reached Uncle's unit, I just slipped my hand through the grill to unlatch the door and I found Aunt sitting in front of the tiny TV enjoying a Thai movie despite the very poor, grainy picture quality. I surprised her and the broad smile said it all. I just sat beside her while she finished watching the last 5 minutes or so of that particular episode and she even attempted to fill me in on the storyline. Aunt used to enjoy an occasional game of mahjong with her old friends downtown but of late has been housebound because of pain in her knees and also her friends' numbers had been called one by one. Sad, huh?

Uncle, who was out having his Saturday afternoon tea with his buddies in the neighbourhood came home about an hour later. He was so surprised to see I was there that he practically hollered from outside the grill-door, "Nyonya, is that you? Why didn't you tell me that you are coming? I can go and pick you up." That's Uncle for you - he always offer to pick me up or to send me on his trusty kapchai. Hahahaha......... Uncle holds a valid driving and motorcycle licence and is still thinking of buying an old car so that he can ferry Aunt around.

Spent a few hours there and as dusk approached, Uncle and Aunt fearing for my safety, repeatedly chased me home. Gave Aunt a bearhug and promised to visit again soon. Uncle insisted on walking me to the bus-stop and stood there with me for about 25 minutes or so until the bus finally arrived, saw that I boarded safely and gave me a wave. I felt a lump in my throat.

The loving couple
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  At 1:37 PM Blogger ah nel said:
priceless picture... :)
That was a very thoughtful thing to do. Good Nyonya :)
That is what humans are for... love and affection for each other.
  At 2:35 PM Blogger Sasha said:
*sob* so kam tung...
  At 5:27 PM Blogger sming said:
So sweet.. Ur uncle and aunty memang sayang you.....
Taking all the trouble to visit them.. Thumbs up !!!
  At 7:44 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
I got lump in my throat from reading this post & looking at their beautiful faces in the photo.

This post shows how much you care & love them - hence it touches everyone of us.

  At 7:47 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
woooowww thats soo nice of you!!
If i wish i have aunt and uncle like that!!!
ah nel,
thank you.
told Uncle and Aunt i'll be posting their pics and they said, "dowan lah. shy lah. who wanna see old people mia pics leh?" ;)

thank you.

las montanas,
often times, we are so caught up with other things that we forgot to love. ;)

my sayangs to you too. **hughug**

ya, i'm very fortunate indeed.

i sure do love them lots and i'm blessed to be sayang by them in return.

thank you for dropping by.
i truly appreciate your kind words. you're a sweetie!
my sayangs to you also.
  At 12:23 AM Blogger Erika said:
:) Your uncle and aunt don't look like they are in their 90ish.. your uncle is still so romantic and gahar yah? Can drive at his age some more..

Hope to grow old like them.. :)
  At 12:31 AM Blogger savante said:
What a sweet picture! And I am missing my chee cheong chook dammit!

Uhh... why didn't you fly? Now everyone can fly!

You are really filial. We can all learn from that. Good thing you did there, nyonya!
so sweet but then how come visit so short leh?? didn't stay over meh? hmmm staying longer makes parting more difficult also hor...
ARRGGHHH... chee cheong chuk!!! WHY?? HOW COULD YOU BE SO FORGETFUL??? YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PHOTO!! Come to think of it, I think I"m better off not seeing the pic for it might make me wanna eat it even more.

I also wish I can take a flight so spontaneously to go home and meet those I miss there. Hehehe!
when Uncle went to renew his driving licence, the counter clerk thought that the database showed wrong date of birth. hahaha...

your place there got any yummy chee cheong chook?
used to fly but the morning flight is before 8am, check-in time 2hrs, drive to LCCT another 45mins, taxi fare(RM80) or ERL(RM35) & the return flight sometimes land @12midnite. really to much hassle.

king's wife,
thank you.
Uncle & Aunt are so old ledi - i try to visit as often as i can.

thank you.
i didn't stay over at Uncle's place. did meet Uncle again on Monday before i come back.

sori, sori, i'll take the photo on the next trip, OK? LOL
with advances in technology and all, if we can't be there physically, at least we can see and hear each other.
  At 5:32 PM Blogger See Fei said:
ya! just do it! too bad no foto :-(
  At 5:32 PM Blogger See Fei said:
ya! just do it! too bad no foto :-(
  At 7:41 PM Blogger dreamie said:
nyonya - God bless you for making time to visit them ... yr uncle and aunt look healthy and strong. Very heartwarming to see old folks so loving.
see fei,
just bought a camera before the trip. still belum get the hang of it yet and oso forgot to bring it out most of the time. real suakoo hor?

ya, they are both healthy - no hypertension, no diabetes, no heart disease or any major sickness and have good appetite and excellent memory summore. GOD bless them both.
  At 10:43 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Sob! Sob! So touching! See! I told u that u MUST go! It was worth it, rite? BTW, ur SIL's bro Ah Teik, his surname's Eng by any chance???
i'm glad that i made the trip. planning for another trip soon.
btw, i think the surname is Lim. you got folks in Penang too? ;)
i truly appreciate your kind words and advice. thanks alot.