Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disney Dollars

The few times that I go overseas, the foreign currency exchange rate would somehow be at its highest and when I return, it would somehow be at its lowest. Dunno jinxed or what. So when I am back, those left-over foreign currencies would be chucked unceremoniously into the drawers and kept there until the rates improve to my favour, which usually takes a long, long time. The loose currencies just stay there until….until.... I completely forgot about it.

I was looking for my old passports the other day when I found an old purse and I was about to throw it into the bin but I decided to open it up to check and found this:-

Disney Dollars! Cute or not? ^O^ So colourful….so nice….I like it very much.

Ahhh…….another trip down memory lane. It brought a smile to my lips…the fun times I had with my friends visiting this magical wonderland many, many years ago. If I remember right, I think I got 10 pieces of this special American Dollar note. I was told then that it is legal tender but of course, I did not plan to use it at all. I did once showed it to a money-changer though, and he told me, “Tak boleh pakai.” No problems…I have no intention to use it anyway.

I had exchanged for it to be presented as a gift to a few of my friends and relatives and now, I cannot even recall who I gave to. Hope they are still keeping this lovely momento.

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  At 3:28 PM Blogger angel said:

I would love to go live my dreams at Disneyland...
*dreams of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy... Cocka...* ooopss! Nightmare that wan... haha!
Yeah they are cute. Definetly a must keep.

I too have a small box of foreign currency. Keep as souvenier.

And yes, every time I go overseas the exchange rate is high too. :(
Actually Bolehland should emulate this.
Afterall, we have Mickeys running the country wat...
  At 6:33 PM Blogger ah nel said:
cant belif u reli goan change with money changer?if me i ask 3 yrs old kid to help change :P

next time we make blogger meet at Disneyland ok bo? :D
  At 7:06 PM Blogger alison said:
wow nyonya, love the new look, sooo cantik, siap dengan rose sekali!
very cute disney dollar! one of me 'goal list' is to go disneyland, bestnye!
ah..Disneyland!me too had wonderful memories with a close gf when we went free and easy in USA.

That disney dollar definitely must keep, next time can pass it down as heirloom even nyonyapenang! hehehe ;)
  At 8:23 PM Blogger ehon said:
cuteee!!! i also wanna go disney! :( why u so lucky one get to go disney!
  At 12:46 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, never been to Disneyland. Last was to Mimaland back in your country. Can't even remember where it is? I think Ulu Klang?
Thats the first time I see these kind of 'money'. Keep it for your grandchildren. Ha ha.
You keep well, Nyonya, UL.
  At 1:47 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Wah... so nice the note. Reminds me the monopoly game money notes... haha
  At 6:38 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Hmmm... imagine if we have special one ringgit notes with a picture of Lat the Kampong boy comic character in the centre... :)
  At 8:28 AM Anonymous ahlost said:
wow.. din know got disney dollar.. whats the exchange rate? hehe.. curious
  At 9:25 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
Next time u go ajak me oso please :P
  At 10:07 AM Anonymous JL said:
Disney Dollar! cutenyer...

maybe we will have our very own Pak Dollah :P tsk tsk tsk
  At 11:56 AM Blogger William said:
That was legal tender at one time? Wow. The only colourful ones we print are Hell notes. Pantang! Pantang!
It brings out the child in us. Keep it to remember that deep deep down each of us are still children at heart.
  At 2:15 PM Blogger eve said:
Woahh..baguih ar...dah sekian lama kat dompet tu , warnanya tak kuning pun..
hi angel,
sui hor? gua pun sukaaaa!

your dream is just an air ticket away...go quick..cepat-cepat go book your ticket.... :)

err cocka ar? maybe that one when disneyland opens in Johor.
hi aiyah nonya, looks very cute...very nice...gua suka banyak-banyak.

my box of loose foreign coins...hmmmm...just could not find it now.
hi cocka,
wait till Disneyland comes to Johor. :)
hi ah nel,
just showed it to the money-changer. No lar....I WON'T WANT TO CHANGE for it.
hi alison,
thank you...thank you..
that red-red rose is simply beautiful, ya? i love it.

get an air ticket and you'll be in Disneyland in no time at all. guarantee you will have loads of fun.
hi winniethepooh,
seriously, i won't mind going a second time. okie...must start plan-plan...:)

sure, i'll keep it as an heirloom.
hi ehon,
i save and save and save and then I go spend in Disneyland. wahhh...bestnye!
Hi Uncle Lee,
How come you no go Disneyland with Mrs Lee? It's just a couple of hops away.

Oh ya, Mimaland....I completely forgot about it. Been there once only, about 20 years ago. Now, its already closed down.

Sure, a good idea to keep these Disney Dollars for my grandchildren. Then maybe, they'll say, "eeee...How come your money is made of paper one? So ancient!" hahahhaaa...

Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.
hi kenny, are quite sure looks a bit like monopoly money. hahahahaa...
hi pi bani,
hmmmm.....good idea jugak.

I like those Dato Lat's caricatures on Air Asia planes too.
hi ahlost,
welcome! welcome! are not 'lost' found your way here. hahahahaa...

exchange rate? currrently, 1USD is about RM3.40 or so.
hi firehorse,
sure...sure...when the opportunity arise...i'll pull you along. :)
hi jl,
cute hor? gua sukaaaa

pak lollah?....errrmm..errrm...
hi william,
was told then that it is legal tender. but gua sayang it too much to use. :)

hell notes....very BUSARRRR wor!
hi giddy tiger,
couldn't agree more with you....i know that there definitely is a child within me, albeit and 'old' one.
hi eve,
ini original mia...pakai good quality ink and no fading in colour.
  At 8:49 PM Blogger Winn said:
i wanna go disney land too.
i wish to go to the US one day
  At 9:02 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Where did you get that? I did not see any when I was in Disneyland leh...
  At 10:06 PM Blogger savante said:
DAMN CUTE! Keep them for the anak cucu!
  At 12:02 AM Blogger sengkor said:
my birthday coming.. i wish i have a disney note... *pray hard*
Wahseh... I MIA until template also change liao... paiseh paiseh...

My dreams to Disneyland have yet to be realised. *looks far far into the future*
  At 4:01 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Cool dollar notes. Never seen them before. This is what they call sentimental value, mah! (Tch.. he he so cliche)
Hi Winn,
Can consider for honeymoon destination.
Hi Angeleyes,
Got it from LA Disneyland.
Okie, you go get it on your next visit. :)
Hi Savante,
No gold and diamonds to it has to be Disney Dollars. :)
Hi Sengkor,
haiyah...I was about to telegram you to remind you to get a few extra pieces for me when you are there next.
Hi Day-Dreamer,
You must have been pretty busy lately, ya? No worries, drop by when you are are always welcomed.

Dream your plans and plan your dreams and soon it will become reality. :)
Hi Jonzz,
It sure holds alot of beautiful sentiments for me. And to think that I almost threw that old purse into the bin. **tskk....tsk..**
  At 11:17 PM Blogger a^ben said:
indeed very cute lor!!!

*cubit mickey*
  At 1:47 AM Blogger doc said:
save your disney dollars. in 10-20 yrs, they would be collector's items & who knows, you can sell on ebay for USD100 each!!

i'm keeping a few RM1 coins, just in case. heh heh.
  At 7:41 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
HI dearest :
Keep it for a few year you can put it in Ebay and it might worst lot la hahaahah
very cute , I went to paris disney there didn't have the Euro one .
hi a^ben,
as cute as you are! :)
Hi Doc,
Ya...ya...'ll keep as an heirloom. :)
Hi Pearly,
I will keep it and then 'kuasa' it to my grandchildren. hahahaha....
  At 7:03 PM Blogger ruby ahmad said:
Hi Nyonyapenang,

Wow this post brought back my Disneyland memories. I visited Paris Disney with my family. Gosh! Kalau I terkenang kan my time there, terasa malu. I was more the child than my kids..ha ha. My kids were always hungry there somehow. Perhaps the adrenalin worked over time with all the excitement. Hey my dear, you nudged me to look for some old Disney photos. I will use it for my picture profile. Thank you dear for the reminder..Btw, I did not see these notes there somehow. But I had tokens...hmm...Really pretty those notes. I agree with Lee's thoughtful suggestion. So nice to be thinking of grandkids..he he. Cheers.
  At 11:56 PM Blogger ilene said:
How come I didn't see those notes when I was there way back in 1986 (or 1987)? Instead I brought back with me a mug in the shape of donald duck!

Isn't it the happiest place on earth? I went to the one at Anaheim, LA. Which one did you go to?
  At 4:07 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

Oh.. if only currency notes of this world could be that cute. :)

I have a travel wallet filled with different currencies. So I keep them as souvenirs ... for now. I may visit those countries again someday. It is too small a sum to consider for exchange.
  At 12:44 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
And that is something that no money or gold can buy
I kept some of my memories in terms of bills and coins too
  At 9:50 PM Blogger Chen said:
nice woh the disney one dollar note. Gua suka jugak. I never been to Disneyland leh.. Dunno whether got chance to visit it or not? :)

Normally i will keep those small foreign currency notes or coins. Those big notes I will exchange loh :P
Hi Ruby,
I have not been to the one in Paris. Would certainly love to visit it one day not too far from now...before I kena tongkat. hahahah...

These theme parks somehow always make me feel a big kid. The one in Anaheim, I was there for 2 days.

Go Ruby, go look for those pics to put up in your blog profile - show us the kid in you. :)

Have a great day, Ruby.
Hi Ilene,
Oh, you were there 20 years ago. Now due for another visit and get more momentos.

I was at Anaheim. Dunno, apparently many friends here did not see those notes.
Ya, at these magical wonderland....happieeeess and more happpieeesss. Would love to visit again too.
Hi j.t.,
Normal notes are all with portraits and do you notice, all also 'unsmiling' ones? hhhmmmm.

I have some odd pieces of those foreign currencies and box of loose coins. But now, I cannot find the coins.

Have a nice day, j.t.
Hi Zeroimpact,
I am not sure if Disneyland still 'sells' these notes. Hope to see new ones when I get the opportunity to visit again.
Hi Dr Chen,
Go book a flight and be a big kid once again. :)
Hi Ruby,
Oooops...I missed out on this....Ya, I agree with Uncle Lee. I plan to keep these colourful and happy Disney Dollars for my cucu-cicit. ^O^