Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Weekend Getaway

We arrived early afternoon but as the rooms were not ready, we opted to go for tea and some snacks. The weather was hot and humid and I felt uncomfortably sticky. Sitting around the open reception area did not provide any respite; it was a ‘breezeless’ day and I felt myself drifting off to the land of the nod. If not for the occasional shrieks and burst of laughter coming from the swimming pool below, I would have fallen asleep there on the armchair.

Only managed to get to the room at about 6.00pm and after a quick wash to wake the sleepy face, I took to the pool. It has been ages since I last swam and OMG, my stamina is zilch. A few strokes here and there and my lungs felt like it’s gonna burst. I am so unfit. A few strokes again and then rest and then a few more strokes and rest….I began to get better after a while.

That night I slept like a log and when morning came…ADOOiiiiiiii…I nearly could not get up from the bed. My whole back was sore…I felt as if I had been whacked by a wooden paddle….the muscles were aching so bad I felt as if I was gonna bend over double….my lazy muscles protesting….OUCHhhh…..

“No…no breakfast until after another swim, I told myself. Just have to work on those underworked muscles. After some serious paddling and kicking in the cold water, I felt very much better and refreshed. Had a relaxing shower and then breakfast and then did some reading and then……..


And in the evening I had the opportunity to attend a corporate event….something different…..dinner was served sitting on the floor ala kampong style…….and music was by a very talented young man performing contemporary pieces on the 'angklung'.

close-up of table setting
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  At 7:48 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyor...where's that? So nice? Eact Coast? Why u go...never ask suituapui one? I oso want to go swimming..... LOL!
  At 8:05 PM Anonymous said:
wahh!! where is that?! langkawi ar? the dinner very very very unique!!!!
  At 8:30 PM Blogger ah nel said:
manyak seksi itu amoi...hehe

btw its a nice place to relax... ;)
  At 8:57 PM Blogger William said:
The ah moi on the hammock not you aR?!?

Yeah, a very novel way to have dinner!
  At 9:00 PM Blogger angeles said:
No bikini pics?? Suituapui waiting lar... kekeke...
Nice pic! Where is that?
  At 11:18 PM Blogger Will said:
khaima, you go where jalan jalan? :D
  At 5:47 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
so lovely this place where is it ????

look at you lazy ZZZZZZ well enjoy huh ? you must post more picture of this place I already full in love , wish to go the next time I am go back to Malaysiaxxxx
  At 8:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
yeah swimming is really good out the whole body! sitting on the floor the feet doesn't like go "tuk tuk" meh??
  At 8:35 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I doubt I can swim also now, my hobby now is sleeping now
The place looks nice, I want to go holiday also...
Hi Suituapui,

Sibu got no beach hor? Next time you visit Penang, must stay at beach hotels lar. hahahaha.....

BTW, the one on the pic is at Lumut.
Hi Ehon,

Its Damai Laut, Lumut....a nice place.
Ya, first time attending a dinner with floor-seating and the food served was traditional kampung fare....ulam-ulam and all. :)
Hi Ah Nel, mean to say very fatty izzit? hahahaha.....
Hi William,

That one is Makcik. hahahhaaa.....
Hi Angeles,

Too fat to fit a bikini. hehehehe...
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Damai Laut, Lumut. Very near where you stay. :)
Hi Will,

It's Damai Laut, Lumut. Have you been there?
Hi Pearly,

This place is Damai Laut, Lumut. Ya...must make a trip there when you are back next with your new baby. :) Am sure you and your whole family will enjoy it very much.

Regret I did not meet you when you were in KL during Chinese New Year. Another time, ya?

Have a great day!
Hi Laundryamah,

Ya lar, must take up swimming again...must go look for swimming pool first. ^O^

hahahah....I do see some of the guests having problems standing up straight after sitting cross-legged throughout the dinner. Legs all jammed up liao. hahahaha....

My mistake...I wore a skirt instead of sarong. One of the ladies brought me a kain batik to cover my kaki....paiseh....
Hi Zeroimpact.

After the third round of swimming, I really felt my muscles relaxed...its a great way to loosen up the stiff muscles.

Ya, my favourite past-time is sleeping too. :)
wow...seeing these lovely sceneries brings back memories of a good time at the pool with my family on new year day this year....i posted some photos on my blog of this lovely place.