Friday, July 14, 2006

Penang Mari

Many years ago, I used to work in the same office with this guy named JJ. He was the first employee and he practically grew along with the company and was promoted to be the personal assistant to the boss. So, he has some kinda of clout, so to speak.

Each time a new colleague joined the company, it will be JJ's job to bring him/her around and introduce to all of us in the office. And whenever he sauntered to my desk, he would think it was cute and funny to introduce me as "This is Penang mari 'nutmeg-dip-in-salt' (it means a stingy poke in Hokkien) Nyonya. You know, the Penang Kedekuts; her 5 sen bigger than bullock cart wan." KAKAKAKA! - he would then laugh at his own stupid and sick jokes. Real blardy fool this one! Real insect!

"Hoi, don't simply talk, ok? Who say Penang people kiamsiap, huh?", I would retort.

"I know many friends from Penang wan. Buy RM1 item, will haggle for 20 minutes to pay 10 sen less. Give RM20 angpow but bring whole family entourage for a wedding feast. After eating, 'tapau' some more, wor. Favourite word in vocabulary - 'FREE!' Aiyoo, like this lah Penang-mari punya style", JJ would snigger.

"That one your cheapskate friends only lah. Don't use such sweeping statements, ok?" I fumed.

I believe Penangites are generally just thrifty and careful with money and abhor wasteful habits. This does not make them misers, right? That tactless and infantile JJ must have had coconut water for a brain. Know what? Last I heard, he married some gal from Penang.
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  At 1:52 PM Blogger dreamie said:
i thought, generally hokkien lang are the kiamsiap lot and cantonese are the generous ones bukan ke?
I have a good friend who comes from Penang, and she sendiri admit that Penangites are kiamsiap. She doesnt care, not bothered by it! :)
perhaps the older pre-war generations are more tight-fisted lor. times were hard then.

king's wife,
i'm quite careful with money myself, but not kiamsiap lah.;)
  At 9:31 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
careful with money not = kiamsiap meh?
  At 10:31 AM Blogger Helen said:
This is a smart guy. Wants to poke fun at ppl but when it comes to his money, he choose a kiamsiap wife. lol

Sometimes, it pays to haggle. I know many shop push up their price becos they're waiting for the customer to cut em down. :-) I dun haggle not becos I'm not kiamsiap, it's just that I'm such a shy creature. lol
*crawl back into the hole *
  At 12:34 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Me oso, veli careful with money.So me kiamsap anot?
  At 3:03 PM Blogger sotongking said:
I'm not veli careful wit my money so end up broke everytime. Got any penang mui mui intro ar?
ah pek,
trying to live within my means not kiamiap rite?

nowadays most places offer fixed prices, so just pick and pay only.

lidat, good financial planning lor. :)

consult aceone118 first. LOL
This is so funny, you friend is right. Penangites tend to be stingy,I'm one too... hee hee

Although, I would call myself 'careful' with my money...