Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been reading blogs for the past couple of months and I find it kinda addictive - humour, sadness, uplifting, enlightening, bruderhood, sistahood, etc...... all I enjoy. So I thought I'd start my own blog to 'merepek' also.

Being so low-tech, I gotta enlist my son's help to get this going. See, tables are slowly turning already; when the kids are small, Mama teach and guide them, now they teach Mama many things. Anyway, I also look forward to learn more from all the sifus in the blogosphere.
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  At 9:50 PM Blogger Wingz said:
welcome to the neighbourhood! :)
Hi wingz,

So happy u pop by n tks alot. That was a 'virgin' post and your comment, shall i call it 'virgin comment' too?

How's yr papa today? I tumpang u kirim salam to him. Cheers.
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