Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Met up with F, an ex-colleague for tea yesterday. F left the office to be a domestic director(that's what she calls herself) about a year after I joined and we have since been keeping in touch, albeit infrequently.

When I decided to join another company in the sales line, I called F to let her know. I was expecting her to say something like "Congrats! Good for you! Go for it!" but I was mistaken. Instead, she gave me an earful about how foolish I was to give up a steady job with regular pay to go into something that I totally have no experience in and whether I realised how hard it is going to be for an old dog to learn new tricks and at a time where it's 'LAST IN, FIRST OUT' in the employment sector. She cannot for the life of her fathom why I risked rocking the boat.

BOOM! My confidence was so badly shaken and it just dropped to the ground. What she said hung over me like a big mass of dark clouds for the next few days and I felt really troubled and miserable. Self-doubt crept in. What if I stink in the new job and realise later that I hated it? Would I be able to get back to a desk job? Would I be able to face the competition in a tight job market? Should I just go and see my ex-employer now and ask to have my humdrum job back or should I just throw everything to the winds and look forward?

I thought long and hard. No, I don't hate the admin job; it was quite nice actually, working for a small cosy outfit of less than 10 staff who got along well with each other, had a boss who was not overly strict and maniacal and the best part was that the office was just a street away from my home.

Then why leave? Ahaa! I felt suffocated. I felt I was not learning anything new. I felt I was going no where. Na, those were mere intellectual excuses. The real clincher - my finances was in deficit position every month. What I earned was just enough to pay for the babysitters and I was usually left with a princely sum of not more than RM200 per month to cover my other personal expenses. Die lah like that. I gotta bring in more, more, more! So, cut out the rhetorics - just jump into it. If you never try, you'll never know.

Ya, F was right. It was so hard - so much to learn and follow and oftentimes I found myself banging on walls and feeling totally lost and defeated. I wanted my old job back; I missed my little blissful corner at the office. But this new one held a lure of a potentially bigger pay cheque and yes, I needed the moolah. So I stuck out the horrible and discomforting initiation and guess what? I am still alive!

Looking back, I am really thankful I made the move. I make a little more now to be able to afford the occasional treats and most importantly, I have learnt alot and am still learning. An old dog, eventhough a bit slow, can be taught new tricks.
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  At 12:35 AM Blogger Erika said:
Congrats on sticking to what you have chosen! No risk no gain? ;)
  At 1:39 AM Blogger JoMel said:
This is really what I need to read.

For I am now in the same position that you were in. I too was blissfully securely comfortable in a desk job ever since I graduated really, until something happened last year which caused me to take up a sales job.

Its been less than a year and I am still at the foot of the mountain, hauling myself up. So many scratches and so many falls, but I cannot believe that I cannot succeed!

Thank you for this inspiring tale.

Ps. I am coming out to play... ;)
  At 9:37 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
hahaha... that was the 7 year itch syndrome lah! once the itch starts, you start doing iradicle things.
  At 11:32 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Since you have chosen this sales line, go for it and never look back. It takes time and afford to adapt to your new enviroments and i'm sure you'll pass through.
  At 1:02 PM Blogger Helen said:
Yes, Yes, do follow whatever is in your heart. Everyone has different expectations and priorities in life. Your friend F, just chose a different path from yours but that does not mean you took the wrong turn.

Hang in there and yes, old dogs DO learn new tricks. lol
welcome! stick long enough, then only can see results hor?

i believe great views await at the mountain top. you'll be there in no time. ;)

ah pek,
no itch lah. kalau kena jalan buntu, have to look for new jalan liao.

aceone118 & helen,
thanks for your kind words. i think anything new will excite and scare at the same time lor
  At 8:01 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Yes yes... It was merely xenophobia. Once you've gotten around, I believe you'll find that it's not that bad after all.

Staying put eats our souls and passions away? It is always refreshing to feel reborn, no?
  At 8:23 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
nyonya... stick with what you think and give ur very best shot in that new job of urs....

it can only get better, ya?

kah wee,
sometimes it can be painful trying to stick on when you get hit by potshots left, right and centre. but nebermind, i think my skin thick enuff. LOL
It requires great efforts to climb up the mountain but once ur up there,the views are so wonderful.
dat's what many people say lor
  At 2:07 PM Anonymous JL said:
"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart believe it, I know I can achieve it" - Jesse Jackson

Jia Yiu ya Kak Nyonya :)