Friday, January 04, 2008

Sin Nien Lai Lohhhhh.......

I was walking pass the shops and I just could not resist stepping in. Wah….all the vibrant reds and golds; the sparkles and the twinkles of the lights; red lanterns of all shapes and sizes hanging from the ceilings, decorations for the house, from flowers to vases, streamers and banners and the unmistakable accompanying loud music…clanging of cymbals and banging of drums and the songs which we all know so very well…..”Sin Nien Lai Lohhhhhh……Chai Shen Tau..Chai Shen Tau…..Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni….” blaring away in the background....announcing that the new lunar year is round the corner. We get ready to usher in the Year of the Rat, the beginning of a new 12-year cycle.

And the Year of the Rat is especially meaningful to me......I have an adorable rat at home. Love you, Son. **muakssss.......**

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  At 9:59 PM Blogger Chev said:
Gong xi gong xi
we have so many rats in the house
pointing fingers to those bloggers who were born in the tikus year ;)
  At 12:36 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Gong Xi Gong Xi.... Wahhhh this year the rat very nice wor!! Hmmmm must ask someone to get for me liao... Hehheheh time to take down my piggy...
  At 3:15 AM Blogger angeles said:
Hahaha!! This Chev ahh...

Waa! U so fast buy liao! I notchet buy mine! Will go Petaling Street this Sunday to get mine! Yippie! I love Mickey Year!!!
  At 3:36 AM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Fuyoh! Chinese New Year mood already? kekekeke
  At 6:46 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Now just where did I put last year's New Year cards??? Can blanco and send one to nyonya....!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
  At 9:00 AM Blogger Will said:
haha khai ma, so fast keong hee huat chai already?

a belated happy new year to you
  At 9:27 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
Wah so fast Chainis NiuYear oredi ah, ban ban lai lar, not chyet recover frm Engrish New Year hang over yet ler.
Keong Hee Keong Hee anyway!!
Keong Hee Keong Hee!!

Haha... me not tikus. :P
Hi Chev,

Come..come ...we go tikus-hunting. bring some good satay babi...and the tikus will all come out terus. hahhhaaa....
Hi Wennnn,

Nice leh....cute leh....Last year, Miss Piggy flew all the way from Malaysia to your place hor? You want Mickey n Minnie too?
Hi Angeles,

You must go get many, many, pieces to stick from front door to your backyard. :)
Hi Aceone118,

Start early lar....kiasu mar. hahahaha
Hi Suituapui, I know how you saved your millions....
Hi Will,

How are you? Nice to have you pop by once a while. :)

CNY is just a month away....must start saving money for angpow liao.
Hi Kopisoh,

Angmoh New Year over liao...gua change to new now I everyday cross out the dates....very fast CNY coming....Gong Xi, Gong Xi.
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Keong Hee...Keong Hee..'re dragon or snake?
  At 11:05 PM Blogger savante said:
Already getting my new year stuff up!
  At 5:01 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear ;
Gong Xi wishing u all the best .

I laugt my head off of the pengson post must tell my hubby to do that .
may be I can just let him have mine hahhahhhah just joking .

some ppl really belive thing like this huh I wonder.
have a lovely start of the year xxxxx
  At 10:38 AM Anonymous Dawn said:
Oh boy, CNY soon, Year of the Rat, my BIL's year! Speaking of rat or mouse/mice, they are appearing left and right in my house - maybe they are bringing in luck? :D
  At 3:51 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Aiyooo... When I see this I gonna be sad, we all may not able to come back for CNY, our JV partner company not allow us to come back.

Anyway... Keong Hee Huat Chai to u 1st.
  At 3:59 PM Anonymous kat said:
Yay! It's Mickey's year!! I think this will be a good time to go to HK Disneyland, ya??

I also got a tikus calendar from a chinese restaurant here. A very festive one!! :D
wah you are the early bird to do this....

gong xi gong xi..........
Wow...this is the first CNY post I am reading. Very early but deserving of a Keong Hee Kuat Chye all the way from Penang too! :D
your son's year, means he's going to flourish also this year!
  At 6:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
yerrr the only part i dun like is the music blasting in the malls tuk tuk chiang from what Kat said, meaning I must visit HK Disneyland la...
Hi Savante,

You putting up yours in in go?
For me....I play by the ear, or rather play by the eyes...see how much reds and golds I can tahan lar. hahahah...
Hi Pearly,

Kamsiah for your wishes.
I wish you and family a splendid Year of the Rat.
Hi Dawn,

Oh..oh....the rats running all over your place....doing a trial run before CNY huh? hahahaha...
Hi Kenny,

aiyoh.....kesian, kalau tak dapay come back. come back after CNY, tell them you have to celebrate your birthday. :)
Hi Kat,

Good idea ....Laundryamah pun sapot your idea...go visit Mickey & Minnie at Disneyland.

Your tikus calendar must be cute...the tikus carrying a gold ingot to your house ar? :)
Hi Pisanggoreng,

Gua chiak pah siaw kasi gum those tikus' up the wall lar. hahahha...
Hi Giddy Tiger,

How are the preparations up in Penang? Must be quite 'lau juak' by now ya?

Keong Hee Huat Chye to you and family too.
Hi Mistipurple,

All the Mickeys and Minnies will bloom and flourish...all the others will 'fatt tatt'...'fatt tai choy' in this Yee-Leng-Leng-Fatt' year.
Hi Laundryamah,

Chinese music mah...must kasi beat the drums loud loud one...'oontoong...oontoong...oontonnng'
all the way.

Mickey and Minnie told me they will be waiting for you in Disneyland. **winkkk**