Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Learning from Ah Beng......

If you want to know what they are talking about…… here are some useful words from Ah Beng’s Dictionary of Geographic Terminology …..


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * adj. stunningly beautiful

Eg. “That guy is gorges!”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * noun. A derogatory term for a disliked woman.

Eg. “That Nancy is such a beach, man!”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * a phrase as in impossible, unlikely, cannot be…

Eg. “He got a new gerfren???? Canopy!”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * adjective. Certain

Eg. Cirrus or not? Dun bruff!”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * verb. To bicker.

Eg. “Where got coral? &#@%$...”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * verb. To argue with.

Eg. “Want to coral reef me, issit?”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * noun. A swear word to express disgust or dismay.

Eg. Dam it, call her go Zook, she dun wan.”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * adjective. A disagreeable demeanour.

Eg. “She really got latitude ploblem, man!”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * phrase. Meet the next day.

Eg. “Ah Lian say thermometer at Led Box.”


Ah Beng’s dictionary meaning * adverb. Extremely

Eg. “That ChiowChiow Amani shirt valley nice!”

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LOL! Very funny. Thanks for sharing. Hahaha~
haha! Now at rist i can uner stand what the ah beng is trying to say, hor? tank q.
  At 10:09 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
LOL, now to add to your list Jibra - zebra
"There got jibra crossing, why you must jaywalk?"
  At 10:38 AM Blogger _butt said:
hahaha!! coral reef!!! couldn't stop laughing!
omg. too funny.
  At 11:03 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Haha...thats a good one...

Thanks for sharing..:)
  At 6:55 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
You should hear some of my Chinese students. They'd say, "X-Q me, sir. May I cunning please?" Now u can figure out what they were saying. Lucky they didn't say. "Execute me," or else I'd have done just that!
  At 12:05 AM Blogger J.T. said:
We can all learn something from each other. :)

Thanks for that hilarious sharing.
  At 12:51 AM Anonymous Sue said: where can I get the dictionary ha....muahaha
  At 8:54 AM Blogger Hazel said:
that's funny.
  At 5:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
love it. haha
  At 12:24 AM Blogger Angeleyes said:
When are you coming to Penang Nyonya????
wahahahahahahahaha!! damn kleative ar u amah!! lol
  At 1:27 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
lawak lah! hahaha

ada mau balik penang ini musim election?

jom makan mua chee??
  At 3:20 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
aiya nyonya, you valley farneee!!!
  At 7:18 AM Blogger jepunlauee said:
Hahaha...I still know quite a number of "ah beng" friends who speaks like that...
  At 3:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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