Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A 'Heavy' Lunch

Was having lunch with a few old friends and somehow the subject of writing a will cropped up. Sue mentioned she is in the process of drawing up her will and asked the 3 of us if we had done ours. Ann answered in the affirmative while I told her it's in my plans to do it soon. Jo's reply sort of blew us off a little, "Choi, Choi, Tai Kat Lai See! Eat shiok, shiok, suddenly talk about will pulak. Today 15th day of 7th Moon la. I pantang you know." Hmmmm...

Anyway, Sue was quite persistent and she continued to talk about her plans and told us in confidence that she wants to name her two adult daughters as beneficiaries. Sue does not plan to leave anything for her husband as she believes he is financially independent and can continue to earn his own keep. She believes too that should she leave too much for the husband, he might just turn complacent and worse, take the money and get himself a 'piao mei'. Hmmmm... That's her logic. We thought it was funny and laughed anyway.

Sue then asked Ann whether she named her husband as beneficiary and Ann answered, "Lion's share goes to my 3 children, a little to my Mom and RM1 for hubby. Teach you something la. You must name your husband in the will and then give him a nominal RM1. This is to prevent him from contesting la; like saying I was of unsound mind or sot sot tei at the time of doing up the will. This one my lawyer friend teach me. You don't believe ah? Go and ask you lawyer lor."

Ann thought that the 3 of us appeared unconvinced and therefore went on and on with her other real life stories of her many unfortunate friends who were not farsighted enough to do their wills properly and of as many others who were left with peanuts after their husbands' demise. Blah, Blah, Blah....

One simple topic and she went on like a broken record. Aiyoh, suddenly had a bad headache and I blamed it on the terrible afternoon heat. Rushed them through the lunch and then split. Arrr...burrrp! Like cannot digest the lunch lah.
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  At 1:36 AM Blogger JoMel said:
I have to say that its wise to draft a will. The cost is nominal but its saves the living a lot of headache (and heartache) when everythings in order. As the saying goes, you would not want to leave the living in hell when you go to heaven.

Whether you leave anything for your husband, that is another issue altogether. Depends lor. Not all husbands are the same kan?
  At 4:55 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
As the saying goes, "Where there is a Will, there is a Way."

Huh??? How is that saying related to this post?

I believe that having a Will or none, should any loved ones want to contest one's Will, they will - happens everyday & everywhere.

Though I'm still single & have no ringgit or sens to leave anyone yet, I will definitely have a Will 'cos like 'lil joy, I also believe a Will can save "the living a lot of headache & heartache" & hence, my soul will be able to rest in peace. :p

Regardless of whether you & Ann put your hubby in your Wills, it's none of Sue's business - even though you may be old & good friends.

That is just IMHO. ;)
  At 5:41 AM Blogger Erika said:
Haha. Shows that your friend Sue is not a good salesperson. :P

though perhaps it is a good idea to have a will. My brain is too fried to think of who to give my $ to.. then again, I don't have much $ to give.. HAha.
That comes to some thinking... hoard so much, but cannot bring with you. now got problem thinking who to give it to...
  At 9:10 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
i have a big overdraft and 2 unpaid mortgages. if you want, i will it to you. just send me your photostat ic.
  At 9:36 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
For now, I do not mind my future wife not leaving much for me when she passes away (God forbid it happens at anytime), as long as she doesn't leave me a hefty debt to carry hahaha...

Speaking of which, it makes me wonder if it is ever a good or feasible idea to setup up joint accounts with our spouses. Or that each of us have one respectively, and add another shared threshold on top of that...
  At 11:22 AM Blogger sming said:
To be realistic and practical,it is better to draft a will. Anything can happen.. At least when we passed on, our assets won't be freezed. Our loved ones then won't be caught in the lengthy process.
But I always tot I would leave for my he would be the man I marry and should trust totally !!.. Aii. nowadays.. alot of stories making me lose confidence in marriages..
I belum kahwin leh.. dun scare me!! :P
thanks for the sound advice. ;)

you're so right. ;)

your $$$$ will always be building up.
  At 6:07 PM Blogger savante said:
Only RM 1 for the hubby?! Apa macam ni!

las montanas,
you've been hoarding? LOL

ah pek,
you are ever so generous! no wonder so many people sayang you. :D

unfortunately, when a person dies, debts still have to be paid. so if the person has huge debts, he might want to consider some insurance.

re; the bank accounts, i would prefer having separate ones and another joint account for household expenses.

you decide your beneficiaries. but i suppose it's a good idea to do periodic reviews too.
geez, i wonder who should I leave my stuff too.....
the one you have found!
  At 9:37 PM Blogger Helen said:
Sometimes knowing the right thing to do doesn't necessarily mean you are going to do it.

I've yet drafted my will but it's not like I have
i suppose it's not the issue whether you have loads to give away or not. it is to make things easier for the loved ones to handle the 'sau mei'
  At 12:39 AM Blogger JoMel said:
actually, the will is more so important when you don't have much. Imagine even that little sum gets distributed to the hands that you do not wish to see being distributed to, lagi susah for the ones who so rightly deserve the whole sum kan?
  At 6:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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