Sunday, October 14, 2007

Make It Easier

Each day in our dealings, we would be presented with many instances whereby we need to interact with others and ‘negotiate’ so as to finally come to a mutually acceptable conclusion with as least trouble as possible. We ‘negotiate’ with people in our family, our friends, our acquaintances, our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and just about anybody else we come into contact with. It is actually either we are ‘SELLING’ to someone or that someone is ‘SELLING’ to us.

It is supposed to be a buyer willing, seller willing situation BUT most times, we notice and we know that this formula is never balanced…it is ALMOST ALWAYS tipped to one side. Our need/want to have that item/commodity is greater than what that person needs to sell/offer, so we are holding the shorter end of the stick, so to speak.

I have faced many instances whereby the ‘seller’ gives me the signal loud and clear - 'TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.’ It’s a Hobson’s choice, really. So, I would just focus on the task at hand and do what I was supposed to do and move along. And occasionally, a few curse words under my breathe once I am out of earshot, do make me feel a wee bit better.

Say, you need some information on certain things and you know that the shortest and fastest route to get what you want is to see a certain Mr A and this dear Mr A is known to be a pain in the neck. How would you approach this situation? Grit your teeth and smile your sweetest smile and do some polishing if need be, and get going with your objective and then scoot? Or do you show him that you can be an equal or worse pain?

I would chose the first – I’ll stick to my objective, that is to get what I want as fast as possible and with the least of hassles and I am out of there. I do not fancy wasting my time debating and arguing with Mr A eventhough I may find him obnoxious or whatever. Nevermind that. For selfish reasons, I shall bear and tolerate just for the sake of not wanting to spend any extra minute there and to allow him the pleasure of making things difficult for me.

A few of my friends and relatives do not share my views. It is akin to ‘groveling’, they say. They believe in always standing their ground and pushing their case. This, I fully understand and I know where they are coming from… stand firm , lest be seen as a weakling. But I have observed scenarios whereby they went on the ‘offensive’ - instead of gently explaining their case, they took a harder stand and in the process, rubbed against the grain and got the man’s goat instead. And it is funny to see them come back hopping mad that they did not get what they want. They cry unfairness….they cry injustice…..they cry victimization…and they can cry until they turn blue. If only they realized that the length of the stick they were holding was never equal to begin with, and neither was the playing field level, perhaps they would cry less and be more proactive. And it never hurts to be a wee bit more humble and polite and things may just turn out smoothly and pleasantly….and better than expected too.

We cannot always get everything we want but we can always try to make it easier to get what we want. And hopefully, we get to go off with a smile instead of a growl.


And here's wishing all my Muslim friends

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Power To Me!

Past 3 weeks, I have been running around like a headless chicken and it would seem like there has been a sudden avalanche of work or there is soooo much work that I had recklessly allowed to pile up and all are deadlined ‘YESTERDAY’.

Just now, I flipped through my diary to see what it was that has been making me breathless. New business? Yes, the numbers are there but nothing out of the ordinary. Follow-ups and day-to-day work? Hmmm….The usual and expected numbers too. So, how can it be that I have piles of papers and un-closed files all over my table, on the cabinet-top and spilled on the floor?

I scrutinized a few of the detailed entries in my diary and now I see it……I had spent a lot of time unproductively. Hours and hours were wasted with me sitting in the car inching along the roads and highways, under the relentlessly hot sun, face burnt a crimson red. Time spent on appointments - 40 minutes; travelling time to and fro and time spent looking for parking space - anything from 1 hour to 2 hours. Geeezzzz.....

Roads have been widened, new highways completed and more are being built as I am typing this. Toll gates have sprouted at every conceivable place and we have to pay so much toll that it is already bleeding me pale and yet, we have to endure the horrendous crawl day in and day out.

Makes sense to you? But then again, many, many things don’t make sense, right? I guess the most sensible thing for me to do now is to get off this blog and go tackle the mountain load of work that is threatening to pile over me whole.

Power to me! Cheeerssssss…….

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