Friday, October 05, 2007

Power To Me!

Past 3 weeks, I have been running around like a headless chicken and it would seem like there has been a sudden avalanche of work or there is soooo much work that I had recklessly allowed to pile up and all are deadlined ‘YESTERDAY’.

Just now, I flipped through my diary to see what it was that has been making me breathless. New business? Yes, the numbers are there but nothing out of the ordinary. Follow-ups and day-to-day work? Hmmm….The usual and expected numbers too. So, how can it be that I have piles of papers and un-closed files all over my table, on the cabinet-top and spilled on the floor?

I scrutinized a few of the detailed entries in my diary and now I see it……I had spent a lot of time unproductively. Hours and hours were wasted with me sitting in the car inching along the roads and highways, under the relentlessly hot sun, face burnt a crimson red. Time spent on appointments - 40 minutes; travelling time to and fro and time spent looking for parking space - anything from 1 hour to 2 hours. Geeezzzz.....

Roads have been widened, new highways completed and more are being built as I am typing this. Toll gates have sprouted at every conceivable place and we have to pay so much toll that it is already bleeding me pale and yet, we have to endure the horrendous crawl day in and day out.

Makes sense to you? But then again, many, many things don’t make sense, right? I guess the most sensible thing for me to do now is to get off this blog and go tackle the mountain load of work that is threatening to pile over me whole.

Power to me! Cheeerssssss…….

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  At 3:44 PM Anonymous JL said:
i also don't understand why... the traffic is the Klang Valley is just horrible... I'm waiting for someone to design a flying car... no more congestions! wee!!!

have a great weekend :)
  At 6:50 PM Blogger Chen said:
Poor Nyonya...
yeah, it's now October
busy busy busy..
so many things to do and yet so little time...
  At 12:09 AM Blogger J.T. said:
One would think that with all the expansion and toll paying people are doing, traffic situation should be better. It does not make sense, for sure.
Then again, that is a common story in all cities in this world no matter how much expansion has taken place. I just think that toll paying in Malaysia is going too far. In Houston, when one opts for the toll road, one knows it will be almost always a smooth ride. One pays for that convenience.

Anyway, I hope you get to catch up with your paperwork soon.

Take care. :)
Yup, many thngs don't make sense. Like 'running around like a headless chicken'. It would be dead but this phrase is always used.
Make any sense ? :)
Have a nice weekend.
  At 2:38 AM Blogger narrowband said:
It's indeed true that most Malaysians do spend too much time (unproductively) on the roads. Sometimes I wish I could ride a motorcycle so I don't have to waste too much time being stuck in jams.

Hey, bring newspaper along while you drive. I used to do that ;p
  At 3:33 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
You have my sympathies. Jams and lack of time... a most irritating combo...
  At 1:21 PM Blogger ruby ahmad said:
Hi Nyonyapenang,

I too have been wondering about our traffic situation. You know what? I suddenly realised if everyone of us were just a tad disciplined, some congestion could be eased up. Just a thought.

Impossible eh? I know..ha ha.
  At 1:52 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
You've got the power
Hi jl,
I dunno, but I kinda think that the design of roads and highways leave much to be desired. Just an example, the LDP - it is not that 'old' yet, already it cannot cope with the volume of vehicles.

A 'flying car'? Congestions in the air then? hahahhaa.....

You have a pleasant weekend too.
Hi Dr Chen,
Ya, time passes so fast and now we are already in the last Quarter. And when we are busy, oh dear, somehow 24 hours seem so much shorter, ya?
Hi j.t.,
There is always much cheer when we get announcements that with the opening of a new toll-paying highway, jams will be history, so to speak. We have to pay for the convenience and for the cut-down in travelling time and a Godsend would be those interstate highways.

But those within KL/PJ and the surrounding areas, it is not uncommon to pay and yet get stuck in the crawl. geeezzzz...

Ah....paperwork. Wish I can say my neighbour's dog ate it up. hahahah...

You have a great weekend.
Hi Aiyah Nonya, are so right! Many things don't make of why? oh why? much paperwork.

You have a great weekend too.
Hi Narrowband,
Aiyoh......motorbike ar? I think I'll take a pass....what with the kind of traffic we have here.

Reading newspapers while driving? Ain't it a tad dangerous?
Hi Jonzz,
The jams will be there, so I guess we just have to learn to work round it.
Hi Ruby,
So happy to see you back. :)

'DISCIPLINE' of the many words everybody knows but not everybody embraces fully. I for one, could certainly do with a stronger dose to discipline myself to remember to stay DISCIPLINED and not to so easily succumb to 'blameology...blaming everything else under the sun.

Everything is possible....some not immediate, but I truly believe everything is possible.

You have a good weekend, Ruby.
Hi Zeroimpact,
Thanks....I sure can do with more POWERrrrrrr....
  At 1:06 AM Blogger angel said:
really sien... the past 2 nites, traffic at bkt bintang area really pengsan... jam during bukak puasa, jam at midnite... jam jam jam... gimme butter!!!

aiyah, keluar topik liao...
  At 6:33 AM Blogger may said:
Power to You, nyonya! traffic jams here as well but somehow not that bad. at least I'm not the one driving, got "driver" take me to work and back ;-)
Hi Angel,
I try to get out of KL city area and also out of my office before 5.00pm....I cannot tahan the jam...jam...jam....serious, can get hypertension, lidat.
From my office to my house, 3 km away can take 25 minutes!

I also dun like jams....gua suka butter jugak. :D
Hi May,
The thing is we pay toll for a supposedly smoother ride, but it seems like wishful thinking only. :( got 'driver'...lidat can enjoy some rejuvenating snoozzzzze lar.
i am dying under the weight of a person named Miss Procrastinator. i must do some heavy lifting to get rid of her fast.
  At 6:23 PM Blogger ilene said:
So much to do with so little time! Most of the time, our precious time is spent on the roads! *sigh*! Tolled road oso jam, no tolled road oso jam, tunnelled road oso jam-lidat how lei?
  At 12:38 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Kam I gip you hug hug. Nah i oso bling you some soup full of poh yuk inside wan to gip you power!!!
Eh nyonya, learn to ride motobike lar, no jam jam inside kar lidat can go zoom, zoom.
  At 4:48 AM Anonymous Dawn said:
Hi Nyonya,

It's been so long I have been to KL (1995 the last I was in KL), the traffic was already super bad. I can just imagine how horrific it is now. I will experience it this November/December on my trip home!

I am a procratinator, everything has to wait till the last minute. No wonder I'm always running out of time. :)
  At 8:09 PM Blogger Winn said:
ya..faster fnish ur thing la u got a holiday waiting for u..hehe
Hi Mistipurple,
Ooooh.....either you starve Miss Procrastinator or you build some muscles yourself. :P

And drink more milk-milk.
Hi Ilene,
One thing that got my goat was the last increase in toll on the was something like 60% increase and we just paid, but with no improvement in services. **sighssss**
Hi Firehorse,
Kamsiah...Kamsiah....could definitely do with your specially brewed poh yuk herbal soup.
**hugssss and sayangsss to Firehorse**

Motorbike ar? I'll have to give a pass. Those days long ago, dared to ride pillion....Now? Give a pass too.
Hi Dawn, have not been back in KL since 12 years ago? That's a lonnnng time.
12 years on....ya...we have plenty of new roads and flyovers and interchanges and tunnels and exits and what-have-you and we also have mind-numbing jams.

You coming here in Nov/Dec? Perhaps, our paths might meet. C'ya.
Hi Teacher Winn,
Okie...okie....I be good....I stay away from blog and quickly finish my work. Then you reward me with a well-deserved holiday, ok? :D
  At 10:54 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hello Nyonya, hope by the time you get this message, you have clear some of ur work load.

Sad, this traffic jam. My city just had a new flyover (hehe our first one). It was built to solve traffic jam from one section to another. that section is solved but a new jam has started at another section..(don;t know maybe it is also due to Ramadan month) will check next week how it is.

Take care now..cheers.
Hi Nightwing,
Ah....I am pushing the papers bit by bit...still slow, but it is moving. :)

Oh, you got a new flyover at your place? It is a relief to see it eases the congestion somewhat at a certain section but then traffic piles up at another section pulak. Same goes here - we drive merrily passing one flyover and right smack into another crawl at the end of the flyover.

You have a great day, Nightwing.
I tell people I crawl, no I brake the car to work everday. Step on brake more than step on accelerator.

At least where you are you probably don't have to contend with loads of traffic lights.
the crawl i can still like accept lor..listen to music ma...but lookin for the carpark really mengstresskan me lor!!
  At 9:45 AM Anonymous Babbles said:
Hi. First time leaving a comment here. Been following your blog for sometime now. Anyway, I have passed you the award "Blog I love"
Hi Las Montanas,
hahahah......I like your take, "you brake to work."

We do have traffic lights but most times, we need the human traffic policeman to direct the flow. Ironic, huh? And when the lights spoil, which is quite often, aitelyu, it's to each his own...all hell break loose.
Hi Laundryamah,
At least at bigger office buildings or the malls, we can still get parking but more pricey lar. Try looking for parking space at the road-side lots....ah..ha....this one, gives elevated blood pressure. :(
Hi Babbles,
A warm welcome to you!
Wah...first time dropping your comments here and you already sent me an award? Wow! Thank you...thank you for your kind thoughts. I am truly honoured.

Please feel free to comment anytime....I appreciate it lots.

You have a great weekend. :)
  At 9:46 AM Blogger William said:
Kerja memang tak habis-habis one la...