Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wierd Mr R

Got a call from HQ last Friday evening giving me a propect. Mr R, to follow up on.

Mr R had called up HQ 3 times over the past 2 weeks requesting to see a salesperson as he is very interested to find out more about our product and when he made the latest call, he actually lambasted the person taking his call because no one contacted him at all. Well, Ms A from HQ told me that they dared not refer his call to any one of us because they find Mr R's request a bit odd, Mr R wanted to see only 'a very experienced young, Chinese female'. Surelah, HQ was taken back abit; is he 'itchy' or what?

Anyway, I contacted Mr R and met him at McD's Bangsar at 8pm yesterday. He looks pleasant but a bit quirky in his behaviour; he has this involuntary face twitches and head swings. As I went through my presentation, he took a call (apparently on 'vibra mode' but I believed there was no one on the other end) and told the caller he would be late to meet up with him/her. He hurried me on the presentation saying he had to go off soon. I did the best I could and took his questions. This chap, I begin to suspect, has a hobby; i.e. to meet up with salespersonnel in my industry - he can point ahead of me to an exact word in the sales brochure, a feature of the product I'm yet to explain, tell me and also question me about my competitors, etc., and then he started shooting personal questions; how old am I, married or not, got how many kids, where I live so on and so forth. I politely and firmly told him off that I am not obliged to answer any personal questions and if there is no further relevent questions, I bid him good night.

Then he said 'You don't look fortyish lah. You bluff or not?'

NM!! What lah, he expected me to look like having thinning grey hair, missing teeth, bad eyes, wrinkled face, hunched and using a walking stick, is it?
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  At 2:02 PM Blogger Wingz said:
wuah abit binthai rite?
Hi Wingz,

Do bum into these types a couple of times but fortunately nothing bad happens.

Scary though, when it reminds me of the date one blogger had with 'Jimmy'.