Thursday, August 17, 2006

That Was Rude!

A couple of times a month, I will pop by one of the branch office of the tigerbank to check on my current account transactions. It is quite simple and fast actually - the staff at the customer service counter will just punch a few buttons, I give a quick glance and I'm on my way.

And this morning after my appointment in PJ, I thought I'd just walk over to the tigerbank at the next building. I greeted the staff standing at the customer service counter and put through my request. "Tunggu ya, Puan" she said. A short while later, she directed me to another officer who was sitting further inside.

I then walked towards the officer who was in the midst of shuffling and filing some papers. Greeted her, but she did not reciprocate; maybe she doesn't know any better. I repeated my request and without looking up, she said, "Pakai internet banking lah". I told her that I do not use the facility and just wanted to see my transactions only but that bozo continued, "Register sekarang juga." Exasperated, I patiently repeated myself for the third time and that woman, still shuffling the papers, just said, "Duduk sana tunggu dulu." Oh my, that was rude! For a second, I thought I was at one of those gahmen departments.

Expletives was already at the tip of my tongue but civility on my part prevailed. Took a deep breath, just leaned towards her a little and told her in the most polite way I could muster, "Maaf lah. Nampaknya kerja Cik punching holes urgent sangat. I jumpa officer lain saja, ya?" I walked away and approached another lady officer who was just plain polite and helped me with my request without any fuss.

I would say that nowadays most banks are quite customer-friendly unlike years ago whereby you would find sullen-faced tellers manning the counters whose idea of a good workday is perhaps to frightened away as many customers as possible. Currently, competition is real stiff and thus the banks now invest heavily to improve and to be a cut above others in all aspects of customer care and customer service. But I guess a couple or so of the bozo-types somehow managed to escape the overhauling process.
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  At 3:07 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Thank goodness that the other lady officer was helpful & nice. Otherwise, I'm sure Puan Nyonya would have tembak both of them with bullet-words. hehe

I would probably have asked the 1st one if she's having PMS. hehe #gosh! I'm evil - too much cat dim sum for lunch(slap herself again #
U are way too polite. I would have given her *&^%$
"boleh tunggu sebentar....................................................... maaf cik, komputer hang!"
  At 4:56 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Tats why i dun like banks.
  At 7:07 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I've done this before. The manager called me to explain...and aslo got shot down. I wrote in to complain about this "lady" and it seems that if there is a formal complaint, they will not get the bonus for that year and chances for promotion very slim. So u can write to complain, cc to the bank's HQ. These people don't realise that they are employed because of us...the customers!!! Everytime we have to get on our knees and kowtow...just to get some little thing done!
  At 8:03 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Las montañas said...

"boleh tunggu sebentar....................................................... maaf cik, komputer hang!"

Haha! I can empathise with that one!!!

And NP, I know we are tempted to unleash our words of fury when we are being mistreated. That often brings us down to their level of insolence. Yet if we handle the problem gracefully with wit and sarcasm, we are doing our own images a favour... *giggles*
cat dim sum? hahaha..

nah, just dowan to raise my blood pressure.

las montanas,
"komputer hang/sistem off-line" - kena this one twice at the Road & Transport Dept as well as the Pejabat Pos when i wanted to renew my car road tax.

not that i like them.

kesian lor, nanti no money to buy beg sekolah, baju sekolah, etc. for the anak.

you are right.
  At 12:09 PM Blogger See Fei said:
aiyoh lu mana datang punya... still go bank to do updating? if maybank dont have online facility better change bank. UOB would be nice heheheh...
  At 12:42 PM Blogger dreamie said:
gone were the days "service with a smile" hor ?
  At 1:19 PM Blogger savante said:
Tiger Bank sounds quite cool actually!

Its service with a smirk nowadays.
see fei,
i'm one of the few remaining dinosaurs left on this earth. LOL
actually tigerbank got e-banking. it's just me lah, always so loun choun (clumsy), scared press wrong button hor and all my koon-choy poon gone ka liao.

got, got. they give me good service, i SMILE. ;)

lion bank; phoenix & dragon bank; earth bank, rough-heads bank also cool juga.

las montanas,
ya, when the balance in the account is less than RM50.
  At 1:44 AM Blogger angel said:
i dun like tiger bank... benci! always so many ppl wan...