Friday, August 18, 2006

Do You Do Greens?

The coffeeshop was full with lunch-time crowd and all the tables were taken. As I was alone, I asked permission to share the table occupied by 3 young ladies.

While waiting for my order to arrive, I decided to be nosey a bit and observed my tablemates tablemanners lah. Two of them were heartily tucking into their chicken, char siew and roast pork rice. Hmmm.. quite untidy eaters, I should say. Apparently, these two don't do skins - the crispy roast pork skin and chicken skin were carelessly scattered on the table together with a few pieces of bones and chicken feet from the free soup. The 3rd was not any better. She was busy stirring up her bowl of noodles and picking out every stick of taugeh and every tiny piece of spring onions and leaving them on the table too. No. 3 suddenly noticed that I had been observing her and she gave me a smile and said, "Hehehe... I don't take vegetables wan." I just smiled back and gave a knowing nod.

This reminded me of my grand-nephew (is this correct, this boy is my brother's daughter's son?). This chubby 9 year-old absolutely loves pak-cham kai(white steamed-chicken) skins, pork skins and everything else meaty but abhors all kinds vegetables except for taugeh. Despite all the soft approaches as well as the use of cane by the mother, this boy just won't touch greens. So now each time whenever somebody commented on the boy's eating habits, the mother will just shrug and say, "He pantang anything green colour wan lah."

Luckily, my children have no problems with most types of vegetables. Both of them don't do leeks, brinjals and raw garlic (no problems with raw onions, though). The elder boy does not like lady's finger while the younger one will just not have enough of it steamed, fried or in curries. As for me, raw, cooked or juiced, all also can sapu. A friend once jokingly called me a cow as I enjoy eating raw greens. I am a true-blue nyonya lah.
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  At 3:10 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
I am a greenie, whitey, & gourdy - although I also love white & red meat. :)
  At 3:37 PM Blogger Sasha said:
I LOVE TAUGEH!!!!!!!! give it to me!
i heard eating lady's fingers will give men that extra oomph! way to go yah, your second son.

local brinjal i don like; but angmoh eggplant grilled in italian anti-pasto.. yum yum :P
alamak! I also pick out the taugeh but I try not to end up like this by reminding the taukeh like a million X not to put taugeh for me!
  At 6:03 PM Blogger Helen said:
I used to hate greens too. But most children will grow out of it. Like me.. I'm now eating greens. lol

ANother thing is, maybe it's the way people cook their greens for the child. SOmetimes too boring, and if it taste 'too green', the children will get picky. Fry those greens... like tempura.. sure the kids makan. lol
  At 10:56 PM Blogger savante said:
I love pak cham kai!!

very balanced wor. ;)

ipoh nga choy kai, yummmy... :D

las montanas,
angmoh eggplant - wuaah, you makan angmoh style.
grilled local eggplant with sambal.... oooh...sedap betul.

you don't like taugeh ah?
i everything also ask for extra taugeh. sometimes my fren will say i ordered char taugeh with koayteow. hehehe

i very malas wan. give them salad most of the time. LOL

taugeh to go with the soft and smooth pak cham kai. yummy!
  At 1:17 AM Blogger angel said:
i do greens... except the khor gua.. yuck yuck! and i don't like tauge too... donno why but i just dun like it in my hokkien mee, kari mee but char koay teow still ok... that's why i always order, "hokkien beehoon, mai tauge!" :D

ps: Thank Q so much for the sweet words... dunno what to say... just hug u lah, can? :D
i like khor kwa - cooked or juiced.

** a bearhug for you too** ;)
I love all my greens...and red, and purple and orange. I love eating all vegetables! Brinjal and french beans are my favourites.
  At 1:12 AM Blogger AceOne said:
As a boy i dont like to take green as well and now i like all greens especially lady finger cook in curry fish head, wow!!yummy yummy.
king's wife,
wow, that's colourful!

good for you. las montanas' comments above said lady's fingers give men extra oooomphhh....
  At 6:51 PM Blogger matrianklw said:
Yay! I'm not alone! I don't do greens too! I was just like your nephew when I grew up, I guess. My parents tried all sorts of ways to get me to touch greens and, let me tell you, they never succeeded. I gag everytime I try to stuff myself with greens. I'm already immuned to other people's comment on my eating habit and it seems kinda late to even try to change now. Just simply hate them! =)
  At 9:33 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
i'm an old cow. so my wife serves me grass most of the time. well that's how they tasted anyway.
  At 9:35 AM Anonymous flowsnow said:
Puke....I hate greens and my eldest born hater greens. Believe it or not he is! I think the `hating greens' is heridatory'. LOL. Taugeh.....puke..puke....phtttttt.....
SO next time u invite me out to eat you know to `serve' me greens. Nice blog :D
  At 11:43 AM Anonymous Prometeuz said:
I also a greens hater (i used to eat greens with tomato sauce) but i managed to grew out of it but still NO onion & garlic though...err...they are not green anyway :)
I grew to accept greens but not all of them... And it is ironic for me to look at those who has grown up to detest greens and shake my head...
now close your eyes, listen to me.... greens are good for you. you'll be strong, you'll be handsome......
*trying hypnotism* LOL

ah pek,
let's 'moo' together. :D

welcome to you too.
now close your eyes and repeat after me, "greens are good, greens are good, green are good....." LOL
thanks for dropping by.

there you go, greens with ketchup!
btw, have you tried onions and garlic with ketchup?
onions good lah - helps you to poot-poot; and garlic helps to keep hantus away. hahaha...

acceptance only ah? anyway, good enough. ;)
  At 12:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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  At 10:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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