Friday, July 21, 2006

Expensive Baju Tidur

Was at the shopping mall with my son the other day as he wanted to get a birthday present. Since he had not decided on what to buy, we were walking from floor to floor and just browsing around.

Then as we walked past an outlet exclusively selling night clothes for both sexes, I casually said, "Wuahh, the owner can rent such an expensive place to sell only baju tidur. Can you imagine how much it will cost? Must be a few hundred ringgit or more wan lah. Sei ler, go to sleep also must wear so expensive clothes. My work clothes also don't cost so much. If I wear this type of pyjamas to sleep ah, most probably I'll get nightmares ler"

My son was quick to retort, "No lah. When you wear nice clothes, you will feel good mah. So these luxurious jammies will sure give you sweet and beautiful dreams wan."

I laughed myself silly. You think my son got a future in the marketing line ah? hehehe!

Seriously, how much would you pay for a set of night clothes? As for me, my good old sarong is real comfy.
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  At 1:03 AM Blogger Helen said:
Hahaha not wearing anything more comfy!! Of course it's making the person sharing my bed not comfy. Afterall, I'm not 18-22 so inevitably, I cannot fight against gravity. So, my hubby said, no matter how expensive, I'll buy you. Just wear some freaking thing!
  At 8:37 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
i sleep in the buff. more convenient that way.
Nonit to wear...more comfy more healthy.

Ur son is just like mother like son mah...tats good in mktg
  At 9:47 PM Blogger Erika said:
Are those sexy kinds or the silk kinds? Sexy to attract hubby mah.. Silk also to entice hubby's "sex drive" when he feels the softness of the baju tidur.. :P

Anyway, good old tshirt will do just fine for me.. ;)
helen, ah pek, sotongking,
sounds comfy, but, but, in case of 'fire! fire! api! api!' you just run out telanjang saja lah. LOL
oso when mosquitoes attack the private parts, then scratch like mad lah.

when he finds out the amount charged to the sup-card for that expensive baju tidur, he might just hyperventilate. LOL
  At 2:04 PM Blogger AceOne said:
No nit to wear baju tidur la, sleep naked lagi chun..lidat got free air-con!
i agree with ace1118 no need ware anything lagi better but since i install aircon i ware all up from head to toe. sejuk woh!
and i oso agree with author too fire dun say la oit happen oni 0.01 % but if you forgot lock your room during sleep and somebodi come in your room while you sleep jialat lor.
more over if that person is pondan i think you know the rest
bahaya kalau some insects or cockcroaches go to the wrong 'nest' LOL

pisang goreng 115,
ya lor, know of one guy who din hear the alarm clock. so his mama came to wake him up and saw him stark naked and spread-eagled. LOL
  At 9:51 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Well, I guess the only expensive baju tidur (for women in this case) worth buying are the ones where you'll wake your hubby up from dull sleep for some bed-rockin' eksyen!

Anything else, pasar malam prices would be good enough... Hahaha!
many years ago, a fren's newly married sister confided that hubby turned wild and 'mauled' her and turn the expensive sexy baju tidur into shreds. LOL
sleep only lah...what for wear nice n expensive baju tidur?
king's wife,
to each his/her own hor.
  At 12:15 AM Blogger angel said:
hello nyonya :)

i love sexy baju tidurs... i hv a couple of babydolls from La Senza that cost more than Rm100... u think it's too expensive? but i like maaa...
  At 12:16 AM Blogger angel said:
hello nyonya :)

i love sexy baju tidurs... i hv a couple of babydolls from La Senza that cost more than Rm100... u think it's too expensive? but i like maaa...
  At 10:38 AM Blogger dreamie said:
Semua boleh depends on the mood lor.. sometimes pakai baggy, sometimes expensive, tee & shorts whatever tat makes you comfy but i think NO NEED to pakai is the bestest feel to sleep (lol)
as per my reply to king's wife - to each his/her own.
as long as you are happy.:)

it's a personal choice, really. ;)
RM120 from Marks & Spencer but that's the one & only 'cosI marah hubby for so expensive gift
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