Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smelling Roses

Hi Friends,

I have been absent for such a looonnnnng time that it is not surprising that many, if not all of you would have forgotten who this clueless nyonyapenang is. Nevermind….it’s ok…’s my fault anyway, for being AWOL and MIA.

Well, nothing is new actually. I was and am still held up by work which is piling up faster than I can clear…no thanks to my slow-moe style of doing things and also I was distracted along the way…..errr…errmm…there were just too many beautiful and sweet-smelling roses enticing me to take in their lovely scent…mmmmmm….ahhhh…..mmmm….aaahhhhh……mmmmm…..ahhh…..

Oh sorry, sorry….where was I again? Oh ya, I was talking about smelling roses and yes, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet….just bring them on. And for the past month or so, I have indulged and smelt not too few….I have been taking short trips here and there and aitelyu, the ‘overseas’ trip to the Land of The Hornbills with a group of wacky friends was a blast. It’s not merely the destination…it’s the wonderful travel companions I found in Angel, Winn and Sengkor as well the kind hosts, ben-ben and Kenneth and the camaraderie we shared over the weekend that made everything so memorable.

Along the highways and by-ways and the nooks and crannies, I paid a courtesy call on one famous blogger, a taikor in the blogging fraternity. I walked straight in to AhPek’s shop and said to him, “Guess who?” heheehee… Of course lar…he was unable to guess right….he somehow had a mental picture of me wrapped in a sarong kebaya and hair neatly pulled into a 'sanggul' and if I may add, with stained lips too, from chewing 'sireh'. ^o^

A few others too, I believe, also have mental pictures of me appearing in blogger meets looking something like this:-

A couple of months back, I was to meet with this genial gentleman, suituapui. There he was sitting in the restaurant, table facing the door, waiting for a sarong-kebaya clad middle-age nyonya to ‘joget’ through the main entrance. I, instead, waltzed in through another side door dressed in simple work clothes. I guess he was not able to place me then, but I certainly could identify him right away. Believe me, he really is 'sui-sui and pui-pui'.

Sg Petani…..I am not to sure if I have ever visited this place. If at all, it must have been more than 40 years ago. And just recently, I rolled in and met up with Dr Bernard Chan. Thanks Bernard, for the yummylicious dimsum breakfast.

And in Penang, while browsing in Queensbay Mall, I chanced upon another top-notch blogger. I had actually walked passed this table of 5 when I realized the lady and the cute little boy looked sooooo familiar. Ahhhhh….she is the famous 5xMom. Okie…okie…I made a quick turn around…..I must go shake her hands…nevermind, if she doesn’t know who I am. Hehehehe…..It’s a pleasure meeting you, Lilian. And oh yes…..I am guilty of not updating my blog. I plead LAZINESS.

And smelling roses can be sooooo...intoxicating.

Have A Great Week Ahead....Cheersssssss....

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  At 6:42 PM Blogger angel said:
Whoa... sekali belog, bukan main banyak orang sudah jumpa.. hehe...

MeowMeow City was made fun by the people around us, huh? ;) Thx for the company!
  At 6:47 PM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya is back in action :D

wow, nyonya u very keng huh?
manage to meet up with so many people. Too bad I was in Kuching when u visited Penang. If not, we can yum char again ;)
wow u met soo many blogger :) must be lots of fun to take a break too..:) u take good care and good to know that u had a good time smelling the roses :)

hv a great week ahead!
  At 8:28 PM Anonymous lilian said:
LOL you are like the public relation blogger of Malaysia. North, east, south and west also you meet bloggers. Terror lah lu! Nice to meet you too!
  At 9:55 PM Blogger FireHorse said:
Finally u kam bek, wah so much fun meeting all those bloggers, next time i kam bek i will liam sama u and angel and we can go kai kai togeder.
  At 9:59 PM Blogger narrowband said:
Wow you went on a road trip! Met so many bloggers. That's wonderful. I also think you layak jadi PR for bolehland blogger liao. Welkum back to blogging (Kumpul-ing dust liao lor)
Hi Angel,

Ya lar...lama tak belog....nearly forgotten how to use HTML tags liao.heheheh....otak very, very rusty.

Trip to MeowMeow City...gua sungguh enjoyssss. Hmmm...when is the next trip?

And kamsiah banyak-banyak for your company too.
Hi Dr Chen,

I miss all of you so much-much. Each time I go kai-kai, I will always think of visiting fellow bloggers.
Err...anybody there in East Coast or Johor?

Gua see you when I next visit Penang and we go mum-mum and yak-yak. :)
Hi Winniethepooh,

Sure, it was fun meeting up with so many wonderful people. If I happen to be going your way, I will certainly meet up with you too. Or if you are coming this way for holidays, I'd love to meet you too.

You take care too and ya, smelling roses is like I said, intoxicating.
Hi Lilian,

No lar.....gua ini buat kaypoh saje.
I am very fortunate to have made so many wonderful friends through blogging...some I have met and many more, yet to meet. hmmmm....I should make effort to establish contact.

Perhaps we can meet again one of these days.
Hi Firehorse,

hahahaha.....gua miss all of you lots.

And I sure look forward to your next trip back...we go jalan-jalan and mum-mum.....itu gua mia hobby.
Hi Narrowband, found cobwebs or not? hahahaha.....

Ya, gua pigi kai-kai and smell roses. PR Blogger? Paiseh...paiseh....gua ini kaypohing here and there nia lar.
  At 6:53 AM Anonymous ehon said:
why u no come to visit me lar?!

u like superstar like that tour m'sia to meet your fans!
  At 9:53 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Waaah... you pergi buat roadshow ka meet so many bloggers?? Lama tak update blog I thought you pergi round the world... :)
  At 10:07 AM Blogger ilene said:
Wah! What an adventure time you had! No wonder lah so long no news from you. Busy getting to know your blogger friends ah?
  At 3:05 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Helo Nyonya, next time u come to 'Land of the hornbill'..let me know too...want to join..:)

Am glad u r doing fine...cause long time no blogging activity...:)
  At 5:06 PM Blogger may said:
I plead laziness too! although my MacBook is fixed, I'd sometimes rather watch TV than be in front of this screen... kekeke!
  At 10:50 PM Anonymous babbles said:
Nice roadtrip you had there and getting to meet so many bloggers along the way. Was beginning to wonder what happened to you.

Ha ha, I am one of those who would imagine you to be in kebaya or rather when I read your blog I have the "baba & nyonya" characters playing out in my mind.
Hi Ehon,

Sure...would love to visit you if the opportunity presents itself. You will be my tour guide? :)
Hi Pi Bani,

No road show lar...hehheehe....
Just some jalan-jalan and go look for sedaps mia makanan.

Would love to meet you if the opportunity arises and I go your way. You can email me your contact number:-
Hi Ilene,

Gua memang suka go kai-kai and look for mum-mum and of course to meet up with blogger friends. :)
Hi Nightwing,

Oh ya, you're from the Land of the Hornbills. When will you be visiting? Sure would love to meet up with you too.

You have a plesant day. :)
Hi May,

Noooooo.....I plead kenot follow. hahhhaa...

I know you are much more disciplined than I am and you do write beautiful entries. :)
Hi Babbles, also imagine me to be dressed like a true-blue original nyonya with cucuk sanggul and all. of these days, I may turn up dressed just like that.

You have a pleasant day.
  At 1:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
khehmak!soli for suggesting the trip then din manage to bring u all around n i read u ppl blog tat got few nice eat place whre ah beng din bring u ppl go...

next time i bring u strol along every longkang in kuching... ;)
Hi Anonymous aka AhBeng,

Till next time....

You take care and have a nice day. :)
wow ... you know a lot of people !
  At 11:07 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Yay! you're back. I miss you blog. I have been pretty busy myself and tried to blog hop whenever I could.

Sounds like you had a swell time meeting other bloggers. Isn't nice to finally meet those interesting bloggers you have been corresponding with through comments? I hope to do that someday when I return to Malaysia.

Take care Nyonya. Hope you have caught up with all your work.
  At 1:44 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Tenkiu, tenkiu!!! U oso sui sui...but not pui pui! So u can be suituasan!!! LOL!!! Heard u in kuching slept in my bed...oops! I mean u got room with bed no more spring one!!! LOL!!! Next time, all come to Sibu...can stay at my house!!! But all mattresses no more spring one lah!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!
  At 1:59 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Welcome back on board! So when are u coming to Dubai visit me? Kekeke
Hi Moz,

I would love to get to know and meet more nice people and I am glad to have met a great guy like you.

Have a nice day.
Hi j.t.

I miss all of you lots. Been away gallivanting and it sure is so much fun getting to meet those nice people. I certainly look forward to meet you when you are back this way.

Have a nice day.
Hi Suituapui,

Kamsiah...kamsiah seribu. :)

Ms Dorothy did not confirm that the particular bed 'belongs' to you, so I am not too sure about you being the culprit who broke the springs. hahhahah....

My travel companions and I may just take you up on your offer to stay at Suituapui Residence....

You have a nice holiday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
Hi Kenny,

Kamsiah for your kind offer...sounds interesting. You may find me standing in front of your doorstep one of these days. Be prepared, okie? hahhahaa...

Have a great day.
  At 7:34 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Welcome with open arms and...umm, never mind! Thank u 4 the birthday greeting - 2 weeks to go. I got my pensioner's card already...old already lah! Must change my name to lautuapui!!! LOL!
Hi Suituapui,

hmmmm....lautuapui sounds kinda endearing too. hahahahaha.....
  At 8:56 PM Anonymous kat said:
Wah nyonya, lu khee load tlip khua lu eh fansee ah?? :D

Wa manyak siang lu eh!! *hugs*

Don't forget when you go west to visit kenny, MUST visit me oso!! wa tang lu...
  At 10:02 PM Blogger zewt said:
looks like penang is the place to be huh....
  At 6:02 PM Blogger William said:
Wah, really a sight for sore eyes. Busy living life to the fullest so got more to blog about here! Welcome back!
Hi Kat,

Gua suka jalan-jalan and to indulge in sinful mum-mum is my hobby. hehehehe.....

And should I go to see the desert sands, gua mesti go visit you. Gua miss you lots. BTW, what is the best time of the year to visit your place?

You take care and have a great day.
Hi Zewt,

I guess any place where there are great friends will be a DA PLACE to be in. And Penang will always have a special place in my heart.

You have a pleasant day.
Hi William,

Of late, I am taking in a lot of road trips and I am enjoying every minute. Currently I am out of PJ too and was pigging out just about an hour ago. **burrrrrpssss...** Excuse me....

You have a great day.
  At 10:51 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
wow! thank god you are back la miss you soooooo much ,

somemore you visit lot of blog pal huh ,,, how about me when you will drop by ler to UK ?
anyway I am so glad you are back now
Hi Pearly,

I will certainly visit you when I land in UK one of these days and then can go kai-kai with you and also get to eat your scrumptious homemade scones. :)

You have a nice day.