Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am So Indiciplined

It has been a long day. The sky was clear the whole day and I managed to move about more freely and covered more appointments, unlike past few days of inclement weather when the morning sun got covered quickly by dark storm clouds and then followed by lashing rain in the afternoons. A half an hour of heavy downpour is good enough to cause pools of water along the roads …a solid one hour and flashfloods is not uncommon. Driving can be treacherous.

And it was just one of the few evenings when I had to sit down and sort out the stack of paperwork I brought home. I don’t normally bring work home and the few times that I did, the papers just stayed where they were…in the bag. I would then bring it back to the office the next day for completion. Carry in and carry out. Silly, isn’t it? Honestly, I planned to finish the paperwork that evening but somehow, I got distracted……I’ll read the papers first lar…I’ll read the comics lar…..I’ll chat on the phone lar…..I’ll fixed the loose button on the shirt lar……I’ll catch some food reviews on the TV first lar…I’ll check my emails first lar…I’ll blog-hop a little lar...etc..etc.... Well, it’s everything else except opening my workbag and by the time I remember the work, most times my eyes refused to stay open and my brain just turn cottony. shuckssss……I am so indiciplined.

So I forced myself. Past couple of hours, I sat down and diligently completed my work and now I am wide awake….eyes big-big and brain sharp-sharp…good enough to bang the keyboard to string a few words for this post. And now, I think I should go and start counting sheep.

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Friday, March 21, 2008


For how many years already, we have been hosting this F1 thingy at the Sepang Circuit? If I were to be asked to answer this simple question to win some free tickets, I know for sure I won’t win any because I just don’t know the answer. I am not a fan and it does not bother me at all who drives what and who races for what and who wins what and who races where and whatever…whatever lah. I don’t follow the news and I don’t watch the races on the box but of course now, names like Schumacher, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton do ring bells in my head. I know lar…they are world-class racers, right? Other than that, I know nuts. Would you believe that long, long time ago, the first time I heard someone mentioned Formula 1, I thought it was a brand of infant milk powder? hahahahaa....Gua big-time 'suakoo' lor. BTW, back those days, there was this well-known brand of infant formula called 'S-21'. Perhaps, some of my friends here would have heard of it or used it.

All my life I have only been to a Grand Prix once. It was eons ago in Penang and sad to say, I did not enjoy it one bit. The noise was deafening and half an afternoon in the scorching sun left me looking red like a cooked crab and followed with horrible peeling skin days after. To suffer like that for something I don’t know how to appreciate and enjoy…gila or what?

Funny F1 Cartoon - The funniest movie is here. Find it

And from the time since having the races at Sepang, I remember being offered a couple of times, free tickets which I have not once accepted. And I am invited to go for this weekend’s races too. Kamsiah very much. No point lar…..I don’t know what’s going on except to see those sleek machines zooming past fast and furious with a deafening roar round after round. Just imagining it gives me a headache already. And I am also not keen to be roasted to a crisp or drenched to the bone (the weather past days has not been too promising).

And also the huge crowds at this type of events is deterrent enough for me. I cannot handle being in too crowded a place...believe me…..a super-crowded LRT is enough to make me feel all faint.

Nevertheless, I wish all those F1 fans a most enjoyable weekend! Cheeeeersss..........

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chicken And Duck Talk

The phone conversation with my friend went something like this:-

Me : Woei...whatchoo doin'?

She : Washing the cabinet.

Me : Why?

She : Wash oni lar...nothing to do mar.

Me : New one ar?

She : Ya lar.

Me : New oso wash. Make sure they fix them up properly, k?

She : Ya...ya...betul....those not working one, kasi keluar...

Me : What??? New and yet rosak liao ar?

She : Huh? Rosak? What rosak?

Me : Your cabinet lar. Kena conned liao lor.

She : HAHAHAHAHA.....Apalah lu!!! Am talking 'bout Pak Lah's new Cabinet lah.

Me : HAHAHAA....Apalah...Gua talk 'chicken' and you talk 'duck'...HAHAHAHAA... And can talk so long summore....hahahaha

** She said 'watch' but I heard it as 'wash'.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Weekend Getaway

We arrived early afternoon but as the rooms were not ready, we opted to go for tea and some snacks. The weather was hot and humid and I felt uncomfortably sticky. Sitting around the open reception area did not provide any respite; it was a ‘breezeless’ day and I felt myself drifting off to the land of the nod. If not for the occasional shrieks and burst of laughter coming from the swimming pool below, I would have fallen asleep there on the armchair.

Only managed to get to the room at about 6.00pm and after a quick wash to wake the sleepy face, I took to the pool. It has been ages since I last swam and OMG, my stamina is zilch. A few strokes here and there and my lungs felt like it’s gonna burst. I am so unfit. A few strokes again and then rest and then a few more strokes and rest….I began to get better after a while.

That night I slept like a log and when morning came…ADOOiiiiiiii…I nearly could not get up from the bed. My whole back was sore…I felt as if I had been whacked by a wooden paddle….the muscles were aching so bad I felt as if I was gonna bend over double….my lazy muscles protesting….OUCHhhh…..

“No…no breakfast until after another swim, I told myself. Just have to work on those underworked muscles. After some serious paddling and kicking in the cold water, I felt very much better and refreshed. Had a relaxing shower and then breakfast and then did some reading and then……..


And in the evening I had the opportunity to attend a corporate event….something different…..dinner was served sitting on the floor ala kampong style…….and music was by a very talented young man performing contemporary pieces on the 'angklung'.

close-up of table setting
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

There Goes $$$$$$.....

When the water meter shows lower than ‘normal’ readings, you can bet you don’t have to do anything and the Water Supply Department will send their guys over in no time at all. No need for any phone calls from your part….No need to make any reports….No need to feel flustered to being pushed from pillar to post. You can be quite certain the workmen will come by to change the faulty meter than gives ‘abnormal’ readings.

But when it is the other way around…when the meter reads abnormally high readings…ahhh….you gotta call them up and make a report and then they will send their guys over. Despite leaving them your contact number and giving specific instructions in the report for them to call beforehand, some how or other, they prefer to come by when everybody is out of the house during the day. You come home to find a note in the mailbox saying the guys were here at what time..what time and that the gate was locked and that nobody was around. The Water Supply fellas do that, the guys from Telekoms do that…the chap from Electricity Board does that…..sighhhhhssss……

And they said the water meter works fine. So, they suggested that only Syabas approved plumbers be appointed to determine the cause of the high readings and the plumber came by this morning. What else? The piping has to be re-done. There goes another bundle $$$$$.....

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