Friday, June 23, 2006

Therapy in Blogging

My friend is of the opinion that people who read blogs are nosey, have no life and wasting time doing unproductive work. Instead of reading mostly garbage on the blogs, she'd rather have a go at say, some motivational, inspirational or self-improvement books. Of course she is entitled to her viewpoints and her own master to decide how to spend her time.

As for me, I enjoy reading blogs and I especially like those that are light and easy and can put a smile on my face. I have treaded into blogs that have strong and sometimes controversial views, blogs that appear to me to be like some quarrelsome forum, blogs that are crass and also those that seem to challenge everything and anything under the sun. These sometimes make very interesting reading too but personally I'd rather not go into it. You see, unawares, I can sometimes get very 'in' into something and it may eat into me. Not doing me any good but potentially damaging. Very well, everybody is entitled to their two sens worth and if I think that I don't like it, just stay away. No need to be so uptight and angst-filled and curse and scold. I am actually quite amused with some 'anonymous' comments whereby they literally @#&%@ the blogger. Why visit the blog and then act foul say how much he hated the blog and blogger? And I can just imagine probably, his blood pressure shooting up as he ranted.

I don't always comment on the blogs I read. Sometimes, saying nothing is actually the best thing. This I believe to hold true not only in blogsphere but also during face to face interaction. The person may feel that he needs to get something out of his chest and that is the reason he is pouring it out. He may not be seeking answers for he may already have them and blogging/sharing his problems is thereupatic for him. Any well-meaning comments may sound condescending. We do not need to breath a word. Silence speaks volumes and sincerity is the key word here.

I do not share my friend's opinions on blogging and I won't go into a debate with her. As far as I am concern, I actually learnt alot from peeking into the laypersons' (the young and not-so-young) thoughts and views and at the same time getting to know a new friend or two. This is enriching.
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  At 2:38 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
  At 3:09 PM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
Remember my 'homeopathy' story? That is the reason why I blog. It also belongs to the 'anybody I can grab hold of' category.
  At 3:10 PM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
I too enjoy readings blogs which I can relate to. And those that I cannot, THAT is a total waste of time.
ah pek,
am still learning.

life is complicated enuff, no need to add unnecessary baggage,ya?

  At 3:58 PM Blogger Wingz said:
oi u must leave komen at my blog la!!! u seen those young cikus blog anot? they got 40-50 komens each post!!!!
boleh, boleh. but u must promise no bombing if u tak suka gua mia komen, ok? itu ah pek, can bomb wan, tau?
  At 4:31 PM Blogger Wingz said:
ok ok i plomis lu i wont bomb u wan lol ...
  At 12:40 PM Blogger dreamie said:
interesting outlook !
  At 3:37 PM Anonymous nana said:
There are so many reasons why people like to blogging.