Wednesday, April 02, 2008

hmmm.....Simply Slurpilicious....

Ice-creams….my indulgence on a lazy weekend…my reward for a job well done on a weekday…and my comfort food for just about anytime of the week. Whether on a stick, or a thick slice held between 2 pieces of thin wafers or plain scoops in a cone or cup or multi-scoops in a glass bowl with the full works…I’d lap it all up….slurpsssssss….I just lurrrve ice-creams.

So, the 31st day of the month will find me at one of the Baskin Robbins outlet to stock up supplies and just 2 days ago, I was there, standing merrily in the queue. Normally, it would not take more than 20 minutes or so but this time around.whoaaa…….20 minutes passed and the queue didn’t seem to move at all. What happened? Well, as I inched closer to the counter, I saw a few of the customers testing out the myriad of flavours. Point…point…point and then lick…lick…lick and then shake, shake…shake their heads and then point…point…point again and then lick…lick…lick..Aisehman….apparently they could not decide which flavour they wanted and they appeared oblivious to the people in the queue who were getting agitated by the minute.

Seriously, can you actually taste the difference when you are like sticking more than 6 little spoons, albeit with different flavours, one after another into that trap? I dunno, but for me, I cannot tell them apart beyond the third spoon…..all would somehow taste the same…just sweet!

Anyway, back to the main story. This time, it took close to an hour to have them finally call out my number. Chihsin,….gila…..mad or not? Actually halfway through, I had thought of walking off but then, no lar…how can??? can walk away empty handed when I have already 'invested' 30 good minutes in the queue? Mati-mati also must get something, right? So I shove them my number slip with my order written on it. Then the chap said, “Sorry, Ma’am. We ran out of covers for the half-gallon tub.”

So how, holy cow? “Nevermind”, I told him to just pack into 2 x 1 quart tub per flavour.

“Then you gotta pay RM29.67 x 2 instead of RM55.20 for the half-gallon”, he said.

As I was not willing to pay the extra RM8+, I told him I’d pay for the order and collect it the next day. Not too much trouble really, since the outlet is just walking distance from my house and I am happy as punch that I saved a princely RM8.69. That would be good for another slurpilicious scoop.

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  At 2:26 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
Those "point point lick lick" kastermer chow khuan lar, not that they kenot make up mind, just wanna get free taste until pah liao then will proceed to order the smallest one scoop.
  At 2:45 AM Blogger angeles said:
i always forgot abt 31st mia promotion eh... tsk tsk! but i dun think i wanna line up so long lor... boh lat hehe...

yayayyaya, agree with kopi soh... they veli chau khuan... also, veli boh akai... tsk tsk!
I bought some ice cream from New Zealand ice cream on the 30th. Now with a kid, I really don't have time to wait for my number at Baskin Robbins!
Surprisingly at NZ ice cream the queue is not that long wor...although the *people* you mentioned were still there la. I don't care, I cut queue and ordered mine ahead of them. NZ ice cream does not have a numbering system.
  At 5:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
wakakakaakkakaaka....u funny la....liddat oso can??
Hi Firehorse,

Ya lar...chow khuan is the word and no manners oso. And they dunno how to feel paiseh wan.
Hi Angeles,

I missed out a few times too...completely forget about it. And the many times that I remembered, the queue was bearable lor; unlike this recent case...tunggu terukssss sekali.

yayaya....the customers hor, I think also boh kasi lor....summore bay kian seow in front of so many people. **shakes head**
Hi Giddy Tigress,

It was only last week when I was with a friend at an NZ outlet that I came to know of their monthly offer. Perhaps, I'll try it the time around.

And you said no numbering system wan ar? Lidat, no fights meh? hehehehe...
Hi Laundryamah,

ya lar....all in the name of cravings. hehehehee....
  At 10:37 AM Blogger Hazel said:
i love eating ice-cream too
  At 1:55 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Nyonya memang kaya...can go eat Baskin' Robbins. Tak bawa pun!!! Last time KLIA got an bizniz and the girl very free! She so nice, allowed me to sample EVERY flavour...using the little pink spoons! By the time I finished sampling, oredi full so didn't want to buy anymore...and she oso not angry!!!
  At 3:00 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hi Nyonya,

At least u get to enjoy ur ice cream...although the wait is long. I think they should have a time limit of serving customers...will probably loss out a lot of customers due to long wait (those pressing for time).

Got a new clip at my blog...:)
Hi Hazel,

By right, I should not be eating ice-creams because it is helping to pile on the pounds but then what the's my comfort food. :)
Hi Suituapui,

No kaya lar...that's why kena tunggu every 2 months to buy it....must get the 31% discount baru boleh indulge. tested/tasted all the flavours and then did not buy any ar? Not even a cone without the ice-cream? You sure the girl did not curi snap your cute pic and had it posted up at all their outlets? hahahaha......
Hi Nightwing,

As I had no more stock at home, I just have to queue up till I get fresh supplies. I am an ice-cream addict. :P
  At 7:54 PM Blogger ilene said:
Ice cream finish liow? I always get cheeze off by the crowd! So, in order to save my sanity, I don't buy lor. But kenot tahan whor. So go and get from McD! cheap, cheap some more! hahaha!
  At 8:59 PM Anonymous Sue said:
Hmmm..Ice-cream, here the farm ice-cream can fight la with baskin queue..haha..unless it's summer lo..but great taste..coz farm made..
Hi Ilene,

Now got 3 choices....every 30th, go to New Zealand Ice-cream; 31st go Baskin Robbins and on the 1st, go to McDonalds...50% discount wor! :P
Hi Sue, ice-creams over your place? Must be very sedapsss. Expensive or not?

Baskin Robbins and Haagen Daz very expensive here.
  At 9:28 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, would you believe we have a Baskins Robins just 5 minutes away and I have never been inside...15 years?
For that matter, never been into a Starbucks..when I took a peek at the price of a cup of designer coffee, I'll stick to my Maxwell House, ha ha.
Stay easy Nyonya and have a nice day, Lee.
  At 7:44 PM Blogger William said:
I wouldn't have waited. I paling takut "ma fan".
Hi Uncle Lee,

How can??? 15 years and never been to BK so near your place? For me hor, if got discount more often, I think I'd visit more often too. I just lurve ice-creams. **slurpss...**
H William,

Mo pan fatt.....Baskin Robbins memang make me lau hau sui..... :)